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Dovan Mageknight
Looking around
(1/26/03 3:38:16 am)
A little trouble with the curtian
Ok I just got done with a group fighting in the alter room with the animated curtian that comes to life when some one gets close to it and shoots out the 12 tenticals.

My problem is this,I have a player playing a half-shade rouge.
A half-shade can lower the level of light so It can be pitch black so he gets sneek attacks all the time.
He went up to he curtian and proceaded to do sneak attacks on it saying it couldnt see him so he gets all sneak attacks.

I said it was a animated object,like a golem(the book doesnt realy state).
So its not subject to crits,and sneak.
Also it would have blind sight like the listing in MM2 says all constructs get.

Of coarse they were also doing thing were the curtian needed to make saves but they give no stats for it other than HP,and AC.
So that was a pain as well.

So im wondering if theirs any were posted the whole stats for this thing or mabie some one made some that work?

And as a word of advice say no to players playing a half-shade rouge.

Thought DM'ing a evil group through has been interisting.

Thanks to any one who reads or responds to this..
Your advice is welcome.

Here for a while
(1/26/03 7:52:32 am)
The curtain is an object: it gets no saves, unless it has a caster level. It is not affected by anything with the mind-affecting descriptor or by anything requiring a Fort save, unless it also affected objects (ex. poison no, disintegrate yes). It is not affected by criticals, sneak attack, coup de grace, etc. It takes half damage from all effects except those with the sonice descriptor.

This makes the curtain one bad customer.

Still here? Wow.
(1/27/03 8:18:35 am)
Re: Curtain
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but lowering the light level to "pitch black" doesn't mean the same thing as actual, magical darkness. As such, Darkvision would function perfectly well within it's bounds.

Now, go pick up your Monstrous Manual and read over the creature TYPES in the very start of the book. Go through where they describe Outsiders, Abberations, Constructs, and so forth.

You'll find that many of these creature types UNIVERSALLY have Darkvision, which is why it's not listed in their individual monster descriptions.

Not relevent under the circumstances, since you were dealing with an object, but you've mentioned that you're very frustrated in dealing with your half-shade who sneak attacks "everything". You might want to take a look at this again.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Dovan Mageknight
Looking around
(1/28/03 1:15:35 am)
yes darkvision will work but when we incounterd the curtian it doesnt list it as any thing.
I said it sounded like a conctruct and was going to play it as such,their for giving it darkvision.
He argueed that if it doesnt say what they have vision wise,then you have to go off the rule that any thing that doesnt say what it has,has normal human vision.

And rather than fight about it for another 2hours I let him do it.
Shouldnt have though,but oh well.

Here for a while
(1/28/03 5:31:37 am)
hmm .. maybe ask your shade-freak this. How would he go and attack (or even discern) the vital spots of a curtain, anyway ? Donīt think that he has a valid answer (unless he comes with fire ... what is the fire damage to it, anyway ?? Havenīt read this part of the adventure yet).
Anyhow, maybe you shouldnīt let your people roam through the GMīs manuals and rulebooks so much. I wouldnīt allow more than the PHB for them, and maybe some exceptions, but definitely not the MMīs.
And going with that you donīt have to tell them which monster has what kind of abilities. And after all, even if it isnīt listed in the MM as that, the guy who created the curtain could have imbued it with blindsight or even a 'nuke em all'-button for that. IMO that is.

You are the GM, you do not only apply the rules, you can MAKE them. And players are not meant to argue with the DM, as much as they arenīt meant to argue with fate.


Still here? Wow.
(1/28/03 8:04:25 am)
Re: Re:curtain

In the absence of a specific monster entry saying otherwise, all of the following have Darkvision by default:

Magical Beasts
Monstrous Humanoids

All of the following have low-light vision by default:

Magical Beasts

All of the following have Blindsight by default:

Kept count? No? Well, then here's the news flash. By the book, ONLY HUMANOIDS have no vision enhancements by default. Everything else, from plants to goo-piles, has some sort of better-than-human vision.

Monstrous Manual pages 5 and 6.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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