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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/28/03 2:27:39 am)
Vacharan is troubling me...
ok, my party is a little too 'heavy' for the campaign

they're about to enter the CRM's and they're level 9 (five players)

my question is:

what would happen to them in the short and longer term when Vacharan is not going to help them (no clues, no goodies left for them, no enemies called off, nothing)

don't get me wrong: vacharan has turned away from his faith in Tharizdun, but he's somewhat of a coward who's going to ride it out without interfering (and thus risking his neck)

what are the effects for the party? no arrows of slaying, no other 'presents', no letters, no info, nothing of all that...

maybe once they've reached the outer fanes will vacharan reveal himself and his new allegiance... but not before that!

any thoughts?


Here for a while
(1/28/03 2:40:00 am)
Re: Vacharan is troubling me...
My advice is don't worry - Varachan is there as a plot device IF the DM needs an excuse for 'letting the party off the hook' or to give a little aid (yay! presents), if it's required. If your group are up to the challenge (I don't know how you've altered the CRM to challenge them) they shouldn't need this 'mysterious benefactor'.

IMC the PCs got a note telling them they had a friend (which made them a little suspicious, but mostly just raised their morale at a time when they felt like they were battling great evil alone). They didn't get to meet the guy until they'd entered the Outer Fane and kicked some booty. He took some moral problems off their hands (he left with the freed slaves, and promised to spread the word about the ToAC in case the heroes fell) and gave them some goodies (only the scrolls have been used) but didn't really feature.

So, if your group get into deeeeep trouble, or get Hedrack's attention and need a warning that doesn't eat them alive, Varachan's there in the background, ready with a warning, some misdirected reinforcements or some healing potions.
He's the DM's excuse for the bad guys not just winning - the 'forces of evil' don't work together- sometimes they thwart each other's plans.


Still here? Wow.
(1/28/03 2:41:49 am)
Re: Vacharan is troubling me...
I do not see Varachan helping the PCs until they've reached the Outer Fane, at the very least. In the module, it says that his help may be required for adventuring in the Inner Fane, but in the CRM? No way. He's a poker player who's got one good hand to play, so the less he has to guess and the more certain he is that this party is the one who can bail him (and the world as we know it) out, the better for him.

9th level PCs entering the CRM? Ouch. I'd definitely give them a tight schedule: Hedrack finds the Champion, Imix is summoned, stuff like that. I mean, with single-classed spellcasters, they are already capable of getting into the Outer Fane (ethereal jaunt, teleport), so IMHO their mission in the CRM is to find out what is going on, and fast.

Siobharek is a tale
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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/28/03 3:12:08 am)
Re: Vacharan is troubling me...
well, there are some details about this party

true that they are all 9th level

1 pure paladin9, with a sh*tload of vows confining him to the 'path'

1 fighter4/cleric5

1 monk9

1 wizard7/loremaster2

1 sorcerer5/Dragon Disciple4

the wizard and sorcerer have a hard time proving their value, since they don't have mass destruction spells (penalty of elhonna for torching one of her druid's groves), so no fireball, lightning bolt, ...
the wizard doesn't even have any offensive spells, but he's the party booster (and is happy in that role)

another important factor is that i have NOT boosted the CRM's in any way... i had a poll in my party and they decided to play it "as is" and breeze through most of it (except the howler, bebilith and vranthis, i can assure you all that!)

and finally, my wizard is a very cool person! i have discussed which spells he should and shouldn't take... he did take teleport, but didn't toch wall of force or hold monster (two spells that would truely ruin the whole experience of the CRM's at this stage...

they're tough enough as they are now... but not too tough to breeze throug the whole thing in one session

so Vacharan won't be interfering

thx guys!

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