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Here for a while
(1/14/03 10:05:36 am)
RttToEE in FR: Tharizdun and House Karanok
I wondered if anyone had given any thoughts to a connection between Tharizdun and House Karanok in the FR. For those who don't know this family: They are insane worshippers of a giant Sphere of Annihilation known as Entropy in Chessenta. They spend most of their times executing wizards. Recently, Tiamat funneled into the connection between the Karanok's and Entropy and the cult now has spells (and an Entropist PrC).

I think, the House fits Tharizdun's needs well - and Entropy is a fitting symbol of his power - would not be surprising if he used Tiamat as he once did Zuggtmoy...


Here for a while
(1/14/03 10:10:10 am)
On a related note...
The Kir-Lanan - created by the energy of the deities slain during the Time of Troubles and forever derived of divine favour - would be fitting pawns of Tharizdun as well. The hate all divine and no god will ever hear their prayers. And they are utterly chaotic. Tharizdun should be ready to embrace these poor lost lambs....


Still here? Wow.
(1/14/03 2:39:11 pm)
Re: On a related note...
Tiamat is an ancient evil with an intellect and power far greater then the fungal demon. In Unther she was depicted as THE nemesis of the gods. So using her as a pawn of Tharizdun would demote her and evil dragons in my eyes a bit too much. While associating Karanok with Tharizdun fits in my opinion very well -and I might borrow it-, I would simply remove the connection with Tiamat with the Karanak family. Then again, since my campaign takes place in Unther the worship of Tiamat already plays a central role in my campaign (currently running the Banewarrens) as an independend calculating greedy evil, though the players are not aware of it. I also do not see Tiamat as a deity that wants to destroy the world, she is much too greedy for that ;)

Then again, Tharizdun (Ghaunadaur) in my campaign has the appearance of a normal if insane and evil deity. The world does not realize yet the true extend of his vileness. It is one of those secrets that might surprise my players in the future.

Here for a while
(1/14/03 3:49:05 pm)
Point taken, but...
Tiamat is fairly ancient yes - though her origins are probably no older than Zuggtmoy's (though I agree that Zuggtmoy is hardly the sharpest knife in the divine rack). Tiamat has started granting House Karanok spells - my take on the situation - based on your input would then be:

1. Entropy is a manifestation of Tharizdun (maybe the lost avatar mentioned in Dragon 297?) that drew the worship of House Karanok at it.
2. Tharizdun was too far removed from his unholy sites - or the Sphere was not a useful conduit - to grant spells to House Karanok.
3. Tiamat joins the party (she may or may not know the true origin of Entropy).
4. Tharizdun's prison is weakening at the time of RttToEE and he may now have the power to influence the Karanok's more directly and/or use Tiamat's connection to the sphere to weaken his prison (an epic battle of divine wills maybe - maybe Tiamat's connection to the sphere allows him to drain her energy and/or have someone prepare a ritual that will have them change places).

As a final note, even though Tiamat is ancient, her tactics are usually not that great. She's been slain in different forms at least twice lately, doesn't strike me as the greatest schemer (her Tchazzar tactic was nice though - but almost seems like standard divine procedure to store your energy somewhere safe by now -take Mystra (Midnight), Myrkul (Crown of Horns), Bane (Iyachtu Xvim) and Bhaal (the Bhaalspawn).

Anyway, I hope to use this as one of the aftermaths of RttToEE (so the PCs have to defeat Tharizdun on several fronts).


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