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Looking around
(1/13/03 1:12:02 am)
1st Session Q's
Hello Fellow DMs

I could use some advice on how to proceed with my
adventure. I just recently ran the 1st session of

To briefly summarize, the party has entered hommlet.
Yundi has asked the party for assistance b/c of jaroo's
strange behavior (doesn't give yundi his druid lessons
anymore, bear animal companion left). 2 of the party
members and yundi then went to jaroo's cabin in the
grove to confront him. I played jaroo as a crotechty old
man who wants to be left alone. He gives off the
impression that the 3 are disturbing his peace and
orders them to get off his property. They leave.

When they get back, chat tries to join with the party.
It ends up that the party doesn't trust him b/c the party
paladin detects evil. The party leaves chat and splits in
half. Half go to the moathouse to check it out.

Meanwhile, the 2 rogues in the party lead chat to the
welcome wench upstairs to their room. They plan to
mug him! The mugging fails extremely poorly, with chat
yelling for help. He runs down the stairs and yells for
help again in the common bar room w/about 30 patrons.
All the patrons stand up and draw out their weapons.
There were witnesses who saw the 3 of them. The 2
rogues then run out the ww main door and catch up
w/the party.

Long story short, they barely manage to drive off big U.
One of the rogues was vaporized. They head back to
town for rest. When they reach the edge of town they
see 7 men waiting for them (elmo and his deputies).
The session then ends.

My Q: what should elmo do with them? Should chat be
with elmo and deputies? Should jaroo be with elmo and
tell him that they were harassing him? Should elmo be
convinced on hanging the party rogue? Should jaroo kill
yundi for "betraying" him? Perhaps frame the party for
it? advice on how the events should proceed would be
appreciated. Thnx.


Here for a while
(1/13/03 5:02:20 am)
Re: 1st Session Q's
Have Chat with Elmo and his deputies. Chat has a nice diplomacy and bluff, so the rogue might very well wind up imprisoned.
As for Jaroo; GREAT IDEA! Have Jaroo frame them indeed, beautifull RP right there.
U want to give the party the feeling that they are being screwed over at almost every turn in the town of Homlett, so that they will go out there and (Role)play to the best of their abilities. Mwuahahahahha! :evil

Here for a while
(1/13/03 5:30:12 am)
Wonderful idea!
Jaroo framing the party for murdering Yundi would be a great addition to my next session as things stand (he, Maridosen and Chatrilon have a bit of time to set it up while the party is at the Moathouse).

My plan is sth like this:

Chatrilon knows how the party kills by now
Jaroo will have Chatrilon kill Yundi

When the party returns, Jaroo will assume the form of
Yundi and approach the party about a meeting (preferably among witnesses in the Inn of the WW - not including Maridosen who has to stay covert since it has been proven that she set the party up at the mill). He'll make sure SOMEONE overhears the meeting place and time.

He'll then take his leave and transform back to Jaroo.
Chatrilon will place Yundi's body (preferably killed in a non-bloody way - constriction or the like) at the site of the meeting. He'll anything valuable the cultists can spare (but not TOO valuable)

"Jaroo" will tell Elmo that Yundi might be in trouble since he is somehow indebted to a group the adventurers that have been traversing town. The timing is important, Jaroo wants Elmo and his men to arrive just as the party finds Yundi's body slightly hidden at the site (hoping to give the impression that they are trying to cover up their crime). The motive: Yundi didn't offer a sufficient payback for his debt (I'd like to find a better one - one that could even incriminate the paladin).

This should give the party some trouble. The presence of a Paladin of Torm - and the good relations to Yeneth (and already friendly terms with Elmo) - should mean that this scheme is doomed to fail. But not before it has provided lots of hassle for the group...


The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/13/03 5:44:25 am)
Re: Wonderful idea!
have Jaroo kill Yundi, shapechanged as the party's rogue or something

that way, if anyone cast 'speak with dead' on Yundi, he'll say (the truth) that the rogue did him in!!!

make their suffering worse

now they'll have to RP really good or that rogue is going to get hung (since he is the one that already tried to rob poor old chat)

this should be better

and then the party might suspect the rogue actually did it and uses the meeting to prove he is also 'just discovering the body' to cover his tracks

take the rogue apart from the rest of the party members during the session and ask him to bring his dice, then spend about 5 minutes with him in another room, doing nothing!

then return to the table, and have him shut up (threaten with XP loss if he cant)

and let them actually suspect the rogue (internal roleplay)

this could go soooo deep!


Still here? Wow.
(1/13/03 6:28:35 am)
Re: Wonderful idea!
For a discussion on framing people for a crime, you might want to read the following threat (if you have not done so already):

Here for a while
(1/13/03 6:32:45 am)
Re: Wonderful idea!
On an additional note; Let Yundi wear a obex-symbol under his clothes, yet slightly visible. Elmo will have to take the PC's in for murder, but he knows the symbol and now has a moral dilemma. As for the PC's; confusion!

Here to stay
(1/13/03 6:46:48 am)
Re: 1st Session Q's
First of all, you'll need to decide how much of this your players can handle. They seem relatively inexperienced, splitting up like that. I'm guessing the two rogues ran to catch up with the others before they made it to the moathouse?

At this point, the cultists have no other gripe with the party than that two rogues tried to mug Chat. They don't see them yet as a threat to their overall plans in Hommlet, thus I don't think Dunrat will want his people to risk everything for needless revenge. I seriously doubt Chat will want to be in Elmo's presence for too long. Jaroo will always want to keep a low profile, so he certainly wouldn't start anything, but he would ply Elmo for information.

I'd say Elmo would toss the rogue in the keep's dungeon for a week, then tell him to stay out of Hommlet forever.

In a fight, Jaroo would be hard-pressed to kill Yundi and Wyst. That is, of course, unless you beef Jaroo up from the standard doppelganger. There's a thread around here somewhere where two version of a Jaroo with druid levels are provided.

One note, don't take Jaroo's disguise ability for granted, make sure you give the PC's a chance to notice him disguised as Yundi, if you choose that plotline.

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