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Looking around
(2/6/03 6:52:07 am)
Delivering package to Hommlet hook / Master Dunrat
My PC's did delivering a package bit.
They were sent by a thieves guild to deliver a package to Dunrat and the mill. They tampered with it and set off the trap (and took out the message). Dunrat didn't say anything about it on delivery but I'm going to rule that he knew that it should have been trapped, and was expecting the message.

I was just wondering what you guys think Dunrat would do?

Here for a while
(2/6/03 7:21:37 am)
Re: Delivering package to Hommlet hook / Master Dunrat
My idea of Dunrat has his ego much larger than his character level, a real megalomaniac type, but a coward at heart.
If I were this Dunrat I'd be secretly enraged that these underworld delivery-boys dared to tamper with my package.
He wouldn't do anything overt but would order some cronies to arrange revenge (and get back what was taken from the package, but at this point the revenge thing is more important to Dunrat - he's been insulted, and his ego bruises easily).

I'd have him get Vacra (or whoever you think is the most subtle) to Charm one of them when they're alone somewhere if possible - the PC might spot Vacra hanging around (he'd do it himself, but that might be risky).
Or just have her claim attraction to one of them (singling out the Tiefling might be an idea, if any demonic traits have been shown).
Whatever - get them away from the others and 'make an example' of them.

I'll leave the details of the captured PC's treatment to your imagination, but there should be some sort of trail so that the other PCs can burst in to save the day at an appropriate moment (if they're high enough level).
I wouldn't recommend condemning a PC to pain and death, though I guess the other PCs might feel little loyalty toward their captured 'associate'.

If the group are still a bit low-level for this, maybe have Dunrat send them out to the moathouse to 'help out' - maybe they're supposed to report to Master Festrath, and with his 'condition' they may not find a warm welcome...or maybe he sends on a message that some snoopers might come to the moathouse, in the hopes these unreliable delivery-boys get killed by the forces there.

Grumgarr -

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