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Here for a while
(1/22/03 7:42:06 am)
The Great Adventures of Farish, Famous Bard (journal!)
So here it is. The long awaited (cough cough) campaign log of DM Killiak ;)
Here's the crew;
Taeranes, Human - Druid 2/Sorcerer 2
Johan, Half Elf - Fighter 1/Ranger 1/Rogue 2
Farish, Hafling - Bard 4
Scim, Dwarf - Cleric 4
Seward, Human - Cleric 4
Georg, Human - Fighter 4 (now deceased)
Joe Dalton, Halfling - Ranger 1 / Rogue 3 (replaced Georg)

Day 1
So here’s me ,Farish, and my party down in Homlett. A pretty boring town by its self. I’ve heard there’s an old temple nearby, some kindah pretty evil stuff but they burnt it down years ago. Now I’ve been told there’s some funny stuff happening lately, so I smell adventure right? We’re now staying in the local inn, not a happy place to be I think. The other guests are pretty boring, I asked some stuff about the temple and @#%$, well they didn’t know anything. Anyway the other locals don’t know @#%$ either or so they told me. Well dunno about that but something fishy is going on I can smell it like I had a gnome’s nose. There’s another Bard in the tavern, who kinda sucked ass, so I showed him some basic stuff and now he wants to come with us. My performance must have been rather overwhelming cause the innkeeper offered me free drinks and a free room. Can’t blame her for that eh? After dinner we went over to the other inn. Lotsa farmers and stuff, great stories there if you dig that kind of stuff. Anyway I played some country music on my fiddle and they started Höken?? (Local dance I made up) or something like that. A rather pathetic way of moving but at least they tried to dance. Well it ended with a bar fight. Only our party cleric Stewart didn’t join in; he stayed home all night. He’s always like that, always serious and on his task “defeating evil”. Yes it’s quit lame but he’s really good at that stuff. Well, we’ve got to have guys like him around, he could become a hero and stuff. Should be doing more on his image though I think. Who wants to shag a cleric anyway ?
Tomorrow we’re going to the moathouse an old outpost of the temple, could be some clues there I think. Ah well, we’ll see. I hope there’s some cool evil monster. I’m kinda out of inspiration lately

Day 2
Finally! some action at last. My party could become famous if there were more days like these! The day even started with exciting news. Somebody had slipped a note in Taeranes his room. It said we shouldn’t go to the moathhouse some bad things might happen to us. That’s really good news something is definitly going on. Wondering who wrote the note though ? It wasn’t me that’s for sure. Of cause nobody was frightened by the note and we went ahead like nothing happened (there’s a lot of potential in this group or they are just plain stupid, or maybe that’s the same) The trip was extremely boring, but we met some druids. Taereness liked that I think cause he wanted to talk to them. He’s also a druid and, well, I think druids are actually rather sick people. Always running around the forest and talking to the trees, can’t be healthy right? Nothing ever happens in the forest anyway.
We arrived at the moathouse in the afternoon It looked like a real boring place, it being a ruin and not that really big. Well it al got a lot better when we entered the castle. To our surprise there was a huge blue dragon waiting for us !! (he wasn’t actually that big but he looked real mean and stuff and with him flying and having wings and the lot, well I think small is too little a word for a dragon). We didn’t slay him at first sight though he had quit a tactical advantage at the spot. There was a lot of dust at the courtyard and when he started flying we couldn’t see @#%$. Hell, I could have mistaken an half-orc for an half-elf. Although I must say that the two bear remarkable similarities. Anyway I ordered a retreat so we could defeat the dragon when we were ready for it. It all worked perfectly accept for Georg he refused to listen. He’s a typical fighter a real stupid guy he doesn’t even have a real wapon. He fight’s with a chain kinda thug like. Well when the dust cleared we saw the dragon chewing his bones and licking his balls off. A rather reamarkable sight. Realy stupid of him though to die when I can’t see it happen. How can I ever make a good story out of this. Ah, better luck tomorrow. My clerics Stewart and Skim can do the healing and cleaning now.

Day 3
We got attacked by some insect-like creature tonight. I killed it after I woke up. It was kind of freaky though, never seen such a large bug in my life. Later some guy named Joe met us, he said it was his pet or something like that. Damn these druids and rangers real sick stuff happening amongst them. I came up with a plan to defeat the dragon , of course they listened to me. How can they ever become heroes, if I have to tell the everything … argh. Anyway we entered the castle through a back door and killed the dragon. It wasn’t as exciting as I expected . It all went smooth and quickly, have to make up some nice little details to juice up the story a little bit. Maybe throw in some pretty virgin or something like that. The crowd always loves that. Can’t blame them who can’t appreciate a pretty virgin from time to time ?
We found some clues on a couple of dead people, they all had a weird sign on them Stweart was all excited about it. Tomorrow we’r going down in the castle, so we’d better rest today….

DM's Notes
We actually have 8 players, sicne we are all students and some can't make it every week/ 2 weeks, so we got many ppl to keep the game going.
The Bard, Farish, feels that he is the leader of the party and they are merely his cohorts. It's fun roleplay. They have already attracted the eye of Chatrilon who spoke with them and they managed to keep Redithidoor alife through the dragon encounter(lvl 2 now!). Farish is foul in the mouth, but his Cha makes that he has the laughing crowd on his hand, but then again, not everybody is a laughing person :evil
In the first dragon encounter, Seward actually called the retreat, but Georg bumped into somebody and unfortunately, the dragon was before his next turn = dead ;)
Much of the roleplaying has not been recorded, but they have been in contact with Rufus, Burne and Elmo, as well as Maridosen, Vesta, Jaroo, Joman, Chat and Xaod even.
Chat is with them, invisible and waiting for his big chance :evil

Stay tuned!
edit; readability!

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Here for a while
(1/23/03 9:19:13 am)
Re: The Great Adventures of Farish, Famous Bard
it would be nice if ppl actually read this and replied to it. I can use all the advice and tips I can

Here for a while
(1/23/03 4:11:23 pm)
Re: The Great Adventures of Farish, Famous Bard
Give everyone a couple of days to read it, Killiak. There are a lot of stories here to read, and only so much time to read them. I did like the story, though. Farish sounds like a fun guy to have in the group. Only one minor complaint. You say that a lot more roleplaying happened. Perhaps you could tell us more about that.

Here for a while
(1/24/03 7:13:25 am)
Re: The Great Adventures of Farish, Famous Bard
The log of another player/character can be found here :

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