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Looking around
(2/4/03 6:15:20 pm)
Iron torch and fuel cones
Regarding the iron torch and fuel cones in the room with Gren (moathouse), would those items show up as evil? I.e. would a paladin's "detect evil" show evil on those items? And if so, how powerful would the aura be? Thnx.


Here for a while
(2/5/03 2:20:34 am)
Re: Iron torch and fuel cones
Hi there!

I certainly wouldn't say the Torch of Revealing is evil - it's just an object - a sacrificial dagger might soak up an aura of evil (if you like that kind of 'flavour' added to items) but the torch isn't used for anything dire in itself - it just...reveals secret stuff. Plus, if it radiates evil, they may want nothing to do with it, and will miss out on some fun stuff (fun for you, anyway).

I'd say poison is far more evil (it really only has one use - murder) and it's just an object, with no alignment, RAW.

A similar question arises in the CRM about the Swords of the Elements - are they evil? If so, your group may miss out on some treasure (and they're +2 weapons, which are in pretty short supply at this stage of the adventure).
Is an Unholy Sword evil? Is a Holy Sword good? Maybe, but the elemental weapons don't target particular alignments or creatures - they're just made by the cult, who are icky-nasty.

Grumgarr - who with the benefit of hindsight wishes he hadn't told the paladin the Sword of Earth was evil

Here to stay
(2/5/03 10:18:42 am)
Re: Iron torch and fuel cones
I agree they do not detect as evil, if for no other reason than a good party might never choose to use them. This would present a problem (for the DM as well) because they need the black thurible (at least) to get out of the Black Cyst.

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