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(2/10/03 3:02 pm)
Heart of Nightfang Spire
Hey everybody,

My players are ready to go into the outer fane plot wise, but it think level wise they're just a bit behind. Party level: 9. That includes

Half-Elf Pal 5/sor 1/Hunter of the dead 3
Half-Elf Brd 8/Arcane Archer 3
Elf Cleric 8
Human Rogue 5/Ftr 2

I ran the party through the Sunless Citadel, so the party is responsible (and knows it) for re-releasing Gulthias into the world. I've already done a couple side adventures about that, so the players are itching to find where he is and take him out.

Do you all think it would be a good idea to run them through the Heart of Nightfang Spire? I know they could use the extra XP, and its a fairly fast paced adventure, taking only a week or so due to the fact that the PC's have to clear things out fast, lest it all come back.

They've already cleared out more than half the CRM, so as per the adventure, it is now abandoned. I think plot wise a little side trek right now wont hurt things too bad.

Anybody have any suggestions for hooks or tie-ins? Maybe make the Ashardalon Cult a rival or partner to the Elder Elemental Eye or something? Some kind of tie-in with Thrommel?

I'll be thinking about it all week, but i thought i'd put a post out here to see what you guys thought.



Still here? Wow.
(2/10/03 3:15 pm)
Re: Heart of Nightfang Spire
I'd put it underground and have the entrance to Gulthias' valley (now: huge cavern) be somewhere near the group. That way, the party won't go too far and you won't have to deal with two mysterious spires in the same mountain area.

The hook... First impuls is that I'd leave Thrommel out of this. But one might consider the following:

Immediately after his conversion into a vampire, Thrommel was released. Well, the doomdreamers had means of calling him back, but he was set loose in order for him to get used to his powers. Part of his training was going to Gulthias' tower, where the lore he needed to summon his familiar could be found as well as other knowledge. Maybe there are tracks, or maybe Gulthias simply placed one of his symbols at the entrance to his valley, in order for Thrommel to be able to find him.

This idea is rough (it's quarter past midnight here), but you might find it useful.

One thing, though: At Andy Collins' site (, he gives his account of running his players through Heart. He apparently thinks it was quite deadly...

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