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Here for a while
(2/8/03 7:34 am)
Why does Laereth want to help the cult of Big T at all? Once they decide that he might be the Champion, why does he agree to go with them? Ok, maybe he doesn't have a -choice-, but once he becomes the champion (And IMC he will get some new template or whatever, potentially the four half-elementals) why is he sticking around? He hates Hedrack. He's bitter about being betrayed/tricked by the cult. Is he so insane that he'll just skip out on all that to have a part in destroying existance?


Here to stay
(2/8/03 7:41 am)
Re: Lareth
Power. Once he is the Champion of Elemental Evil, he will have a position of supreme power. Only he can release the princes of elemental evil. I don't it has anything to do with his personal abilities (i.e. his level or templates and such), but his unique political position. In fact, I easily see him ordering Hedrack around!

Lareth: Hedrack, be a good boy, subdue that beautiful drow in the Outer Fane and bring her to me, tied up.

Hedrack: You're ordering me? How dare you! I am ...

Hedrack suddenly writhes in agony as he feels the sharp tendrils of a formless tentacle ripping at his chest. The pain is excrutiating, but momentary, and subsides once the powerful cleric acquiesces to the Champion's unholy desires.

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