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Here for a while
(2/5/03 3:11:55 pm)
Hedrack and questions
What is the order of people that Hedrack throws at the party after they take out the 2nd temple?

3Dire lions?
5Thrommel if things get nasty...?

Is when the 2nd temple is taken out when most of you start having the Temple of Elemental Evil excavated? What's the timeline for most of you on that?


Still here? Wow.
(2/5/03 3:17:04 pm)
Re: Hedrack and questions
The "official" order Hedrack uses is this:

1) One Assassin (the second is never sent)
2) Ukemil and the Dire Lions
3) The Invisible Stalkers (near the air door).

Hedrack never "officially" sends out Thrommel, or the second assassin, or anyone else not on the list. He doesn't start this procedure until after he "discovers" that the second of the four CRM temples has been destroyed (and, IMO, sends them one-per-night after that).

As far as when the excavations begin, that's whatever works best IYC. It can start anywhere from right after the PCs arrive in Rastor to when they first penetrate the Outer Fane. Just remember that there's a reference to the work being "underway" in Hedrack's Journal.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(2/5/03 8:20:46 pm)
Re: Hedrack and questions
Would Hedrack send out these guys only if two temples in the CRM were sacked, or would the bridge complexes and gates be included in that.
My PCs have taken out the Main and South entrances as well as the Air Temple. They have actually sacked the Main entrance twice but the second time was a lot easier.
What would you the suggest the course of action of the higher ups would be at this time or would there be any.

Here to stay
(2/5/03 8:37:32 pm)
Re: Hedrack and questions
In general the OF will not give a whit about the bridge complexes and entrances. They will assume that the temples are fighting and are attempting to assume control of the CRM. However, if a major player (say D'Gran) lives through a few encounters with the party, he might be able to make his way to the OF and get help, or he might be thrown into the prison with Daagra for his failures. I vote for the latter.

Here for a while
(2/6/03 8:07:18 am)
Re: Hedrack and questions
I think the process starts when two altars are destroyed. Not posistive though.

Here for a while
(2/6/03 8:17:01 am)
Re: Hedrack and questions
smetzger - I always equated the 'fall of two temples' with 'party has the ability to make a Master Key' - even if they don't know it.
I don't think it matters particularly if the altars remain intact or not - access to the keys is the important bit.

If someone has all the minor keys from two temples, they're able to get into the Outer Fane (and the Inner, if they know how) so Hedrack starts to react.


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