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Here for a while
(1/20/03 3:24:50 am)
Vacra and his wand !
What level is Vacra´s wand of Change Self actually ?
How can he stay disguised for a good part of the day.
Or does the wand not have the spell´s limitations on duration ?
I mean, the in-game time in my campaign is 6 days now.
And assuming that Vacra didn´t just arrive when the players did, but days, or even weeks, before ... well, how many wands does he have ? Or how many charges does it have ?


Here for a while
(1/20/03 4:03:33 am)
Re: Vacra and his wand !
The wand is definitely every bit as limited as the spell, and the caster level for wands is usually minimum (so caster level 1, in this case) but the level and number of charges are nor specified - whatever works for your story is good.

If Vacra were to stay disguised all day, every day, she'd burn a lot of charges from a 1st-level wand pretty quickly.

One take on Vacra's disguise is that she uses the wand whenever she's keeping an eye on things, but stays out of sight as much as possible.
Another take is suggested in the BoVD variants - where Vacra has a more enduring disguise as she can assume the form of the Miller's wife at will and indefinitely due to casting the spell Consume Likeness, IIRC.


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