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Here for a while
(2/6/03 5:51:11 am)
The Old Road ideas
I, or rather Elmo did, told my players that the old road was dangerous. Tentacles shoot out of the woods to attack if you try to traverse the Old Road.
I said this partially to force them through Nulb the way I want them to, but knowing them, they will most likely try the Old Road anyways, so here's my idea;
Pseudonatural Tendriculos' (maybe 4-5) all led by an Advanced Pseudonatural Shambling Mound who attack anyone traversing the road. The Shambling Mound has a deal with the hobgoblins. They bring the plants meat and they get to pass unhindered to raid small communities further south (not having to pass Nulb and having a good route to retreat is nice)
Ofcourse, they wouldn't have to fight them all at once, but would this prove too heavy? I expect my guys to be 5th lvl by that time and I got about 5 players (out of 7) available per game.
Too much or good fun? You tell me

Can't leave now (mod)
(2/6/03 7:26:43 am)
Re: The Old Road ideas
Four normal Tendriculos are a EL 10 encounter and a normal Shambler by itself is CR 6.

You go pseudonatural on these and each Tendriculos and is a CR 8 by itself as is the Shambler -- that's before you advance it.

If they're fresh, they might be able to take a single El 8 or EL 9 encounter (although that pile of immunities plants get is trouble).

But if you pair up any of these things, you're running a high risk of mopping the party.

I like the idea, but I think a single shambler or tendriculos on its own would be able to bully the hobgoblins.

-Thrommel, who's bullied his players with a bespectacled pig.

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