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Looking around
(2/5/03 11:56 am)
Is this campaign supposed to be as deadly as it sounds?
I have been DMing Return to Temple for about 3 months now and my players are just now getting into the outer fane. They just took care of Mereclar and Wormspike at the main entrance. I have had 1 character death so far in the whole campaign. It was a random encounter at that. A troll killed the party cleric, who charged it in melee for what ever reason. At any rate, it pissed off the player so bad that he hasnt shown up to play for 4 sessions now. He is a bit of a baby anyway. Now I am a bit hesitant to give the party a good challenge because 1. the cleric is no longer there, and 2. I dont want to piss anyone else off. It sound like, from hearing everyone elses logs that this campaign is a bit of a meatgrinder and not for the weak at heart. I guess Im just wondering if anyone else out there has run into similar problems, and if so how did you deal with it. Also how deadly has your campaigns been?

Here for a while
(2/5/03 12:22 pm)
Re: Is this campaign supposed to be as deadly as it sounds?
"Outer Fane" means the Crater Ridge Mines, I guess.

Anyway: Yes, it is that deadly. IMC, we´ve had some 15 character deaths so far (one-third of the CRM explored).

Of course, it all depends on your DMing style. In any case, this campaign may not be for your players if they are really mad about their character being killed in action.

Ask them beforehand if they have problems with a really deadly campaign. If no, go ahead. If yes, play something else.

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Here for a while
(2/5/03 3:07 pm)
Re: Is this campaign supposed to be as deadly as it sounds?
The point of the game is to have fun.

If your players aren't going to enjoy meatgrinding, don't run it that way. Tactics have a large effect on the difficulty of given encounters.

So far, none of my characters have died. There have been close calls, a couple save-or-dies, and a couple of tactical situations that could have resulted in deaths had I run them tougher. NPC's and animal companions have died by the droves.

I have no doubt that I could kill the party off if I wanted, but I don't think it my players would enjoy it. I haven't fudged rolls since very early on (before this module), but I have knowingly not played some of the beasties to their fullest potential. I try to keep the battles balanced, but still let the players revel in the power of their characters.

If your players are smart and powerful, and you don't optimize your opponent's tactics to the hilt, this doesn't necessarily have to be a meatgrinder.

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C Galadrim
Looking around
(2/5/03 6:22 pm)
Re: Is this campaign supposed to be as deadly as it sounds?
I was thinking this same thing recently, as I am about to start running a party through the module in a couple weeks, and I didn't know how they would handle the fact that it is extremely deadly. I came up with a few things to do...

First, talk to your players about it a little. By no means give anything away, not even a minor plot point. But, tell them that the adventure is dangerous, and it will take more than simply "hack and slash" to make it through in one piece. This at least gives them a little heads up, and might even end up saving a few along the way.

Second, what me and the other DM have going is we kinda have two parties. One is the main, every player is in it party. The second is where our personal characters go when that person is running. Niether one of us was comfortable with keeping our own guys around while we couldn't devote a good effort to playing them right. So, when one of us takes over, our character goes on a "side adventure" with the other party. We have dubbed this group "beta party", meaning he main is "alpha party". Now, I decided to actually make it more than just random never seen characters in this group. Each player in the group is now going to roll up a character they want to put in the beta group. This provides players with an option if something happens. Say they are getting bored with their main character, they have something to fall back on. Say they just want their current guy to retire, same thing. Or, say they touch some crazy obsidian altar and are vanished into dust in an instant... :evil hehe

Main thing is get a general consensus from your group. It's not just about you going in there and having fun wasting a hundred characters and having a blast. Everyone needs to enjoy it. Best way to figure out how is to talk it over, and set standards or backup plans.

Good luck.

Here for a while
(2/10/03 3:02 pm)
It's deadly. We have had 5 character deaths so far, CRM is about 66% complete now and characters are at level 11. One of the deaths is completely permanent, being absorbed by Tharizdun tends to do that... :evil

I can imagine even more deaths for non-cautious group or one with unbalanced mix of classes. My group has 5 members and all basic slots (Mage, Cleric, Rogue, Fighter) are filled.


Still here? Wow.
(2/11/03 12:54 am)
Re: ------
It can be a rather deadly adventure, but in the end a lot of the deadliness is dependent on the PCs and the DM. The amount of deaths in my campaigns where not nearly as high as in some other campaigns I read about. Though to be honest, one campaign has not yet entered the CRM since I am running the Banewarrens instead of the CRM. The CRM is a lot deadlier then the other parts of the adventure. The other group is not afraid to run when they are facing something they consider dangerous and they are also not the types that attack first and ask questions later. That definitely helps in the CRM where opposition sometimes is willing to talk.

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