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Here for a while
(1/21/03 11:28:53 am)
How to Make Tharizdun impact on the PC's (HELP)
OK I'm sorry if I'm rehashing this question. I believe I saw it posted here some time ago but I couldn't find it.
My problem is this -
I have 5 players in my group. 2 had never played D&D or any other role playing game before now and have a tendency to "just go along with everyone else". I've done an ok job at getting them involved and encouraging them to make their own choices but they are still new players.
Another player is kinda new to D&D but he picks it up pretty well. He is of the Diablo metality though. Some slight meta gaming and lots of hack n' slash. I'm not complaining about it...just describing.
The other 2 players have played D&D for a long time. One mostly in Forgotten Realms. The other player played in Greyhawk alot.
The name Tharizdun will mean NOTHING to them. I'm trying to think up ways to have it mean something more than just some random god of evil... Granted that for many commoners and regular folk the name doesn't mean much. But some learned types will know and react appropriately. I've gotten so many good idea from these boards already that I figured I'd ask how others have done it or would do it.

Thanks for the help

justind dm
Here for a while
(1/21/03 12:02:02 pm)
Re: How to Make Tharizdun impact on the PC's (HELP)
This may not work for everyone, but a lot of DM's give the players a history of the world that they play in. If you are playing in Greyhawk you may want to summarize the Greyhawk world's history for the PC's including the gods and wars and such. If this is your own world, then come up with the history for your neck of the woods as the common adventurer is likely to know and print it up for your PC's to read. Just don't make it so specific that it gives away more about Tharizdun than you want your PC's to know.

Looking around
(1/21/03 1:04:33 pm)
That's not a problem...
...that's an opportunity.

If you really read the background materials, the name "Tharizdun" shouldn't mean a hell of a lot to most people. The horror of the piece comes from gradually uncovering to what that name refers, and what it means to existence as we know it. Role-play the hell out of encounters with the cultists, don't just bounce the party with them. Give them the sense that whatever lies at the heart of this mystery, it is deeper and darker than anything they can imagine. And when you get to the point where they begin to uncover details of the cult's plans and Tharizdun's abilities, paint as specific a picture as you can...

Rather than talking about abstractions like "ultimate evil", I tell my players that Tharizdun represents no less than the end of reality -- not just its destruction, but its loss. As if Tharizdun can cause the universe to forget itself. And by the way, these crazy bastards you're fighting? They think it's a great idea. So what could possibly make you think they will ever be afraid of you or the powers and principalities that might organize against them? Forget the prosaic stuff, baby... this is the Apocalypse.

And once your players understand that, it won't matter that before they started up RtTToEE they didn't know Tharizdun from Elminster.

Here for a while
(1/21/03 1:08:30 pm)
Re: How to Make Tharizdun impact on the PC's (HELP)
Just last night I pull out my own attempt at this. All of my players are experienced gamers but none of us have played much in Greyhawk. So I decided to change the way the module suggests finding out about big T (and EEE) by not allowing the characters to have any real chance of knowing about him. Instead I only allowed the information to trickle through Elmo and Y'dey as they imparted and researched the new findings in the background while the party explored.

EEE was let out as soon as they found and brought back the first holy symbol. I was going to string them out until the CRM with the big T revelation, but I had started to get the feeling that they might be floundering and getting frustrated too much, so I released him to them last night through Y'dey. My log will be up in a day or few, but I had her research all night after they came back with the new symbol and a little bit about the obelisk chamber. I used a sudden change in personality (originally very standoffish and holier than thou, don't bother me) and her frustration with what she had discovered to impart the magnitude of big T to them.

One thing I haven't let loose yet is the real connection between the two. Right now they just think that the two cults are aiding one another for some reason. That I'm certainly leaving for the CRM or perhaps a good RP encounter with Lareth.

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Here for a while
(1/21/03 7:04:52 pm)
Re: How to Make Tharizdun impact on the PC's (HELP)
Try this, it worked for me:

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