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Here for a while
(2/17/03 12:52 pm)
Infernal Device (OF 26)
If a PC is using a two-handed weapon and gets either the left arm or right arm from the machine what happens? Are the attacks still at -2 or is his strength still +4? I guess this whole thing has me a little confussed. I mean it sounds like the machine is benificial to the PCs.


Still here? Wow.
(2/17/03 1:05 pm)
Re: Infernal Device (OF 26)
Actually it's just the left arm that gives an attack penalty. Under the right arm entry (p. 120, top), it says:
Wielding a weapon in this hand [the right] is at normal attack bonuses, plus the character's adjusted Strength modifier.

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Here to stay
(2/17/03 1:18 pm)
Just for thought
While we are on the subject.. why is it called Inferal Device? Most of inhabitants are chaotic evils (with neutral evil as distant second). It should be called Abyss Device!

Here for a while
(2/18/03 1:18 am)
Re: Just for thought
Here's how I play it.

I have 2 PCs who have demonic attachments (both right arms) and with a 1hd (right) weapon they kick a$$, so the limbs definitely DO benefit the group - but the Wis drain is beginning to tell (they're both good-aligned) so it's not all good - they're keen to be rid of the things 'as soon as we save the world'.

With a 2-hd weapon I make them calculate damage based on their normal (not demonic-limb) strength...they get the attack bonus for the demonic limb whenever they use that arm to attack however, 1 or 2-hd. (Yeah, I know, kind of contrived.) I guess I'd say a 2-hd weapon wielded with a demonic left arm would get the -2 penalty too.

I also allow the 'racial' strength bonus (my term - not official) of the limb to stack with Bull's Strength or other Enhancements...this can add up to giant strength pretty fast if they PC already had a good strength score (don't even ask about the PsyWar with Curse of the Brute cast upon him).


Edited by: Grumgarr at: 2/18/03 2:30:32 am
Here quite a while
(2/18/03 8:24 am)
Re: Just for thought
I would apply all the modifers of either arm to two-handed weapon attacks, and even grapple checks, etc.

As for drawbacks, read the sidebar on pg. 115. In particular, note that turning undead is a charisma-based check, so clerics/paladins with demonic additions will be nearly easy pickings by Thrommel.

The strength modifier is unamed, so it indeed stacks with any other bonus, so on this I agree with Grumgarr. If you call it racial, then I don't think it would apply to a half-orc, for instance.

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