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Here quite a while
(2/6/03 8:44 am)
Random player thought for a campaign spin:
A party of Tharizdun priests!

I haven't read the module (honest, benhamtroll! ;) or delved too deeply into this forum, so this is just a random idea from a player's chair.

Imagine if some of Tharizdun's priests believed that, yes, His returning to the world was exceptionally well and good (or bad and evil, or.. whatever), but maybe the time wasn't quite right; there were still preperations to be made, annoying adventurers to thwart, et cetera.

Would also be an option for an interesting NPC, or a single PC in the party who wanted to be all evil-ish, but still have a reason to tromp around with others and mess up plans.


Looking around
(2/11/03 2:35 pm)
tharizdun pcs
Actually there have been a couple posts about evil parties. I think it might actually be a good idea if, on the rare chance, you had someone who wants to play but already knows the Tharizadun back story. The PC could be someone who wants to be the eventual champion(RE:Lareth) and will do anything to become it. Interesting to ponder in any event.

Cordo Crowfoot
Here for a while
(2/11/03 5:16 pm)
Re: tharizdun pcs
Sounds interesting!

But if I was DMing it and the players didn't know about the big T, I would make him a priest of EEE, perhaps from foriegn lands aiming to weaken the cult in this area. Then he would receive a big shock himself (and couldn't fill in details for the others) when they found out the true nature and goals of the cult.

Looking around
(2/11/03 8:49 pm)
EEE priests

Great idea. Especially since the EEE cult isn't really very secret. Could also be used as a pretty good hook. PCs could be hired by a foreign EEE cultists as bodyguards.

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