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(1/16/03 7:16:41 am)
Thrommel in none-Greyhawk setting
There have been several great discussions on these boards about how to use Thrommel to his fullest potential. The problem I have is that I am not running a Greyhawk Campaign. There was no crown prince -let alone a much loved one- who dissapeared mysteriously and left a grieving fiancee behind. So I am currently contemplating how to use him in my campaign. I am currently running the Banewarrens, which takes place in a big city. Which is the perfect spot for informing the PCs about the existence of Thrommel.

My campaign takes place in Unthalass, the former capitol of the former empire Unther. The nation has been ruled for ages by a rather insane god-king (he litterally was a deity) who in his early days was a noble ruler, but who through the ages was corrupted by the unchallenged power of the throne. A couple years before the present time he was killed by the evil dragon deity Tiamat, who was traditionally depicted as the evil opponent of the gods. With the god being evil of course, a lot of deluded fools decided Tiamat was good. Tiamat was hoping become the ruler of Unther, but she failed because of interference by Anhur a god from neighboring nation named Mulhorand (Theocracy ruled by a pantheon of deities).

For a few years Unther was thrown into anarchy when several factions (cult of Tiamat, old nobles who ruled under the evil god, slaves, cult of good aligned gods, and so on) fought for dominance. Until Mulhorand decided that with the death of the old god, all treaties with Unther were void and attacked that cesspool of corruption and criminals. Mulhorand is a large, very well organized nation (though perhaps a bit archic) and easily conquered 75% of Unther and if the remaining free parts don't get help soon, they will also be conquered. Most of the Untherics think the new rulers are a good thing, because there is coming an end to the anarchy of the past few years and justice and order are finally returning.

Anyway, the old rulers had kids and the new rulers have no relation with the previous ressurection of the Temple of Evil. Besides, there would be few people who would wish the old days to return. They might not agree on who should rule now-a-days, but they all agree that it definitely should not be like in the old days ;)

Any suggestions on how to give Thrommel his proper place in this? I mean, I don't want to demote him to the son of a simple nobleman with little to no political might. It would reduce the impact his attonement and resurrection would have in a Greyhawk Campaign.

Still here? Wow.
(1/16/03 7:32:29 am)
Re: Thrommel in none-Greyhawk setting
It would depend on how much of Unther's history you've imparted on your players. In Greyhawk, Thrommel's return is actually just a minor thing for the country in which RttToEE takes place. But the political ramifications will be significant, albeit one country removed.

So.... Mulhorand. Any way they might benefit from the return of a high priest? A godspawn? Or might the former emperor have sired a line of good nobles who were chomping at the bit to get to the throne?

Mulrohand, desiring nothing more than a more sane neighbour, grants a tract of land to the descendants of the late, nsane god-emperor. Finally, 20 years ago, a young nobleman reveals himself as a charismatic leader, a skilled cleric, and a brilliant tactician. He might indeed stand a chance of taking out so much of his ancestor's powerbase that it will become very difficult for him to stay on the throne.

Unfortunately, Thrommel the Golden disappears. His disappearance is blamed on everything from the Night Masks to the Fire Knives and the Red Wizards (look, I haven't played FR in a l-o-n-g time, so I'm probably off with regards to the names), but gone he is.

Until a group of adventurers, 18 years later, enters a magically silenced room...

I have no idea if this'll help, but hey - it was fun to write ;)

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(1/16/03 8:18:21 am)
Thrommel in none-Greyhawk setting
I have to second Siobharek on this...I know if I was a tyrranical God-King, I'd be working that harem overtime - and obviously with their good genes, my kids, grandkids, great grandkids & great-great grandkids (you get the idea) would certainly have the potential for greatness...or pure evil, should they be corrupted??

Still here? Wow.
(1/17/03 1:20:08 am)
Re: Thrommel in none-Greyhawk setting
I have been contemplating such a thing and I just got a great idea on how to place it into my current adventure without drawing too much attention. Still, there is something that does not make it fit very well. I just cannot place my finger on it. Though I must admit, that idea of Mulhorand actually looking for this person to act as the perfect prefect. In Mulhorand the relatives of the gods rule, so why not trying to find one who also has got a connection with Unther...

Here for a while
(1/18/03 9:03:01 am)
I've been contemplating this myself (since MC is set in Chondath in FR - which is a similar approach).

To heighten the emotional impact, Thrommel is actually a relative (the father) of one of the PCs: a Purple Dragon, a legend and a veteran of Emridy Meadows. There are several ways to work with this...

And Siobharek - you are not so far off with the names ;)


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