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Here for a while
(1/23/03 7:21:44 am)
Yet another campaign log?
Is there generally interest in seeing more campaign logs posted here? I've been getting a lot of help from this board, and if folks would appreciate seeing logs posted here, I'd be happy to. But if there's not much interest, I don't want to waste the time it takes to write them up.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/23/03 7:31:50 am)
Re: Yet another campaign log?
i'd say... if you dont want to spend time to write em up for yourself, dont feel compelled to write em up for us...

only if you're willing to invest the time to save them for later reference, i'd say gogogo!

Here for a while
(1/23/03 7:45:53 am)
I've got one of the largest campaign threads on these boards, and I don't expect alot of people to read it regularly, because it would be so much work to get up to speed if they hadn't been following from the start (as I know some people have). But, I look forward to completing the module and letting my players read over all of it so they can see the game from my side...and I will also be able to read it and be reminded of some classic moments, of comedy & genius.

Here to stay
(1/23/03 8:47:12 am)
Re: Posterity
I read all the logs and find them to be greatest source of information, and the greatest source of fun. I love to see how other DMs and players handle the same situation. As one who also writes logs, I highly recommend it. It keeps me focused on the game and makes me think about what happened and remember it. We have a rotating DM (I need to play, too!), and it would otherwise be difficult to remember all the details in the campaign without the log to review. I suppose this would work for other campaigns, but here you'll find a larger audience so it's not entirely self-serving. I type up the log in Word and e-mail it to my players (without the DM comments). They correct it, add changes and things I might have missed, then I post the final version. It's a huge help to DM and players alike and they enjoy it a lot. It also, I think, affects their gaming style somewhat, as a positive effect. Their more conscious about roleplaying and sometimes do things just because it would be cool to put in the log. :)

Here for a while
(1/24/03 2:09:36 am)
Re: Posterity
Daryl, I read your campaign log each and every time, although not always right away.

Anyone who wants to write a log should be encouraged to do so. But only if you want to. I didn't start a log until the party was into the CRM, partly because I did not want to spend the time writing it up. Now, of course, it's nice to know that one or two people read it every now and then. If you can get one of your players to write a log (OOC or not), I would highly recommend it. It will help both you and the player in the long run.

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