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Here for a while
(2/10/03 9:28 pm)
Blessing of the Gods PrC for my group.
Well they did it, and the whole campaign will be ending soon due to someone moving away, but there's time to finish the Black Spire!! So in a moment of pure brilliance (heh not really) I decided that for winning and making the gods happy my players are ALL required to get this PrC for their 14th level Up.

Blessings of the Gods PrC
Number of Levels in PrC = 1 only ever
Hit Dice : d12
Skill Points 8+Int (Rogues only 12 + Int)
Class Skills: ANY
Requirements : Must have beat the RtToEE! DM permission only.
BAB +1
Saves All Good so +2 to each

Special Bonuses:

+1 Feat

+1 to any single Characteristic just like gaining every 4th level.

+1 level modifier to any single class for all purposes (Rogue, Psion, whatever) Just so they "gained a level" in their primary class too.

Treat the HP roll for this level as 12. (They all get 12 HP)

Triple normal lifespan and no negative modifiers for aging.


Woohoo! The most broken and bent munchkin PrC I have ever allowed in a game. Of course the next month or two is all that is left, but they will get to enjoy the level until then! Who says the Gods don't give the players a break now and then huh?


Do not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons,

for you are Crunchy & good with Ketchup

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