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White Chocolate zZz 
Here for a while
(2/5/03 8:55 am)
4 Lions of the Apocalypse
Group just defeated the fire temple, wiping out everything from the south up as Nilbool's men fought from the north down until they met at Tessimon and destroyed the altar. A gorey mess was had.

Then they proceeded to search the fire temple, stumbling into Firre's quarters. Interesting story, nobody finds the demonstone, although the group's archer now drags around the masterfully crafted chest that the demonstone is hidden in.

Once the looting is complete, they're resting in the room with the red dragon statue. Since this is their second temple and an assassin already failed to kill them (but did escape to report back), it's time for Ukemil (i think)and the lions. Now, I'm rather concerned, but I know one character, the bard who just got improved invisibility, will be living through the encounter.

Kellial, with the group, is going to let them know that some bad mo-fo's are coming when he hears the roar, he'll probably book immediately. Just wondering if the lions, in one attack action, can move, pounce, and rake as described. i'm pretty sure, but some outside acknowledgment would be good before most of the party bites it.

I think the group has won enough and it's time they started having to retreat from the mines entirely.

Here to stay
(2/5/03 10:07 am)
Re: 4 Lions of the Apocalypse
Indeed a dire lion can move up to a character pouncing on him. Then the dire lion gets a full attack action: 2 claws +12, bite +7. If the bite hits and the dire lion wins the subsequent grapple check (+17 on his grapple check, computed as BAB +6, STR +7, size +4), he gets 2 rakes +12.

Here for a while
(2/5/03 11:24 am)
Re: 4 Lions of the Apocalypse
Had my Ukemil ambush the party at night while they were sleeping. He brought 2 dire lions with him. Only a halfling Sorcerer and Half elf Rogue were on watch.

No surprise round. The lions got initive, and pounced on the flat-footed halfling even getting a crit, and brought him down to 1hp on Round1.

The fighters were very unhappy about having to fight these guys in no armor. And the rogue had a hard time getting flanking on Ukemil.

If I could do it again, I'd give Ukemil a Refuge stick, to make him more menacing, for later. And try a bull str, and a bless on the lions. See how they run.

"Lords of Death. Street gang. Punks from Chinatown."

White Chocolate zZz 
Here for a while
(2/8/03 12:53 am)
They hear a roar off in the distance. They ignore Kellial who says "we need to find a secure position." He runs off, deciding he'll fare better in the mines alone.

So, they slowly creep toward the sound, the Party's cleric reaches the door they think they're behind, cracks it open, and sees 3 gigantic lions sitting there.

He says, "I'll charge them, you provide cover". 3 guys with nonmagical bows trying to stop 3 lions from mauling a gnome is not pretty.

So they attack the rest of the party. Two party members are chased down by animals with 40 foot move, as they though it better to take double moves and not get an AoO.

All thats left is a bard spiderclimbing on the ceiling. He decides to turn gaseous form and beat it out of there through cracks in the rocks.

So all that's left is the Bard whos is now searching for Kellial to regroup. And there's also the catatonic bard Firre was torturing, but he sort of hides in the corner, rocking back and forth.

Don't know what plans are for next game. We're down 3 players and the bard is too arrogant to go back to town and get more help.

Still here? Wow.
(2/8/03 3:56 am)
Re: .
Silly silly PCs... I hope they learned proper respect for cats now ;) In my experience, dire lions are lethal in the first round, but if you survive that, they are dead meet relatively quickly. They lack AC and hit points compared to PC fighters.

White Chocolate zZz 
Here for a while
(2/8/03 10:11 am)
Due to hoarding by the bard, there's an unequal distribution of wealth. There isnt a pure fighter in the party, and none has a +2 weapon anyway. They were basically ground beef before they saw the lions, but they had their chance.

Here for a while
(2/9/03 3:50 pm)
question about pouncing
from the SRD...


Rake (Ex): A dire lion can make two rake attacks (+12 melee) against a held creature with its hind legs for 1d6+3 damage each. If the dire lion pounces on an opponent, it can also rake.

Does this mean that the Lion automatically gets the rake attack? It says that it can rake if it pounced. Does it still have to make a grapple check?


Here for a while
(2/9/03 4:50 pm)
RE: question about pouncing
Yes the lion must still make a grapple check. This just indicates that the lion can pounce and rake in the same round.


Here for a while
(2/10/03 2:46 pm)
These mean beasties tore our groups rogue apart and gave one of the fighting types hard time... :evil And yesterday they reached fire temple and two people died, one permanently (fire altar tentacle... :evil )


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