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Here for a while
(1/13/03 10:26:23 am)
Tribal's Game Part One (long)
Ok folks I started my RtToEE campaign last night. I started the campaign with a much modified version of Return to Keep on the Borderlands. I guess I should tell you about the PCs first.

Ursh, Servant of Battle – Male half-orc Cleric of Heironious (lvl 4)
Ursh’s parents – both the human and orc sides- had relatives that fought at the battle of Emridy Meadows, on both sides. He has great guilt about that and wishes to redeem his family. He is from Furyondy and through his church the government has placed him in Hommlet as a “watcher” of sorts. He is to make sure the Temple does not rise again. Its busy duty for clerics that the church would rather forget about.

Evahna – Female Human Barbarian (lvl 3)
She is a barbarian from the Northwest. She was captured by slavers from Iuz at an early age but escaped after being sold to some humans from the Hold of the Sea Princes. She was sent dream visions that she was to prove herself as a warrior by wandering the southern lands. She had an unfortunate incident while fighting a group of cultists near Kendel Keep. She died but was raised. During this time she was given another vision, this time she saw her village and homeland destroyed by forces controlling the elements. She had a vision of an ugly, scared, black temple and a pattern in the stars told her to go Northeast.

Tamsin – Female Elven Druid (lvl 6)
Tasmsin is from Celene and is distrustful of humans. She travels with her large wolf (enhanced using rules from Masters of the Wild), an ape that she rescued from an evil wizard and a hawk. She has been sent to Hommlet at the request of her tutor. He has long been in contact with a human druid in that town named Jaroo. As of late his friend has not returned a single letter. (I implied that it might just be that he is an old human who has lost some of his senses).

Urial – Male Half elf Ranger (1) Fighter (5)
If Tamsin distrusts humans Urial actively dislikes them. He is a bigot to a large degree. It has caused a few problems for the party but he has learned to let others do the talking for him. Although he grew up in Celene he is a bit strange as far as elves are concerned. He is extremely strong and fights with a pair of strange weapons – Bladed Gauntlets. He has also taken up the whip as a weapon and is becoming more proficient in its use everyday. He chooses not to wear clothing under his chain shirt. (reality would play havoc with this but as the DM I let it stand as fantasy – but getting near the obelisk should be fun) He is a friend and bodyguard of sorts to Jaras

Jaras – Male Elven Rog (3) Wizard (3)
This elf also hails from Celene. He learned the trade of making bows from his father who, despite most of Celene’s view on exporting still sells them outside of the fey kingdoms borders. A shipment was recently lost and Jaras has been sent out to track it down. There are clues that suggest the bows made their way to Hommlet. All of his family (except his father) see him as a bit of a screw up. The finding of these bows may be a way to prove them wrong. (The player is trying for the Arcane Trickster class)

Short history.
The elves traveled out of Celene together, the druid to learn more about the larger world, Jaras to look for his father’s bows and Urial as Jaras’ friend and protector. They met with a Evahna. As she was lost in this part of the world they befriended her and took her in. On the way to Kendel Keep they also came upon Ursh and they all decided to work as a group. (The PC’s had similar goals here) They found a strange cult skulking in the caves near the Keep. They had fashioned themselves after the old Temple of Elemental evil. The group defeated them and found clues that pointed them toward Hommlet. That combined with their personal reasons for wanting to head that way started the adventure off.

First session
The group made their way up to Verbobonc, selling and buying equipment as they went. Once in Verbobonc they found that Equipment sales functioned a bit differently than in places they had been before (I used a method that is on the best of the boards – slightly modified) From Verbobonc they went down to Hommlet. They found their way to the Inn and met a rude bartender and a really bad bard. Simply to stop the bard from playing his lute, the half-orc asked that the bard tell a tale. I forshadowed Thrommel a bit here – Also taken off these boards. That’s when a rogueish looking fellow came up to the table and asked why the group had asked the bard about the old Temple. He insisted that he had been there and all that was there was brigands (I screwed up here and switched the Moathouse with the Temple) They didn’t like this guy and quickly dismissed him. The next day the druid went to see Jaroo and brought along the elf and half elf (lucky for her) They met the druid’s apprentice who said he had been acting strangely. Jaroo came out and basically shewed them away acting as a crotchety old man. It was then that they decided that the whole town was corrupt and that they could not trust anyone.
Ursh met with Cannoness Y’dey and the priest of Pelor. They were given some basic history of the Temple of Elemental evil and were told that no one believed the temple was active again. They also found out about the unused road and the moathouse at this point.
They decided that they wanted to go to the rough tavern later that night. They wandered around for a bit and bumped into one very ugly halfling. Not much happened there other than that they changed their minds and wanted to head to the moathouse and the Temple that very night.
On the way there they met ol’ Del but didn’t talk much with him either. (I think I’m going to need a REALLY BIG CLUE BAT for this group)
They stumbled upon Big U in the moathouse and beat him after some trouble – They hated that hover feat of his. That’s where the night ended for us.

I have an idea of what will happen next. Since Del knew they were headed down that unused road it might get around town and some Cult members will follow them.
Jaroo may also call the druid to see him “urgently” and then try and kill her one on one. Maybe taking her place and framing the group for the death of Jaroo and his assistant. The half elf fighter really likes that mask and may take to wearing it…any idea on what might happen if he does?? How will the towns people, church members or cult members act if he does?

Ok that my first update.

Tribal (who knows he’s got a lot of work to get some role playing done with these Players)

Here for a while
(1/16/03 5:29:02 pm)
Re: Tribal's Game Part One (long)
I wouldn't have Jaroo go after the druid quite yet. He doesn't really do something like that unless Dunrat tells him and he definately does not know that the party is a threat yet. Save it for later, when Jaroo _does_ know that the party is a threat.

About the mask thing; I would think that most people don't know what it is. They would stare at him, and think he's kinda strange but that's all. Y'dey or Yether might know what it is though and might just blow a gasket if they see him wearing the mask. "Get that off!! Right now!!!"

Zag:rollin ig

Here for a while
(1/20/03 10:55:59 am)
Tribal's Game Part 2 (long)
Back for part 2 of the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil Tribal Style…

Last week our heroes came to Hommlet with a few different agendas. They did only some minor clue searching and met a few key NPC’s. They decided to head right out to the Moathouse to spite a few assurances that nothing was there. They defeated Big U (who is not so big after all…being medium sized). This is where we pick up on the trail of our heroes.
They detected magic on the dragon’s treasure (the items on the 2 bodies) and wondered about the holy symbols for a bit. They were rather surprised that a dragon would have such meager booty but only the half elven fighter and the elven rogue/wizard searched the dark room beyond the dragon’s lair. They found nothing (after some very pitiful search checks.) They proceeded to explore most of the upper floor of the place.
They examined almost all of the rooms except the one to the far south with the large hole leading into the moat. (certain key things that were said and the way things were done sent a red flag up for this DM that one player may have “advanced knowledge” about what is going on in this game – GRRRRR - but it may just be coincidence)
Since there was nothing on this level the group decided to put on the various holy symbols, black capes or ocher robes. Though they did not have enough for everyone.
They proceeded down the stairs where they were attacked by the gnolls (since not all of them had on the symbols the gnolls went right at them). They easily dispatched that threat and moved to investigate the cells to the south.
The cleric of Hieronieous, Ursh by name, was overcome by nausea when he was attacked by the ghast. Rushing to help him, Evahna the female barbarian, was also overcome. This fight did not last long however Ursh was able to turn the undead horror to spite his retching. The monster fled into the ghoul lair pursued by Evahna. The ghouls ganged up on her but the cleric was able to destroy the evil undead creatures with a second turning attempt.
They stumbled upon the relic room and easily defeated the priestess and her gnoll companion. They were able to keep her from opening the door to the skeleton room (they thought she might be fleeing) and they opened the door and Herionious’ faithful comes through again, destroying the skeletons there as well.
The elven druid, Tamsin, stumbled upon the secret door leading to the gnoll & cleric living quarters. They decided not to take the stairs (up or down) but went back to the 2 doors in the western all of the room they first entered.
During all of this they argued with the Cleric about putting on the robes and the holy symbol they had just found. He wouldn’t do it as it “betrayed his own god” (A good idea for him and some good role playing)
When they opened the northern most door they found a wizard pointing threateningly at them who yelled “Back you evil priests or I’ll blast you to meet your vile god!” they also noticed that he did not have any ocher robes and they could not see a symbol on him.
While the Cleric (remember he is not wearing the temple garb) tried to talk to him, both being cautious of the other, Urial, the half elf fighter moved in to try and grapple the mage. Since the elf is wearing bladed gauntlets the mage saw this as an attack and blasted him with a magic missile (which was absorbed into a broach of shielding) In doing so he provoked an attack of opportunity from Urial who critically hit him. He made the concentration check but was at 0 hp so as he cast he dropped to –1 but stabilized. Urial was quickly sent out of the room amid some arguing and the Druid and the Cleric cast cure minor on him.
Spugnior was not pleased to say the least. He played opossum but was discovered by the Druid. She let the party know he was faking it and after some discussion in which Urial was reminded that there was a dragon upstairs that had EVERYONE in the lower level of the complex trapped. Spugnior left the group.
The group decided that they were low on spells and decided to leave with the dragon on their cart.
Spugnior has beaten them back to town and has dropped hints as to how reckless they are. Of course he was only there about a day longer than they were. They arrived back in town late the next day and let everyone see the dragon they had slain. They asked to see Burne but were quickly sent to see Elmo. Since it was late, they decided to see him in the morning and went to Terigans.
There they met Xoad who was deep in his cups and quite loud. Everyone who was in the tavern now knows that they had been to the moathouse. They also overheard some racist talk from the Teamster’s sons. This may have some repercussions later on as the elven rouge/ wizard is tempted to kill him (a detect evil showed him to be very very slightly evil)
The group headed back to The Welcome Wench and also mentioned to a few others that they had been to the moathouse. So now the agents of the cult know that they had been to the moathouse and returned with a dead dragon and possibly a few other things. (they had other equipment in the wagon.)
Meanwhile at the mill (insert swirling effect and old Superfriends music) Master Dunrat has sent a rider to the moathouse to see what the intruders have done there (He sent the warrior though I can’t remember the guys name) I believe that he is swift enough on horse back to get there and get the info he needs and be back before the morning. (I have the moathouse about 16 miles away)

My thoughts for next week is to have Chat try to assassinate some of the party while they sleep at the inn and steal the artifacts from them.
Jaroo will have an “emergency” and request the Druid’s attention – since she is not at the inn the others will be unaware of this.
If these tactics fail then some of the cult will go to the moat house and try to bolster the defenses there.
Chat will show up with the cart and they will all leave together. Leaving behind undead and the grick. I have a feeling that my group will survive the assassin attacks (most of them anyway) and trail him back to the mill where they will find the clues they need to move on.

Ok so tune in next week for an all new installment of this post – that is if we don’t suspend our game because of the super bowl – we are looking switch nights but not everyone in the group has checked in with if they can play or not.

Thanks for reading - Tribal

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