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Looking around
(2/10/03 2:29 am)
6 months to make level 4-my group finally reach Hommlet(LOG)
HI all, This is the beginning of what I hope will be a regular campaign log. Up until now I have been lurking for the past six months, and would just like to thank you all for the great ideas you have all given me. Now I figure its my chance to return the favor.

The Background: My players have played through "3 Days to Kill", in which I linked the Sect of Sixty to the Elder Elemental Eye, All the players are not aware of this yet. Having successfully completed this mission the players earned the respect of the local Dyvers thieves guild.

I followed this adventure with "Thirds of Purloined Vellum" from dragon #88, This provided a means for the party to earn more favor with the local guild and as I decided the merchant involved was travelling south after a visit to Verbobonc also provided the party with an employer to make the trip worthwhile. Throw in an encounter with a Sect of Sixty hit squad complete with a note giving instructions to the hit squads leader to travel to Hommlett after dealing with the nuisance.

Unfortunely thirds was a little disrupted with the loss of one of my players, Scott, to a near-fatal stroke. And the happier disruption of the birth of Trudy to two of my other players. After 3 months of downtime, finding a new player for Scott who had to move to a new part of the country for treatment, we were able to resume. Both Scott and Trudy are doing fine and Trudy is now a regular attendant, if not participant, in our sessions.

Finally I played the players through "The Last Hunt" from Dungeon #94 as a side trek on there trip to Hommlett. So my players are all 4th level so who the hell are they:

Kesali, 4th level 1/2 Elven Druid of Beory, played by my partner Samantha
Lia, 4th level Elven Sorceror, played by the proud mother Jacqui (or Jax)
Geezer, 4th level Dwarf, played by the proud father Bob
Xelfer, 4th level Rogue, played by my good friend Marcus

1st session notes to follow....

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Looking around
(2/10/03 2:43 am)
1st Session
After wrapping up some loose ends that took longer than I thought in "The Last Hunt" my players arrived in Hommlett, we didn't get very far into things.

Xelfer went to find the local Sage to have an 'antique' bronze dagger he had been carrying from Dyvers appraised - much to his disappointment he was informed that the dagger is a cheap knock-off. Now he is trying to scheme of ways to fob it off on to some one as unsuspecting as he was...:evil

The rest of the group went to the old trading post to sell some of the loot they had acquired where they met an exuberant and friendly Joman Dart. After appraiseing and makeing an offer on what they had, he invited them to his back room for a cup of tea and told them the local history of Hommlett and environs. I figure this would be good bnusiness sense on Jomans part, he probably does the same thing with every stranger who wanders past, in an effort to drum up some business from those who use Hommlett as a base to explore the ruins.

And thats where the session ended.

Tomorrow I will write up session 2 from last night, and give you a low down on the battle with big U and the interactions they have had with the other members fo the community.

Cordo Crowfoot
Here for a while
(2/10/03 7:37 am)
Three days to Kill
How did you and your players like "Three Days to Kill"?

Looking around
(2/10/03 11:50 pm)
Re: Three days to Kill
Enjoyed it I think.

I suspect that they found the 'festival' part of the adventure more entertaining than the 'assault' part. In particular I think they enjoyed my portrayal of Carsten as a grossly overwieght priest surrounded by concubines, who offered to 'purchase' Lia. The assault section of the adventure gave me a chance to throw a grell at the party, when the sect acolytes opened the mirror. That was a tough fight, for 1st level characters, but they were assisted by paniced bandits who became snacks for the grell.

On the whole I thought the backstory fitted RTTOEE fairly well with the Sect od Sixty being a perfect 'front' for the EEE. Dyvers is mentioned as a place where many ToEE refugees fled to, all in all a good match.

I look forward to when the party eventually returns Dyvers to face the sect and destroy the last remnant of the EEE.

Looking around
(2/11/03 2:48 am)
2nd Session
Oh my god - I lost about 90 minutes worth of typing to some wierd bug......Ill rewrite it later when I stop crying....

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