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Here for a while
(2/16/03 9:52 pm)
Rastor & Mount Stalagos
I could have sworn there was more information than this in the adventure, but now that I need it, I can't find the details. Is there really as little text about the layout of this area as it appears? What I have from the product is that:

* Rastor has two mountain trails heading out of it (Ch 4 intro).

* The orc camp is 3 miles SW of Rastor (end of Ch 4).

* Mt. Stalagos appears to be 6 miles SW Rastor from the Temple overview map. I can't find this anywhere else...

* C1 (pg. 43; Main Entrance) has flavor text that starts: "After the long, winding path takes you 300 feet up the slope above the valley floor,..." But, C80 (pg. 64; South Entrance) has nothing. Is this 'valley' mentioned anywhere else? The whole bit reads as if there was something more at one point about the surrounding area.

This isn't all that much of a big deal, I just thought I had read more than this before. Maybe I've just integrated board comments into my knowledge of what I think's in the book ;)

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Still here? Wow.
(2/17/03 2:02 am)
Re: Rastor & Mount Stalagos
Now, Denmark is flat. Not as flat as the Netherlands, but pretty close. Still, I'd guess that the "valley" mentioned would simply be the area around Mt. Stalagos, no?

IMC, I've placed Mt. Stalagos right next to a pass connecting the Viscounty of Verbobonc with the Elven kingdom of Celene. As Celene is pretty isolationistic, that has helped me explain the number of elves in the Mines: They don't believe in all that Tharizdun nonsense, but they feel that the elemental cults' presence keep people from using the pass - hence they help Celene stay "pure".

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Here to stay
(2/17/03 3:23 am)
Re: Rastor & Mount Stalagos
Rastor has two mountain trails heading out of it (Ch 4 intro).

Rastor is at the end of a mountain road, presumably one that leads through the Kron Hills to Hommlet. Depending on its political alliance, this mountain road may also branch towards Devarnish and/or Verbobonc at some point. The two mountain trails I'd suspect lead to a) the orc camp and b) the crater ridge mines. IMC, there are other mountain tracks for hunting, logging and mining activity, but the two main trails were established long ago by the dwarves and recently by the frequent trade with the orcs.

You may, or may not, want to establish some sort of economy beyond trading with orcs and cultists. Those cultist are always out looking for a good sacrafice or two, or perhaps new recruit. The CRM is like a magnet for wandering monsters coming up from the Underdark or from deep within the Lortmil Mountains. There must be some good reason for people to stay, else they'd have abandoned the area many years ago. IMC, I went with iron and lead mines.

I made Rastor a far-flung fiefdom on Almor's frontier with the Lortmil Mountains. Its minor noble family has grown inbred and complient with the cultists and orcs. Because of the CRM, the region has the reputation of being cursed and haunted. Occasionally, adventurers come to seek the lost dwarven treasures, but all have ended up like Tymerian, or worse. As long as the proper tithes, and bribes, are forthcoming from Rastor there has been little attention paid to this back-water fiefdom.

I kind of like the idea of being able to customize Rastor. My players ask all those little niggling details like economics, political and cultural leanings. Of course, the locals of Rastor don't talk much about the CRM as it brings bad luck. They go about their business of hunting, logging or mining while keeping their head down.

IMC, I reversed the number of dwaves and half-orcs to keep a continuity of campaign style. The dwaves of my world are too proud to live in the shadow of their former glory. The few that live in Rastor are mostly outcasts, or spies. When asked both Rerrid and Thandain claim to be outcasts from their clans but are actually keeping an eye on the CRM, looking for omens and portents which may signal that the time has come for retaking the lost temple of Moradin in the CRM. IMC, that portent was the recovery of Tulian's Eye. My players found Tulian's Eye and returned it to the dwaves and are now focused on finding the lost temple, without luck so far.

OK, I am rambling. If you ask then I am sure there will be plenty of members willing to share their concept of Rastor.

Here quite a while
(2/17/03 7:40 am)
Re: Rastor & Mount Stalagos
I think the two mountain trails lead to the main entrance and the south entrance, not to the orc camp. I can't imagine an actual trail leading to the orc camp, but perhaps one of the trails splits halfway down and leads a half mile or so to the camp.

Other than that, I like your response, Trithereon. I'm in the process of fleshing out Rastor a little, so I'll use some of what you provided.

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