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Looking around
(2/6/03 12:06 pm)
Random Encounters
I got a party that is going back and froth between the mines and Verbonic alot.

How are you guys doing random encounters for that 7 days travel?

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(2/7/03 4:03 am)
Re: Random Encounters
I don't. The CRM provides all the XP my party can handle. Also, once you're on the main road, it's so well patrolled by gnomes that the road should be pretty safe.

Once Hedrack takes notice, however, the party should become a prime target for summoned demons, spider eater riders, etc.

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(2/9/03 1:42 pm)
Re: Random Encounters
Yeah, Heddy can summon as many demons as he wants, and the party won't get XP from him. Since they are the result of a spell, they are already figured into Hedrack's CR.

Called monsters still award XP :(

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