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Looking around
(2/16/03 11:31 pm)
Inner Fane
Do the PC's need anything from the Inner Fane before going to The Temple of EE?


Xanthos Prince of Darkness
Here for a while
(2/16/03 11:47 pm)
Re: Inner Fane
No. There is a sidebar that notes that you could direct the players to the Recovered Temple before the Inner Fane by using additional clues.


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Looking around
(2/17/03 12:00 am)
Orb of Silver Death
There's a sidebar on page 149 saying that Lareth possesses the items in the Black Cyst (Area 21A of the Outer Fane). Im presuming the only item that would be left is the Orb of Silver Death because Maliska has the Orb of Oblivion. Now the only way Lareth could get the Orb of Silver Death is if the Doomdreamer have found there champion (lareth) and given it to him. So depending on the timeline im using, the orb of Silver Death could still be in the Black Cyst and therefore the PC's could get it, if this was the case then i guess they would be huntered down by whoever so they could complete there plans. Any suggestion which way i should go. Lareth has the Orb or Orb is still in the Black Cyst?

Would Varachan know if Lareth has been give the Orb of Oblivion?


Still here? Wow.
(2/17/03 1:56 am)
Re: Orb of Silver Death
I see the Orb of Silvery Death as a backup item. Lareth doesn't need it: The Orb of Oblivion is in the Recovered Temple and that's all that's needed to get Imix. The Orb of Silvery Death is also a great way for one PC to avoid getting smacked by all the Doomdreamers in the Recovered Temple, as it makes whoever's holding the Orb practically invulnerable to the Doomdreamers' spells.

So I'd leave the Orb. As to your second question, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Varachan knows most of the major events (The Champion has been found. Excavation of the old Temple of Elemental Evil has begun. Stuff like that.)

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