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Looking around
(2/4/03 8:37:18 pm)
Please excuse me if this has been brought up before......but my group has been playing RttToEE for about a year and half now, and we are just about done prolly have 2 sessions left before it's wrapped up. I've done a lot of side stuff and my players have outstripped the recommended levels, they are pushing 20th now.

Anyway to get to the point, I've been thinking of turning Imix into a quasi/demi-god and was curious if anyone else has done something similar. I'm going this route b/c the party cleric has intentions on ridding Oerth of Iuz as we continue into epic play, and taking down a quasi deity could be a decent test of whether or not Cuthbert is going to throw his support her way. Anyway this is getting away from the point of increasing Imix, even if I decide not to go the divine route, he definately will be an epic beastie, so I was looking to see what other folks have done hopefully to save me some time.


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Here for a while
(2/4/03 9:10:50 pm)
Re: Imix
Check out the Best of the Boards thread near the top. There are stats for a couple different versions of Imix, depending on how powerful you want him.

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(2/5/03 3:00:27 am)
Re: Imix
yep, give him a divine rank...

that should make him tough enough to withstand them for a while...

and use the part of BoB's where he's accompanied by Lareth, Chymon and the half-medusa, surrounded by a wall of force, and let the PC barge in when the Orb is already on it's way to smash the door

another way to make it tougher is to have two, three or all four elemental Princes present in the main room, summoning Tharizdun from his prison... taking on 4 elemental princes might be a little tougher than just Imix :evil

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