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Looking around
(1/29/03 2:15:55 pm)
Master Dunrat
I was looking at Master Dunrat today and I'd like someone else to confirm this, but it looks like he's missing 3 skill points (from Sorcerer most likely). I personally gave him 3 points in Spellcraft since he didn't have any.

Here to stay
(1/30/03 7:53:38 am)
Re: Master Dunrat
Dunrat gets 27 skill points at his level. These would be distributed as follows:

Concentration +9
Diplomacy +6
Heal +4
Knowledge (Religion) +4
Scry +4

With a Con bonus of +2, his Concentration is +11. Remember that for Wisdom-based checks (skills), his Wisdom is an 11. Feel free to rearrange his skills though.

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