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Looking around
(2/7/03 7:37 am)
How deadly is Chymon really?
My group has played return to the temple of elemental evil for a while now. When they first tried to enter the outer fane, they were 6 characters and 2 henchmen. Four of the characters were 10th level and the rest were 9th level. They had defeated the water temple easily despite a coordinated effort from the water temple forces. However, their trip into the outer fane went badly. They lost one henchman to the minotaurs and the tojanida at the water entrance. However, when they mey Chymon (with minor spell support from the drow, but it was Chymon that really mattered), they were creamed. Only two PCs and one henchman survived! The player of the finesse fighter was shocked when Chymon routinely hit him despite an AC of 28.

Before then there had only been a single PC death (to Chatrilon Unosh's death attack).

Therefore my question is: How lethal is Chymon really. have your PCs also suffered similar casualties when fighting her?

-- Retan

Still here? Wow.
(2/7/03 7:45 am)
Re: How deadly is Chymon really?
My PCs are very good at running away, dodging, and avoiding trouble...but yes, she is THAT deadly in the hands of a competant DM who knows how to use Draconic abilities to their best.

They only lost two druid-pets...a Dire Tiger and a Dire Bear. However, the Druid/Shifter was in single-digits, as was the Ogre Fighter.

My PCs were 11th.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

Here to stay
(2/7/03 8:16 am)
Re: How deadly is Chymon really?
That was a great battle, btw, and I highly recommend you read Andorax's account (a little more than halfway down). My party is nowhere near that point, but I'll chime in agreement with Andorax's point. Tell your players "Welcome to the big leagues" and it's okay I think to give them a wee bit of metagaming knowledge: tell them the red dragon has an attack bonus of +27. When they pick up their jaws, they will figure out a much better attack plan and go back in there. If you help them out first (say, using Varachan to return the bodies), they'll be much better prepared.

How'd the players themselves handle the setback? Are they okay with it and excited to back for a second attempt?

Here to stay
(2/7/03 8:53 am)
Re: How deadly is Chymon really?
just wait for a duel with Hedrack before they consider Chyron as all times toughest opponent *grinning*

Yes, it is up to Varachan who save the day. Let the Varachan heard this report and act on his own and resurrect their bodies for "questioning". They will get a civlized treatment from Varachan himself. Of course, PC party will not know that it is Varachan who is behind this all!

Looking around
(2/7/03 4:19 pm)
Continuing with new PCs
My players were shocked at how powerful the dragon was, but are continuing. (I told them the attack bonus after the game was over)

The ones who lost their characters have made themselves new PCs and are going to clear out the rest of the CRM to get the XP they feel they need to take on the dragon.

The old party:
LG human fighter 6 / prestige paladin 4 (dead)
cohort: LG human cleric 8 (good and protection domains) (left when her master died)
CG dwarf cleric 10 (strength and war domains) (escaped)
CG human ranger 1 / fighter 9 (taken prisoner)
CG halfling fighter 1 / wizard 1 / rogue 8 (dead)
N human fighter 3 / rogue 3 / custom Prc 3 (taken prisoner)
LG human paladin 1 / sorcerer 8 (escaped)
cohort: LG human fighter 6 / templar 2 (dead)

The new party:
CG dwarf cleric 10 (strength and war domains)
LG human paladin 1 / sorcerer 9 (gained a level)
cohort: LG human fighter 5 / templar 4 (new)
LN dwarf fighter 5 / rogue 4
LN dwarf cleric 4 / fighter 4 / dwarven defender 1
NG human fighter 4 / rogue 3 / order of the bow initiate 2
LG half-orc fighter 9

By the way, only two characters actually died. The other two were only reduced to negative hit points. They were stabilized by the clerics and taken in for questioning. This means that the new group can rescue some of the PCs from the old group.

As to hedrack, I think that he will kill some characters. Even though my players tend to maximize their saving throws, hedrack's save DCs are hard to beat (disintegrate DC 26)

-- retan

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