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Looking around
(1/14/03 2:43:14 am)
4 Lareth(s)?
I love the movie "Fight Club". And I want to steal the idea that I am going to split Lareth into 4 separate identities. Each of him bears a different elemental template, has one kind of personalities and possesses one fourth of Lareth's memory as follows:

Earth Lareth - greed - remember his ambition before his loss

Water Lareth - sorrow - remember the loss in last raise of Temple EE

Fire Lareth - rage - remember Y'dey's blow deformed his beauty.

Air Lareth - deceit- remember the deception of Zuggmoth/Iuz/Lolth/Big T

Each Lareth does not know the others. Like Clone, when they meet another, they will kill the other. The winner will get that part of memory and the template. So, in order to get the Champion, the cult need to find all 4 Lareths when the time comes, let them fight and the last one standing is - the Champion.

I figure that so far the cult found the Earth (actually it is the Earth Lareth find them), the Water and the Fire Lareth.

I think it would be quite interesting and quite a lot of RP chances when my PCs meet a look-alike but totally different Lareth in the path. So, I intend to deploy the Water Lareth in Nulb, where the rain continues non-stop. The Earth Lareth will stay with Hedrick as he is also power driven. The Fire Lareth will be kept in Rastor. But I can't figure out the whereabout can I place the Air Lareth.:rolleyes

Any good place suggested? Or any other advise? Please all kinds of idea are welcome. Thanks.

Here for a while
(1/14/03 4:00:29 am)
Re: 4 Lareth(s)?
Have him wander the road between Hommlet and the moathouse. Afterall, it's his old crib ;)
Imagine the PC's walking toward the moathouse. They have a run-in with Ol'Del and a random encounter. This chips off enough time so that they have to set up camp and get to the moathouse the next day. That night a terrible windstorm rises up and when they wake up, have them see a tornado move towards them FASt and it moves trough their camp. Gear flying about and in the center of the tornado, they see Air-Lareth. He looks at all of them and grins; "Good luck....... fools"

Still here? Wow.
(1/14/03 7:17:23 am)
Re: 4 Lareth(s)?
Two other possabilities:

1) Have him have struck some sort of bargain with the Hobgoblins of the Old Temple. After all, this is the one who seems most closely tied to the original ToEE, and most likely to want to remain there.

He doesn't help the Hobgoblins, but he doesn't hinder them either. They know better than to try and attack him, so they let him have his own little room to himself and don't argue.

2) Play the Lolth connection and have a side-trek of sorts to a nearby Drow enclave. There could even be a tie to the two Drow in the Outer Fane later on...if the PCs ask them, they could mention "yeah, we saw someone just like 'im...well, almost. Paler skin and nowhere near as grasping. He's a 'guest' of ours elsewhere."

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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