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Here for a while
(2/6/03 9:32:44 pm)
Viscounty towns
Does anyone have Living Greyhawk? What I'm wondering is if there is any more information about the Viscounty's towns and cities other than what is given by the Oerth Journal 8/9 articles (there or elsewhere). In particular, I'm curious if there is at least 3e town statblocks like the sidebar on Rastor. I've resisted buying LG since this is the only adventure we've done there, but if there's juicy material along these lines, it might sway me.

Although I can't see myself fleshing out the important ones (Kron, Greenway Valley, and Littleburrow) on the way too much with time constraints, I'd love to use what is out there as a starting point for the minimum I will be doing.

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(2/7/03 3:58:44 am)
Re: Viscounty towns
Okay I'm a Greyhawk fanboy, just so you know ;)

I'd recommend the book for its overall GH contents, but not, alas, as a help to running RttToEE - the OJ lists all you need - and more, in fact, than the Gazzetteer. There's a little something about the Kron Hills, but nothing you won't find in OJ (remember that LG was written by OJ regulars, so the two products match quite alot - fortunately).

The entry on the Viscounty is fairly long, running 4-5 columns of text. It doesn't list any towns, so no luck there. Apart from that there nowhere near the detail of the OJ and if you use that along with the isometric drawing of the city and its accompanying key, you're much better off.

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