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Here for a while
(1/22/03 2:32:05 pm)
How will Rastor deal with a party that causes problems.....
How will Rastor deal with a party that causes problems with the Orcs?

My party will be getting to Rastor within the next 2 sessions and I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.

My concern is that I have a dwarven Paladin that is fairly insistant that if its evil it should die, and I think this will really be so with Orcs. (most of the party relies on her to give the go to attack)

So, how is the town going to react to the party attacking orcs from the camp in or around town? What if they kill some before someone can stop them?

My thought is that the orc chief will demand the ones involved in the fight/killing be handed over to him/her to be judged by the tribe. From what I've read, the town would agree to this to keep the peace between the town and the orcs.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be helpful.



Here for a while
(1/22/03 9:20:39 pm)
Re: How will Rastor deal with a party that causes problems..
A good question to ask yourself, then is "Are the orcs evil?" Sure, by default, orcs are usually evil, but we have a whole village of them living next to a defenseless human village, and trading rather peaceably. I had a similar problem (Paladin found out there was a village of orcs next door and wanted to commence a wholesale slaughter. Never mind that there were 70 of them and one of him...), and I resolved it by treating the orc village as neutral, with some chaotic tendancies. There were some evil orcs, and some pretty middle of the road orcs. Taught the paladin (and the rest of the party) two things:

1) Just because it's X, doesn't mean it's evil
2) Detect Evil is not infallible (The poor pally almost had a breakdown when more people in Rastor detected as evil than in the orc camp).

PErsonally, I even made a mini-adventure out of it. Lots of diplomacy, a little duel with the orc leader, and voila, the PCs are part of the tribe (which, incidentally, I ruled had a higher GP value than Rastor ...they were pretty low on just about everything, so I cut them a break).

Rastor probably won't say squat either way. They'll be resentful of any problems caused to trade in the region. The PCs might be asked to leave, though with the gold they're bound to bring in, the merchants of Rastor might be reluctant to let them go. But the PCs are trained and well armed warriors, and Rastor doesn't look to have much of a militia. They might grumble some, but they probably won't do much other than jack prices way up on gear for the PCs.


Still here? Wow.
(1/23/03 7:22:59 am)
Re: How will Rastor deal with a party that causes problems..
Opinions on Rastor vary. My take on it is that it's the reminants of what used to be a booming trade town back when the Dwarves still controlled the mines in the CRM. The original inhabitants of Rastor were ambitious humans who came to trade with the Dwarves.

Since the fall of the CRM, the few surviving Dwarves of the clan are mostly in Rastor, along with the descendants of the humans who lived there. Times are tough, and without the mines, there's little enough keeping everyone there.

Enter the Orcs. The Dwarves could fight a hopeless battle, outnumbered 10:1. Or they could leave, abandoning all hope of reclaiming the mine that is theirs "by rights". Or they could just hang on, day by day, and tolerate what a Dwarf rightly shouldn't have to.

I would say that the human population of Rastor is mostly indifferent, but the few surviving Dwarves would probably cheer the PCs (in private). If there's a chance the PCs could actually wipe the Orcs out, they'd earn the Dwarves' gratitude. The humans would keep on being indifferent...sure it cuts on trade, but the PCs and the CRM Cultists make it up, and there's more opportunity and less competition in the hunting, trapping, and so forth with the Orcs out of the picture.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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