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Here for a while
(2/5/03 10:27:02 am)
One for Thrommel fans
My party has now destroyed the back entrance, the earth temple, the bridge complex further in (I think its the northern one) and killed virtually everyone in the water temple. However, the Kuo Toa monk managed to summon the huge water elemental - and boy does that guy kick ass. He killed 2 players and sent em packing to Verbobonc. (They did take it out eventually, a very nice critical hit from the bulls strengthed barbarian in rage with a +2 greatsword saw a huge chunk of hit points disappear )

After they had left to sell their booty and resurrect their friends, I pondered what Hedrack would do. By now I figured (with the help of some folks on this esteemed board :O) ) that Hedracks attention would definately be perked. So far, slightly over a 3rd of his Mines are devoid of life and filled with corpses - 2 temples are down and a bridge is vulnerable. He needs to teach them a lesson i figured.

So I wondered what to do. When Im put in the position of one of these powerful evil leaders (partifcularly if they are mad) im strongly inclined to believe they would go for a swift crushing victory. Send in one or two of your best shock troops. Teach them a lesson they wont forget.

So I sent the very esteemed Prince Thrommel ! He went to Hommlet, infected a few of the populace (just 3 or 4, he didnt want to attract too much attention yet) met up with Jaroo (the only remaining cultist) and planned to get the parties attention. Jaroo sent a message to them asking for help, and they dutifully turned up and questioned him. He told them that a large man dressed in platemail emblazoned with some coat of arms had turned up 2 days ago and stayed in the Inn of the Welcome Wench for a night. He say that people in the Inn had described the man as frightening and had left him well alone. Since that day Jaroo has felt a shift in the Balance towards evil in the town. He fears the worst. . .

The party go straight to the Inn and question the owner. She tells them that he arrived early evening, rented a room and had left before she had woken the next morning. (They missed this clue.) They rested up, figuring they would get attacked (a favorite tactic of my group) but for some reason decided that an attack wouldnt come before midnight, so they all went to sleep !

Needless to say they awoke with vampire spawn feeding on 4 of them. Crying alarm they despatched 2 quite quickly - their gaseous forms drifting through the window frame (with a mad elf running around the room trying to capture some of it in a bottle ....... there's always one :O) ) while in the other room one of the party clerics had managed to Control the other 2 spawn.

Then the Cleric (and i loved this) commanded the spawn to find and kill its creator (while the other spawn was despatched). The spawn turns into a bat and flies through the window. Quickly following, the party see a man in platemail, a black cloak bilowing behind him in a wind none of them can feel, floating steadily towards him. The bat shifts form into a vampire spawn and rushes to attack him. Without slowing, Thrommel cuts the spawns head off and continues towards the party. The mage casts fireball, enveloping him in flame, but without bothering to dodge Thrommel walks unscathed thru the fire. . . .

Now at this point I had figured that Thrommel would realise that maybe these people could be used to free him. So killing them all was not in his mind. However, he wanted them to know he was a force they could not master, and he was also Commanded. So he didnt use many of his extra powers and chose to show them he could best them with just his martial skills. Drawing his unholy sword he met the parties strongest warrior in combat - and had all but killed him in 2 rounds. He then moved onwards thru the party, causing massive damage but allowing them to flee, carrying their fallen comrade. While he was teaching them their "lesson" he repeatedly told them to "stay away from the Mines. You have felt the might of the Inner Fane" - knowing there was very little chance they would obey, but setting things up for their next encounter . . .

Overall a good session, we all had fun. But one slightly picky question for you. If Thrommel was sent, what about him having to return to his coffin every day? Have I goofed here? If so I guess I can sort some way round it, but just wanted your opinions.

Also - and suggestions on any further Thrommel acts. I was toying with the idea of them maybe finding a note in their belongs from him?


Here to stay
(2/5/03 10:41:13 am)
Re: One for Thrommel fans
Sounds like a great time! If Thrommel were ordered to go, then he would have to leave. Hedrack can order him about. It is dangerous though, and Hedrack knows this, but it might be a risk he is willing to take. I would guess Thrommel to have a refuge stick or something though and use it if he gets down to 50% hit points. A vampire only needs to return to their coffin to rejuvenate after getting "killed," not every day.

Also, remember they are from the Outer Fane, not the inner. I don't know if this is a typo, mistake, or you planned it that way, but it could cause confusion on the party when they eventually enter the Outer Fane. There's no need to confuse them about that part though.

If Thrommel's presence is too public, Rufus and Burne will get involved. I would say that Thrommel is too tough for the party and he should go back to the Outer Fane, having accomplished his mission. A note to the party suggesting an alliance is a neat idea. This will also add a lot of RP to the game and is something I will also consider doing.

One other thing, you cannot critical an elemental, so maybe that elemental had less hp than you thought. :)

Here for a while
(2/5/03 11:26:31 am)
Re: One for Thrommel fans
Great post - thanks.

Dammit - i missed the 'no crit' bit of the elemental. Still, it was a nice moment for the party when he pulled out the roll and the damage - so i dont mind. :O)

Thanks for the info about the coffin. I didnt realise that, but now i know i didnt need to worry about that part.

Yeah I thought the same about Rufus and Burne, I've had him return to the Outer (thanks) Fane and report to Hedrack the parties strengths and weaknesses.


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