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Here for a while
(2/23/03 6:37 am)
Demonically infused Elementals
I do not have whatever issue of Dragon this template was in, but from the descriptions I've heard I definitely want to implement them into my campaign! Could anyone post the rules for these critters?

Also, when do you use these in your campaign? Whenever they're summoned in the CRM and the Fanes? Only the Fanes? 20% chance or something?


Here for a while
(2/24/03 1:34 am)
Re: Demonically infused Elementals
Erm...there's a post with the stats somewhere - sorry, I don't have the mag handy.

Basically there are two minds/spirits in one body - one elemental and one demonic.
The benefits of this dubious fusion are some stat increases and:
SR (=HDx2, max 25)
DR (increases with HD to 10/+3 I think)
Permanent 'haste' effect (+4 AC and extra partial action every round) due to two minds
Smite Good (1 per day, +HD to damage)

All of this stacked on an elemental is a LOT of extra power, and the creature-CR increases by 1, 2 or 3 (HD-dependent).

On when to use them - I wouldn't make it an arbitrary thing - this template kicks serious ass, so I've only used it quite deliberately (most recently with a Greater Earth Elemental in the Recovered Temple - ouchie!).
I consider these elementals servants of Big T (either directly or via the Princes of Elemental Evil) and reserve them for deliberately called (not usually just summoned) guardians.

Did I say they kick ass? :D

Here for a while
(2/24/03 4:59 am)
Wow........that sounds.........scary


Here for a while
(2/24/03 3:01 pm)
So, um, sorry, but does anyone have the exact stats around?
My party just entered the fire temple and already messed with the elemental summoning ball thing, so there isn't an opportunity for an elemental for awhile, but I still like :-)


Here for a while
(2/24/03 10:24 pm)
Re: Sorry
The stats are in Dragon #285. I know you said you didn't have the mag, but I wasn't sure if you knew which one it was, or had a store nearby where you could get it from. I'm kinda leary about posting the exact stats as i don't believe it is open game content or anything like that, and I'm not sure of the legalities involved. Anyone know?

Still here? Wow.
(2/25/03 2:20 am)
Re: Sorry
I'm pretty sure it's illegal. And given the fact that it was Monte who wrote the article, I'm particularly leery of posting stats here (I know that it's Wizards' IP, but still...)

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