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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(1/19/03 1:02:40 pm)
My campaign.
The group I have is now a little different than when we started out. The original party started at 2nd and 3rd level characters. I went through the Forge of Fury module to let them get use to there characters. By the end of that module two characters had already died, the two fighters.

So we bring in some new characters, both fighters, and start the RttToEE campaign. They go through the Moathouse and get to Hommlet and do everything in Hommlet without a problem and get some info that gets them interested in checking into this matter of the Temple and going to Rastor. During the process of going to the big city to sell items, going on a side quest the led them through Nulb, and then going back to the big city these two fighter characters die against two different random encounters. In this time the guy who is playing the rogue has to quit the game because of work and we have an npc halfling rogue running around with the party then.

So, the party decides to check out Rastor. On their way to Rastor they pick up two new party members, a Half-orc Druid with a dire lion animal companion and a Dwarven fighter. They get to Rastor and are able to trick the spy into giving them a wagon. On their way to the mines they notice another adventuring group that is traveling to the place they are. They make a deal with this group and the two group together sack the main gate. In the process though one of the members of the other party is blinded and the other party has to go back to the city.

So, the party moves on and attacks a group of Troglodytes that are waiting for them. After a long battle they defeat the Trogs and loot them. Then they rest and decide to go the route of the mine tracks. They end up avoiding a few things until they get to the dragons lair. the Girallion almost kills one of them but they manage to take it out and loot the cave.
From there they go straight to the platfrom and go up to the top. Vranthis in the mean time is waiting around the corner in the stalagos water. When the party get up to the top Vranthis attacks with breath weapon first. The sorceror of the party uses the last charge of a wand of darkness to conceal the party, but they don't really move. After a couple of rounds the dragon sprays the breath weapon again into the darkness. The dwarven fighter then jumps out and lands on the face of the dragon inbedding his axe in its nose. The dragon flies up and shakes the dwarf off and the fighter falls 50' to the ground and dies. The elven barbarian/sorceror of the party then cast invisible on himself and runs away. The rest of the party starts running, but the dwarven cleric gets snatched up and end up dying. The invisible Barb/sorc makes the wizard invisible and they sneak away. The Half-orc and his lion try to fight but the Half orc dies and the last thing the wizard and barb/sorc see is the lion and dragon fighting. The Halfling tries to hide and noone knows what happens to him.
So, the two remaining party members go back the the big city and sell some items and try to find new adventurers to travel with them. They pick up a Half-elven Archer, a Kender Thief, A Human cleric and his cohort, and a Human Barbarian.

This party goes back to the mines, after two weeks have gone by and decide to go through the south entrance this time. After a very long battle they manage to kill everyone in that area and around the Air Temple area without any casualties. they then proceed to explore. They kill the Kou-toans at the dock but the Cleric hurts the kender's feelings and he leaves the party. (The player actually didn't want to play the character anymore, so I made him lose soem xp and start out with no gear.) The party miraculouslly finds a elven rogue in the pit where the gargoyles are. They kill the gargoyles and free the new rogue. Then they find Tulian's Eye and after the pit drops in and the elven rogue avoids it the wizard has his Pseudo-dragon familiar fly over there to get the diamond. The Mimic misses with it's attack and the pseudo-dragon get away without a problem.

They go from there and kill the cloakers easily and the go into the forge. The Blade spirit attack, but I kindof toned him down in order to keep the party alive. (I think I could have really messed up the party with that creature.)
This is where the game stopped after the fight with the blade spirit.

This is the party how it stands now after 7 different party member deaths in the campaign so far.

Human Cleric 7 with cohort cleric 4
Human Barbarian 7
Human Wizard 7
Elf Barbarian 3/Sorceror 4
Elf Rogue 6
Half-Elf Fighter 6

I am hoping this party lasts the rest of the campaign but you never know. They really haven't gotten to the tough parts of the mines yet, but the wizard and sorceror will be level 8 after a session or two more.

Here for a while
(1/20/03 6:06:09 am)
Your group...
Yeah the party sure seems to need some stability in their ranks after this...


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