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Looking around
(1/14/03 7:09:09 am)
Scarlet Brotherhood Connection to Big T
Hello all,

i've been reading through the LG Gazeteer, and they've got some rumours of a splinter cell within the Scarlet Brotherhood known as the "Black Brotherhood", seemingly devoted to entropy - Tharizdun.

Is this a red herring of sorts? I thought the Scarlet Brotherhood's goals were along the line of shaping the world to their needs, to the reinstation of Sueloise purity and imperialism.

Are the rumours something whipped up by the Doomdreamers, perhaps, to point the forces of Good at the Scarlet Brotherhood, instead of them? Everyone's nervous about the Scarlet Brotherhood after the Greyhawk Wars, and the Red Menace is something that inspires panic. The whispered rumours of Tharizdun are believable in that context.. and it gets military attention away from the Doomdreamers that way.

I also read something bout some Sueloise artifacts of ancient power, connected to the Forces of Elemental Evil. Does anybody know of any connection to the EEE or Big T from those artifacts?

I apologize if i'm rehashing old news, but as I'm running the game in 584 CY instead of "current greyhawk canon", with a majority of PCs hailing from Onnwal (survivors of the Night of Scarlet Knives), they've been pretty much introduced to the Scarlet Brotherhood. All of my PCs are new to Greyhawk and Oerth by the way, and they found a force they could really hate in the Brotherhood.. hence my inquiries.

I think one way we could throw in some Scarlet involvement is with Tal Chammish, and his stash of tanbrosh. I understand the Scarlet Brotherhood have really exotic drugs in their jungle archipelagos, which they have a monopoly upon, what with their "alliances" to the Sea Princes and Lordships of the Isles.

These naval holdings, however, are exactly those which are being infiltrated by the "Black Brotherhood", the Tharzidun cultists within the Brotherhood proper. I'm thinking a cabal of junior upstarts within the Brotherhood have used their magical experiments and jungle drugs to concoct tanbrosh, and Tal is actually the liasion between the CRM and the cabal which will in the future become the Black Brotherhood. This sweet deal gives him his access to tanbrosh, the substance which you can't find anywhere else.. cos the supply routes are choked up by the Brotherhood!

And all those strange half-dragons, half-fiends etc in the CRM? They could be the result of Brotherhood bredthrall magic, as initial bargaining chips from the Black Brotherhood for the doomdreamer's favour?

Apologies for the long rambling nature of this post. Just thought i'll go off on a tangent here.

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