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Here for a while
(2/21/03 8:19 am)
Bloodyhellman's Campaign log
This log is partly to solicit feedback and ideas for where to take it next. I will try to keep it concise.

My cast of Characters:
Logan Greg rogue6/assassin2
Harry Matt wizard6/mindbender2
Kalus Shawn fighter6/psi warrior2
Sabian Craig ranger1/cleric5/master of shroud2
Kylie Jodi rogue7
The MasterBlaster Robin fighter7
robin the bard bard3

I've been DMing for about 10 years so I have 1st/2nd/3rd ed stuff.
We started out doing an adventure called the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh(Hommlet)
Group started out with a brief adventure wiping out a goblin tribe in the High Moor area(i think) they ran into a weird god who was worshiped by the tribes exceptional leaders (the big T). Worthy of note is Kalus hates evil priests and he desecrated the altar by killing a priest on it. I had the avatar come, the mountain temple collapsed. Everyone gets out alive (yes, I can be nice)
Next the PC's took out a smuggling ring in a haunted house. The group decided to rebuild it (great drain on party wealth). The thieves guild is not happy. Complication is Logan is a member(he just joined group), the group is asked to continue allowing the guild to operate(with them now protecting them). Harry tells the town of the secret port the house has, rest of party is not happy about that slip.
We start the Temple of Elemental Evil adventure with me converting it to 3rd ed along the way. The group killed Laerth the Beautiful and were entering the 3rd level. While encamped in Hommlet the general store assassins assassinate Matt's old character (a monk) for being the one who killed Laerth. The assassin gets away alive.

I get the Return to the Temple of E.E. I kinda fudge it. I rule an earthquake hits and the old temple is abandoned for the new location. I ignore the moathouse as it's been done in 1st edition version and the PC's take out a contingent going to the Crater Ridge to get the note about the Mill. The mill is taken down and next the mines

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Here for a while
(2/21/03 8:29 am)
Re: Bloodyhellman's Campaign log
PC's enter the CRM's via the main gate:
(P.S. I buffed guys a bit, not much)
I may have metagamed a bit here: the Main Gate throws everyone at the PCs. The group sneaks in and kill the guys to the south in one round, I rule no sound is made. They continue East and finally the alarm goes up. The group waits for all hell to break loose. As they hear guys coming the two thieves go invis and go to area 2 invis. Many rush by them in hopes of coming through the secret passage. The fight begins, the undead come and half are commanded to attack the other half(so much for undead). The PC's buffed way up before coming (keen edge on the fighter types, spikes on cleric, bulls str, stone skin on fighters(2)). They enemies keep coming and the fight drags FOREVER. The wizard is saving spells for a rainy day and the thieves wait for a chance to sneak attack Mereclar, and they have a rear guard doing nothing. Finally the rogus attack and one hits Mereclar is injured. The stoneskinned fighers are ignored for the easy to hit thief and she and the Masterblaster(no stoneskin) go down fast. The cleric blinds the other rogue but it's finally over in a battle that took till 2am and left me discouraged.

Here for a while
(2/21/03 8:59 am)
Re: Bloodyhellman's Campaign log
The group decides to continue without rest(but heal), sending for the cohorts who aren't coming (priest, wizard) to collect the blind thief (dispell magic failed). They head south on a cart. The baskalik is made short work of though they were very scared of it (the statues did that). The ran from it initially but stopped to kill the thoquaas and it caught up. Marglan and the rust monster take out Sabian's prized vest but they get decimated, he attacking first. Maybe he should have parlayed? They continue south killing the ochre jelly and come to the ore processing area. They all climb up on top of it! Vranthis the dragon comes and breaths catching all of them. The PC's are scared. Vranthis circles and is hit with lightning bolt, arrows, and it decides to go into it's cave during it's circle round. It hits the item getting a giallion. The PC's are freaking out and some climb down, some ready for a charge. The Giallion comes with the Dragon backing it, another lightning bolt and the Giallion doesn't get an attack off as the fighters are ready for the charge. But they are grouped together nicely for a 2nd breath, the dragon circles again and is finally brought to 1/2 hp so is out of the air. The PC fighters go to work with the Masterblaster decimating her with his greatsword landing around 37 dam in one hit.

The group is happy with their swift, easy victories this session and finally retire to their manor for healing and sorting of magic items. Next session is tomorrow.

I am worried about a few things:
The PCs' are just too tough and boosting them will lead to that endless boosting.
As the party is so big the XPs they get are quite minimal so they may get upset with lack of progression.

I am hoping that they can be happy without progression for awhile. As I don't want my campaign to go to crazy high levels and make more work for myself.

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