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Looking around
(1/22/03 2:28:43 pm)
help...Bracelet of Friends
Hey DM's,
Help me with the interpretation of the use of Bracelet of Friends from DM's guide. My player's purchased this item in Verbobonc (it's fairly cheap) and just last session used it to summon Naquent and Tal Chammish, individually, simply by the names they found on the letter. Both failed saves, and they proceeded to slaughter them both as the PC's were prepared with buffs in a room in Hommlet. Looking back, I'm not sure if this was a realistic use of this item as it might have been itended. I'm not sure how to rule with the remaining charms on the Bracelet. I know there is a save involved for unwilling individuals, but do you think that the item should only be used to summon "friends?" Should the name alone of an individual be enough to try to summon them? My players wonder if they Scry the individual, would that then give enough knowledge to be able to try and summon them? I haven't found any errata on the item, or further clarification.
Interestingly, with Tal Chammish dead, Rastor will suffer considerably before they ever get there. I suppose that the Dwarven cleric in Rastor may be able to save some individuals, with alot of luck and good rolls, and the orc encampment would have an adept that could possibly save the 2 orcs who are infected.


Here for a while
(1/22/03 2:43:06 pm)
my $0.02
To me the way the party used this item was inventive, but not in the spirit of the item.

I would not penalize them for the use so far, but I would Rule 0 it immediately.

My ruling would be that, the standard action to attune the item has to be done with said "friend" present and holding the charm. The saving throw is for when they a summoned, if they are busy, they have the chance to try and refuse at that time.

Otherwise, the party will be able to slowly summon all the BBG's and kill them with out much of a challenge. On the other side of this after one or two people of importance disappear, others will start working to determine what the hell is going on.


Still here? Wow.
(1/22/03 2:45:28 pm)
Re: help...Bracelet of Friends
Ay ya!

You know, reading the text of the Bracelet of Friends, it does almost seem like the way your players used it is legit.

But no way! A 4,500 gp item should not allow you to teleport a person you've never even seen straight to your location, saving throw or no saving throw. That's just horribly broken.

I wouldn't put any restriction on it about "friends", but rather I'd say in order to designate someone as the summonee for one of the charms, you must be close to that someone - Close range, or maybe even touch. This would be no problem at all if you were using it to summon allies, but would make it more difficult to use as an offensive weapon, as your players did.

Monte Cook
Was here before any y'all
(1/22/03 4:26:23 pm)
Re: help...Bracelet of Friends
It's a poorly worded item description. It should specify that the "person known to him" must be an ally.

The "unwilling characters" line is supposed to refer to friends of yours that don't actually want to leave their warm cozy house and help you in the dungeon (or wherever).


Looking around
(1/22/03 5:11:12 pm)
Hey Monte and everyone,

Thanks so much for such a timely response, and a much appreciated gesture for you to respond Monte. It shows alot about your dedication and passion for the game. It also gives my ruling alot more clout! Now what to do with the village of Rastor....

-Dave Igoe

Here for a while
(1/22/03 5:25:22 pm)
Re: Thanks
As far as Rastor goes...

You could have a few people die, maybe the smith and a couple commoners before someone from the mines steps in to take his place.

Maybe someone that will not be such a push over when the party arrives. :evil


Here to stay
(1/22/03 8:31:36 pm)
Re: Thanks
I bet Hedrack is scrying for Naquent right now. I'd say he would show up, with plenty of help, and demand reparations for the slaughter of Naquent.

Here for a while
(1/23/03 5:51:12 am)
Re: Thanks
(shakes his head in amazement)

Players! They must have been giving each other the high-five over this little plan...

[The below is humor, don't really do this!]

For you next session, tell them you want to try a little experiment -

Give Hedrack a Braclet of Friends. Have him Scry on the PC's to learn their names. Then summon them one at a time to face a fully buffed 14th level cleric without any warning on their side.

PC1 "Hey! What's that..."(disappears - poof!)
PC2 "Where'd he go?!?!"
PC3 "Huh?"

meanwhile, in the Outer Fane

PC1 (appears - poof!) "What the? OMFG!!!!"
Hedrack casts Destruction, Will save DC26.
PC explodes in unholy fire and dies after failing save.

Repeat on PC2 and PC3 using various spells like Disintegration, Harm, Slay Living

Cackle with glee and rub your hands together a lot and say you thought your bad guys wern't going to stand a chance, but you really like this new tactic!

After that, get serious and ask if they really want it to work that way.

[end of humor]

Seriously, you should have slapped them down for trying something like that and not let it work, but hindsight is 20/20 of course.

What to do now? Send Victor and Bethe to recover Naquent's stuff from the PC's and have Hedrack raise her back to where she was. If Victor and Bethe have an opporunity, take a Death Attack or two on the PC's, then have them use Refuge Sticks to transport back to Hedrack's quarters with her gear. Teach them a lesson not to get noticed by those much more powerful than themselves...

Edited by: Zenon at: 1/23/03 5:52:02 am
Still here? Wow.
(1/23/03 7:12:56 am)
Re: Thanks
What level are your PCs?

I agree that this should not go unpunished, but you need to make sure that it won't look like you (as a DM) taking it out on your players that you let them slip you a quick one.

Basically the PCs will be found out pretty soon. One properly worded commune oughta see to that. Hedrack's first priority will be to get Naquent raised, one way or the other. His second will be to get hold of as much equipment as possible. His thrid will be to warn them off. And the only way to that, I'm afraid, is to kill a PC and/or his family, terrorize his hometown.... the whole nine yards.

One way would be to kill a PC (using Victor & Bethe) and replace his head with a skull with a note clenched in its mouth: "This is the only warning you will ever get. Stay out of our affairs or your mothers will spend her dying breath cursing the day of your birth."

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Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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