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Looking around
(2/4/03 2:48:21 am)
Conservative adventurers
How do I encourage players to be more courageous and adventurous? I'm concerned because the party cleric(and most vocal), seem too much of a home-body.

the party cleric didn't want to go down the excavation site in the moathouse. Only by moderate dm intervention did a couple other players convince the group to go down.

when he stood on the obex he refused to say "his" name.

when one of the party members climbed the pedestal to examine the obelisk, he requested the party cleric for the torch and fuel. But the party cleric refused, saying that those items could only be used for evil, and that it's best to turn those items to his cleric's temple for them to decide what to do with them.

I'd like to have the party get some "bang" for their buck, but if this keeps up it could be a very boring adventure. What I'm afraid will happen will be this:

i.e. hey, those guys in the welcome wench are wearing those evil black triangle symbols. let's call elmo so he can handle it. Meanwhile, lets go back to and have another round of drinks.. etc..

Any suggestions?


Here for a while
(2/4/03 4:03:36 am)
Conservative adventurers
Hmm ... I canīt really believe that ALL of your adventureres are that lazy and unconcerned and hesitating. Why do they go adventuring, anyway ? :p

That said, I, for one, am usually not pressing my players to do this or that, not obviously, at least. They are free to do whatever they like and if we play a module and they start to stray away from it, well, then I make some other stuff up and they do something different (which only happened once so far). Most times there are ways to pull them back in.
If you like to have them fight and they really donīt, have the fight come to them. Start a brawl and suck them in, steal an item (Chatrilon) thatīs of value to them and let them chase after it (into the moathouse, hehe). Let the cleric have a nightly vision from his god .. distorted and cryptic but still with a meaning of importance.
Let them be hired by Elmo to look after the hobgoblins. Or by YīDey if the cleric needs more pushing.

Regarding your examples ... when the cleric didnīt want to go down into the moathouse, you could have had them hear a scream for help from down there (Spugnoir is there, right?).
And nobody HAS to say "his" name at the obex. In fact, my players never came that far. Some great thought from another guy on this board was to have the obex scene transferred to the throne in the temple. Which I will steal, by the way :) .
But your party members should indeed show some more initiative and self-confidence. When the cleric stated that the torch could only be use for evil, I (as party member) would have told him that so could his mace. Items (unless intelligent) are most likely not evil, not good, not anything ... they are what you make of it. Flamestrike is evil, as well (if used on good folk), and still your cleric will be able to cast it some day.

Donīt know if that is of any help but I could come up with a whole other bunch of stuff ... but that would make this post explode 8o !



Here for a while
(2/4/03 8:13:14 am)
Not going down into the excavation, that does seem rather homey.

Not speaking "his" name, well thats just a wise thing.

Not using unknown evil artifacts in an evil temple, that also is a wise thing.

So, he did two wise things and one cowardly thing. IMO thats not too bad, maybe he'll live through the adventure.

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