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Here for a while
(2/13/03 1:00 pm)
Help With Campaign
Ok this post has a 2 fold purpose.


A) what do you as DM's do if you suspect a player in your campaign of cheating? (I know this belongs more in the DM's only thread but we happen to be playing RtToEEE) I posted a few campaign logs here but have since stopped due to my suspicion that one person has read that adventure and or reads these boards. I have no proof just a few hunches based on inconsitancy in character actions and the avoiding (at the prompting of one character in particular) of certain "deadly" or difficult areas
The other reason I'm posting this here is that I can say to the cheater....if you are reading this I have an idea that you are cheating. Thanks for ruining the game for everyone else.
If that person never reads this then oh well I'm just paranoid and if they do....well they can't really call me on it with out giving themselves away now can they.

Hope this hasn't offended any of you who are suposed to be here. And thanks for any adivce you can all give.


Here quite a while
(2/13/03 1:14 pm)
Re: Help With Campaign
If I suspect it...

1. Confront the player privately. Get confirmation as to his cheating. If you otherwise have proof or are confident that he is cheating, then that is confirmation.

2. Tell the player why cheating is bad:
2A. It ruins the game for the player.
2B. It ruins the game for the DM.
2C. It ruins the game for the other players.
2D. It shows incredible disrespect for everyone involved, including himself.
2E. It greatly insults the DM, who has likely spent a huge amount of personal time preparing for the adventure. This is especially true in RttToEE where you can literally spend man-months preparing for it (reading this board mostly, but reading and rereading the module also counts).

3. Tell him to stop. Give him this one chance. You've been caught, don't do it again.

4. If he refuses #3 or this is the second time, kick him out of the group, period.

Good luck, Tribal28!

Can't leave now (mod)
(2/13/03 10:24 pm)
Re: Help With Campaign
This happened in one of the games I ran.

I had proof the player had been reading this very board. I felt I had no choice but to ask the guy to leave the game. This place abounds with spoilers and strategy advice, there's no way the whole module wasn't ruined.

I can tell you it wasn't a decision I made lightly or eagerly, however.

For the most part I agree with Infiniti2000's advice. Definitely confront the person because things will just get weirder and weirder if it's not addressed.

Good luck.

-Thrommel, who cringes every time he sees a thread like this.

Looking around
(2/14/03 5:09 am)
I say, take something from the module that is normally beneficial like...I don't know..the black fruit, and make it have negative effects. Change things around a bit so that if he expects something, something else may happen.

If you do decide to do this though I'd be careful with it. Though I'm sure no one needs me to tell them to be careful, I just mean that later on certain things could prove to have negative effects for you as well, and that's no good.

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