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Looking around
(1/14/03 7:15:56 am)
Artifacts of Tharizdun
greetings all,

Does anybody remember a certain bastard sword, some artifact sacred to Tharzidun? "Druzinath" or something, the Razor of Madness or something? I read it in a certain issue of Dragon, and there was a brief description about a half-elf guardsman who found it, went on a mad rampage, and was last seen heading to somewhere in the general direction of the Lortmil mountains.

Seems pretty ominous to me ;-P

Anybody used this in their stories yet?

Here for a while
(1/14/03 7:53:48 am)
Re: Artifacts of Tharizdun
I've read the article and remember shuddering at the thought of it - it's an artifact and no mistake - anyone it hits gets to go barking mad, if I recall (okay there's a Will save, but it's in the 30s IIRC) I've studiously avoided any mention of it for now...

...maybe a hook to work in for after RttToEE, as the Dark God's cult and influence will continue, regardless of the heroes' success. Maybe the library of the DoomDreamers has a book with a history and/or description/picture of the sword in it, as something to pique the interest of the group when they've got time to worry about something else.


Can't leave now (mod)
(1/14/03 4:51:09 pm)
Re: Artifacts of Tharizdun
Druniazth is in Dragon 294.

DC 33 Will save or fall into a coma for 1d4 weeks.

MMMmmmm... maybe when the party is trying to break into Epic Levels.

-Thrommel, MMMmmmmm... open-faced club sand wedge.

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