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Dovan Mageknight
Looking around
(2/5/03 4:05:57 am)
Temple VS Manual of the Planes
In the Temple Book it lists the Damage from Being on the Fire plane as 1 point of damage every minute.

The Manual of the Planes says Creatures take 3d10 points and risk catching on fire each round.

As a DM I bleave in using the one that does the most damage,but is the place were the players are ported a special place on the plane that does less damage?

Dovan Mageknight
Looking around
(2/5/03 4:07:50 am)
sorry i didnt realise id posted twice..

Here for a while
(2/5/03 5:26:53 am)
Re: sorry
The Fire Node isn't on the Plane of Fire - just close by, like a moon orbiting the Fire Plane. The nodes are pocket planes in their own right.

They're pretty inhospitable to non-elemental creatures but not as deadly as the elemental plane, so the listed damage and the incongruity are fine (unless you want to 'turn up the heat' a little) :)


Can't leave now (mod)
(2/5/03 6:41:55 am)
Re: sorry
The party is actually in a demi-plane, they are not totally on the Plane of Fire. It's effectively a pocket dimension that's a cross between the Prime Material and the Plane of Fire.

So that may justify the lesser damage. However, MotP was written long after RttToEE, so if you want to bump it up, it's an option. One of the things you have to consider is that your standard Prot vs Elements will burn out much more quickly if you increase the fire damage.

That's good if you want to get the party moving, bad if they don't have a clue where they're going (and there are no big flashing signs saying "THIS WAY TO IMIX" once they get into the Fire Node).

-Thrommel, who has 9 ranks in Pick Pocket Dimension.

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