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Looking around
(2/3/03 9:30:55 pm)
Improved weapon finess: is it broken?
I recently started running rtttoee as a first time DM. One of the players who runs another campaign for our group just got Heros of high favor: Elves. In this book there is the feat, improved weapon finess, which allows a character to add his dex bonus to damage with each sucessful hit, and the prereqs are finess with the same weapon and dex 14 or something. To me this seems completly broken because you no longer need a good strength score to do a ton of damage. Its much easier to twink out a single stat, then to keep 2 stats in good balance. The reason I ask is one of my players (a complete munchkin, has to have best AC, most hit points, best saves, etc. for his characters, sort of a subconsious superority complex ;-) wants to take it for his elven ranger. Now this ranger has a 21 dex and an 10 str, and Im trying to figure out why he should get a +5 damage bonus each hit when he is a complete wuss, a really fast wuss, but a wuss. (wuss being relative to a more str based caracter which rangers usually are, im fully aware that a str 10 is "average" not wussy ;-) Im considering allowing this feat with an added preq of power attack, so he will have to wait longer for it, as it doesnt seem as bad for a powerful high level character, or applying the sneak attack rules to it, as the description for the feat describes it as the character is able to "put strikes into weak spots/where they count" sort of thing.

Any comments are more than welcome,

Can't leave now (mod)
(2/3/03 10:27:11 pm)
Re: Improved weapon finess: is it broken?
This is really only tangentially related to RttToEE - perhaps you might try posting in the D&D Rules or Misc forums?


Here for a while
(2/4/03 11:45:55 am)
Indeed that sounds overpowered, but all is not lost yet. Limit the damage bonus from dex to targets that can be hit with critical hits only, just like sneak attack. That way he'll suck against those elementals and whatnot... :evil


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