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Here for a while
(2/3/03 2:43:01 pm)
How do the Spider Eaters fit?
My group is likely to be heading to the Outer Fane next session, and I'm looking over some of the materials for it. I noticed that each tower has a compliment of 10 spider eaters. However, each tower is only 20' across and 70' high. How do 10 huge creatures (10' by 40') huddle up inside this tiny little space? Is there some secret basement I'm missing?

Still here? Wow.
(2/3/03 3:39:54 pm)
Re: How do the Spider Eaters fit?
One of the more popular theories (I think it's in the FAQ) is that the Spider Eaters actually nest in the outer surface of the Outer Fane itself, and the guardsmen summon them with special whistles.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here to stay
(2/3/03 7:05:15 pm)
The book say that guards are depraved individuals and do not mind at all living with those spider eaters!

Here for a while
(2/4/03 5:22:23 am)
Re: well
Lawitrho; they fit because it's a kind of Malhavoc Magic(tm)!

Still here? Wow.
(2/4/03 5:27:10 am)
Re: well
Remember that the size a creature fills during combat is not the same as the size a creature needs under normal circumstances. This might be especially true for insect-like creatures who live in swarms. They tend to sleep very close to each other.

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