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Looking around
(1/12/03 12:36:07 pm)
Forge of Fury and RttToEE
In anticipation of RttToEE, we played the Forge of Fury IMC. Back then, the characters met Idalla the Succubus in area 49 of this module and freed her (the party's paladin attacked her).

Idalla teleported away eventually (after kissing the party's fighter twice). I want to use her again, so I thought about Idalla making up residence somewhere in the crater ridge mines.

Any suggestions for what temple force Idalla should join, and how I could RP her (friendly towards the PCs who freed her or hostile because of her chaotic evil nature and her allegiance with the cult).

Furthermore one of the duergar warriors in area 36 of the Foundry got away after having been intimidated, threatened and questioned by the party. I'd like to have him track down the PCs who wiped out his clan in the Foundry. Once he arrives, he will join the temple forces with some more levels as a warrior/fighter/ranger.

Ideas welcome.

Thx in advance, Talwyn

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