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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(2/23/03 1:25 pm)
my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
hi again!

long time since i've posted something.

some of you might remember that i posted my previous logs here, but i'm starting a new thread because there's already a sh*tload of moat houses and stuff out there.

my party consists of

dwarven paladin of pelor, lvl 9, called fattyboy
human fighter / cleric of pelor, lvl 9, called bonkie
halfling monk, lvl 8, called roka
elven sorcerer / dragon disciple, lvl 9, called kyoku
elven wizard / loremaster, lvl 9, called yaotl

the mages have been forbidden to use offensive magic consisting of fire or electricity (penalty of one of the gods for setting fire to a holy grove in the past)

for the first session i'm gonna post, there's also a church inquisitor of Pelor along, to check up on the paladin and the cleric.

the first log entry is one that took all weekend. We started playing on friday around 9 pm and played all the way until sunday 6 pm, sleeping only 5 or 6 hours the second night.

so here it goes! hope you'll all enjoy this as much as i did!

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(2/23/03 1:26 pm)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
So once again, the party was free to do whatever they wanted, albeit under the watching eye of a church inquisitor.

First on the agenda was a new visit to the moat house to check out the state of the obelisk. During the trip to the moat house, the party nervously scanned the air to see if their old ‘friend’ Utreshimon wasn’t around.

The trip passed uneventful, but another tense moment came when the party approached the moat and the drawbridge. But the frog wasn’t around either.

Inside all was silent, except for some ghouls that sported several scars, consistent with slashes from bastard swords and dwarven waraxes…
The patched-up ghouls didn’t last long.

Next up were the strange chickens near the tunnel. Where last time there were three of them, now there were five! The party wisely decided not to mess with them.

Finally, they all wanted to check up on the ancient obelisk, and to investigate all the mysterious clues again at the bottom of the pit. Bonkie, Fattyboy and Pyus descended first, leaving the casters and the monk in the well room. The first descent happened uneventful. They all made a spot check, but didn’t notice a thing (so the didn’t spot the grell hanging near the ceiling, waiting for them to climb onto the second platform)

The trio made it to the second platform, and failed to spot the grell for the second time. A few moments later, a surprise attack came as the grell quietly descended and struck Bonkie, who was holding the rope. Bonkie failed his save and was paralysed. In an amazing reflex, Fattyboy grabbed the rope and stabilized the falling platform. Bonkie was subsequently grappled and the grell struck Fattyboy and Pyus with additional tentacles, hitting nothing. On the next round, Fattyboy and Pyus both struck at the grell, but didn’t manage to kill it. The grell lost interest in the remaining two people on the platform, and prepared to fly off with its dinner. Pyus and Fattyboy both landed an attack of opportunity on the grell, but it survived and flew off. In a desperate attempt to save Bonkie’s life, Pyus cast a ‘shield other’ on him, while Fattyboy yanked the rope fanatically, trying to keep up with the grell. A few seconds later, Pyus felt an enormous strain on his ‘life line’ and felt the urge to vomit. The reason for this soon became apparent as bloodied equipment and patches of flesh fell down the shaft, plummeting towards the bottom.

In the mean time, Yaotl, Kyoku and Roka had descended on the first platform, just in time to see the drama and hear the wail of despair from Fattyboy.

A bold plan was set up, making use of spider climb and dimension door to get into the grell’s lair (which was illuminated by Kyoku’s dancing lights). Fattyboy, Yaotl and Kyoku climbed in and slew the grell, nearly slipping on the blood pouring out of its cave. For Father Bonkie, all help was too late!

Pyus and Roka then descended to the bottom of the pit, and met with an old acquaintance, previously a cleric called Festrath, now turned into a mindless ghoul with an attitude. He didn’t last long under Pyus’ mace.
After the ghoul was dead, nothing new could be discovered, and since they didn’t want to risk a second encounter with a grell while it was just the two of them at the bottom of the obelisk room, they picked up all Bonkie’s body parts and took the platform back to safety.

After their harrowing experience in the moat house, a depressed party set course for Hommlet again, waiting to see what Bonkie’s will held.

The first page was written prior to his enlightenment into the church of Pelor and stated that the best way for a fighter to go was in combat, meaning that a resurrection was against his wishes. The second page was an addendum and was written after he was accepted into the temple. It proclaimed his love for his new found religion and that he wanted to be brought back to the world of the living to do more good.

So off to the temple of Pelor they went, asking for their fallen comrade to be revived. Yether frowned when she saw the remains and claimed that only a resurrection could help. The only person in town with enough power and authority to do so was Canoness Y’Dey of the Church of St-Cuthbert. She agreed to perform the ritual, but at a cost of 1500 gold pieces, an amount the party didn’t have. Yether intervened and backed the party’s credit for a while. Three days later, after a ritual in which Fattyboy was asked to assist, Father Bonkie was back among the living, ready to set out again!

The only remaining path was to explore Rastor and see what they could learn there.

It was a four day trip to Rastor, and on the way, Yaotl, the resident Loremaster, once again showed off his amazing knowledge about nearly everything. They were travelling through the Kron Hills, mainly inhabited by gnomes. Their destination was a small miner village, living of mining, farming, smelting of metals and trade. The first two days were uneventful, but during the third, they approached a freshly ploughed field, with the farmer still in sight at the edge of his fields.

The entire party was riding in a 2 by 3 formation when suddenly, the ground burst beneath their feet, sending Bonkie, Vermin and Pyus sprawling to the ground, while almost every horse panicked and bolted off.
Before anyone could act, lightning struck the characters on the ground, frying Roka’s horse and damaging nearly everyone except Yaotl and Kyoku. Out of the dust rose an all-too-familiar enemy: Utreshimon, the blue dragon.

Father Bonkie had to spend two full rounds to get out from under his horse and crawl to his feet. Inquisitor Pyus used his divine powers to command the great beast to ‘DIE’. This resulted in Utreshimon feigning death, allowing Pyus and Fattyboy to land some telling blows on the fell beast. Luckily for Big U, the effect lasted only one round, so on his next initiative, he once again lifted off, using his terrible hover ability.

Using the cover granted by the swirling dust cloud, Utreshimon reigned supreme for one round, slapping everyone around a little, but just like himself, the party had grown stronger since their last encounter, and Big U soaked massive amounts of damage at the hands of the party. Things went from bad to worse, and with a final blast of lightning, Big U disengaged and prepared to flee.

Kyoku had anticipated this and had withdrawn from the cloud, so he now had a clear view of Big U as he tried to make his escape. Without hesitation, the brave mage launched several magic missiles at the fierce beast. Big U howled in frustration at this unforeseen attack and returned the favour, sending a hot stream of electricity through the elven mage.

The party realised what Big U was up to, since they had seen this technique once before and rushed out of the receding cloud. Utreshimon was in a slight panic now, fleeing for his precious life. Kyoku sent another stream of magic missiles into the beast as it flew further away. Pyus prepared another command, but the dragon was out of his reach. Yaotl and Kyoku then decided on a bold plan. They would both dimension door in the dragon’s path, and engage it further without support from the party.

They acted on their plan, and appeared 100 feet before the dragon, with Kyoku launching four more of his dreaded missiles at the beast, which could hit him with impunity. Big U considered his chances for a moment. In the distance, he could see Fattyboy, Pyus and Bonkie rushing to their comrades help, while just in front of him were two puny, juicy looking mages, unarmored and oh so tasty-looking.

His arrogance got the better of him and once again, lighting struck Kyoku, who was now nearing the single digits of his health score… Yaotl managed to dodge the blast, shaken… but not quite stirred! The only thing he could do was attempt an exchange of fire, using his magical shortbow every round, but failing to hit a single time.

Eventually, Big U decided he had pushed his luck far enough, and just flew off, leaving a battered and bruised party.

The farmer, who had spent the entire combat hidden behind his plough and horse, could reveal them no useful information, except that he was forced to act naturally by the dragon.

The rest of the trip to Rastor was uneventful. By the end of the fourth day, they rode into the small town. Its streets were nearly deserted, except for some orcs, half-orcs and dwarves, headed for their homes. The party decided to seek out a suitable place to stay the night and found an inn, which didn’t seem to be too well maintained, but which just had to do.

Once inside, the party sat down around a table and was served by a grim looking, foul-mouthed dwarf. The entire party ordered beers, except for Roka, who wanted nothing. This resulted in the waiter being offended, but the fact that a puny elf like Yaotl ordered dwarven ale made up for it. Yaotl even managed to drink half of the beer in one large gulp, which simply astounded the waiter. Despite the tears in his eyes, Yaotl managed to keep the beer in.

The startled waiter loosened up a little and the party was able to gather some useful information from him, mostly regarding the mines. Apparently, some cult or religious order had taken up residence in the abandoned dwarven mines, and they occasionally traded with Rastor. For more information on the subject, the waiter referred them to Rerrid, the Dwarven Elder in Rastor.

The next morning, they set off to the elder’s house, meeting him on his way out to see to his daily duties. He greeted them warmly, especially a stout fellow dwarf like Fattyboy and Pyus and he told them all he knew about the mines, its glorious past and not so glorious downfall at the hands of monsters and demons. The place was now under control of some sort of cult, which didn’t cause any problems in Rastor. In fact, they even traded with the cultists. The first reason was that there weren’t enough dwarves left in Rastor to retake the mines, and the second reason was that they all made a living and a profit out of dealing with the cultists.

Unfortunately, the old dwarf didn’t possess any maps of the mining complex, nor did he know anyone holding such maps. The dwarves who drew them never made it out of the mines alive…

Sir Fattyboy angered himself at the cowardice of the dwarven inhabitants of Rastor, claiming that a true dwarf would never give up trying to reclaim what was rightfully his, but Rerrid simply replied that after several years trying, they gave up and cherished whatever life they still had.

The next stop was the general store, owned by Tal Chammish. It was a well-known fact that he dealt with the cultists frequently, trading supplies for ore, gems or hard cash. Pyus made up a plan to use detect thoughts while the rest of the party interrogated Tal. A quick detect evil while still outside revealed Tal to be slightly evil, but so was half the population of Rastor for that matter. Despite the nice plan, the questioning of Tal had no effect. Pyus couldn’t detect any evil or false thoughts, so the party left after a few minutes, not any wiser.

So all that was left, was to explore the mines for themselves, head first!

Pyus clearly stated he would be watching the road for unused tracks, so at a given point I allowed them a check to see if they discovered the old trail leading to the south entrance. Sir Fattyboy managed to find it, and the party decided to use the old trail and try to gain entry to the south entrance. There was some discussion as to wait outside the gates in ambush and capture some cultists as they made their way to town for supplies, but the planning was interrupted by a loud buzzing sound. The party scattered and dove away behind rocks and vegetation. From their hiding places, they saw two huge wasps with riders flying over them, a net held between them, filled with boxes, barrels and various other supplies. Apparently, the cultists had other means to gather supplies than by road alone.

So the ambush idea was abandoned and the party headed for the massive wooden gates forming the south entrance to the mines. The doors were at the end of a natural cave, in which the party noticed arrow slits at either side of the doors. They crawled underneath them very cautiously, using their shields to block the arc of fire from the slits, but nothing happened.

They all reached the doors without much of a problem. Fattyboy, Bonkie and Pyus pulled the doors open and saw a long hallway leading into the mines. The entire party stepped in and were suddenly fired upon. Four arrows struck the party from above. A successful spot check revealed a platform hanging from the ceiling with one or possibly two archers on them. Kyoku immediately unleashed a stream of magic missiles on one of the two snipers, while Pyus uttered a spell and suddenly, the other archer just froze in place.

Fattyboy and Bonkie immediately interlocked their shields, forming their shield wall, and making them nearly invulnerable to missile attacks. Roka noticed a ladder leading up to the platform and decided to climb up to deal out punishment on the platform itself. In the mean time, the other sniper kept on peppering at the intruders below, shouting out for help. Pyus and Bonkie advanced into the hallway, up to the first intersection, where they suddenly heard the sound of boots coming towards them. They both sighed and braced for impact. In the mean time Roka had reached the platform and managed to stun the only sniper that was still in business (as the other was under the effect of a hold person spell).

One round later, Pyus and Bonkie saw a company of human warriors, all armed with duoms emerging around the corner. They both readied their weapons to strike at the oncoming threat, but the enemy used the reach their duom granted them and struck first, failing to hit the heavily armoured Bonkie and Pyus.

Suddenly, several arrow slits opened in a massive bronze door at the end of the hallway and arrows flew into the party, striking Yaotl and his mastiff as well as Kyoku. Sir Fattyboy had been exploring the rooms with the arrow slits next to the entrance, finding nothing except armed crossbows, ready to be fired in case of trouble. After the first arrow struck Kyoku, he cast obscuring mist, blocking himself from view, but also enveloping Fattyboy as he emerged from the room to the sound of combat.

Meanwhile, on the platform, Roka was having a ball: striking down stunned opponents. On his first attack, he would stun the sniper again, only to bash him senseless with his remaining attacks. After a while, he grew bored with this tactic and just threw the battered sniper of the platform, breaking the poor fellow’s neck. The second sniper, who was still under the effect of the hold person spell suffered the same fate. When confronted afterwards on why both snipers had to die, Roka simply stated they attacked him and he acted in self defence. Since the paladin had no reason not to believe his ally, he let it slip.

The human warriors stood no chance against the onslaught by Bonkie and Pyus and surrendered their weapons, hoping for the party’s mercy. Pyus pushed the now defenceless warriors against the wall to safeguard them from the arrow fire from the door. Bonkie sneaked up to the door and shoved his sword into one of the arrow slits. A muffled scream was heard, followed by silence. No more arrows followed from that slit afterwards…

The other slits kept on firing, so Bonkie repeated the manoeuvre and got another one. But before he could pull back his sword, something held it from the other side. Despite desperate attempts to pull it free, Bonkie failed to recuperate his sword. Suddenly a sickening sound of metal upon metal was heard, and it is only because of the magic flowing through the blade that it still exists to this day…

Suddenly, all the remaining arrow slits were closed and a loud curse was heard from behind the doors. This gave the party a well-deserved breather. Pyus interrogated the captured human warriors who revealed standard information about the immediate surroundings, the location of their barracks and the enemies behind the bronze doors. They were all bound with ropes and dragged along while the party explored the corridors and rooms in the vicinity. One of them was indeed the barracks, another the latrine and a third was the room of the leader of the guards, a very powerful fighter called Kellial. Kellial was supposedly on guard behind the bronze doors, guarding a place called the air temple from intrusion, both from within and without. Pyus then decided to release the guards, stating that if they were ever seen in the mines again, their fate would be sealed. The guards got the messages and ran for freedom, straight out the south gate into the mountains.

In Kellials room, the party found a locked chest. Instead of searching for the key, Fattyboy and Bonkie decided to throw it against the wall, in an attempt to break it. This of course caused the flask of alchemist fire to break, setting the contents of the chest on fire. Due to the fire, the eight smoke sticks caught fire and through cracks in the chest, a vile, dark mist spewed into the room, quickly blinding everyone within. The smoke was restrained to the room, since Bonkie had used his boot to ‘open’ the door, shattering it completely. The smoke spread into the corridors and the barracks, before slowly dissipating again. Whatever else of value was in the chest was ruined beyond recognition.

The party crawled back into the main corridor, noticing another bronze door. The guars had told them there was a large room behind the doors, capable of defending three flanks. The party also noticed the all-too-familiar arrow slits, but so far, none had opened.

They decided on a course of action. It was obvious the doors opened outwards, and they were all bolted from the inside. Yaotl had a way of getting in thanks to dimension door, and could even take someone with him to open the doors. The second part of the plan was invisibility. The final part was to create a diversion at the other door, so Roka ran around the corner and started banging on the door.

With all preparations done, Father Bonkie and Yaotl were made invisible and then emerged on the inside of the room. Once inside, they noticed a human warrior, probably Kellial, clad in black armor, flanked by two ogres. In the back of the room was a human warrior, probably wishing he was somewhere else. Near the other door lay two corpses, bloodied and stripped. Bonkie sneaked towards the door, found the deadbolt, and tried to open it without making too much sound. He failed, as the deadbolt hadn’t been oiled in ages, and a loud grating sound was heard. Kellial muttered a curse and readied for combat, facing the now opening door. His two ogre bodyguards mimicked his actions in confusion. The human warrior picked up his duom, and moved around the room aimlessly. Father Bonkie rushed back towards the enemies, readying his action to strike en opponent the moment he rushed by.

Yaotl decided to take out the human, pulled out an arrow, and sneaked around the human. He pressed the arrowhead against the warrior’s neck and ordered him to lay down his duom. The warrior seemed to comply, but suddenly used the haft of his duom to sweep Yaotl of his feet.
Yaotl fell to the ground, the warrior looming over him.

At that precise moment, Fattyboy, Pyus and Kyoku entered the room. Kellial shouted a mighty battle cry and charged towards them, followed by his two ogres. Bonkie used his prepared strike, but miscalculated his blow and was totally off balance for the remainder of the round (yeah, he fumbled). The next moment, Kellial hacked into Fattyboy with a sadistic glee in his eyes. The two ogres followed their master’s example and landed their huge greatclubs on the heads of whatever moved. One of them also struck Fattyboy for massive damage. The other managed to miss. Roka heard the sounds of combat and started to rush back. Kyoku unleashed another volley of his rightfully feared magic missiles into the ogre, angering it even further (too bad these guys can’t rage). Fattyboy ordered his allies to concentrate their blows on the ogres, since they were apparently the greatest threat. Pyus called for divine power, making him a 8h level fighter for a few rounds, and allowing him to deal telling blows. The first ogre went down pretty fast. Kellial positioned himself in the middle of the melee, and used his most feared tactic: the whirlwind attack. He struck everyone in the same round. Kyoku, Pyus and Fattyboy each soaked about 10 damage per round, adding up steadily. Suddenly, Fattyboy’s luck ended and he fumbled one of his attack rolls. As a direct result, he buried his waraxe in his own leg, dealing nearly 30 points of damage to himself. The second ogre finally managed to hit someone, dealing another whopping blow to an already badly damaged Fattyboy. Roka appeared on the scene and immediately used a pressure point attack on the remaining ogre, causing it to release its grip on its greatclub. After some more concentrated combat, the second ogre also went down, clearing the way for everyone to focus on Kellial.

Pyus used his ace in the hole again and commanded Kellial to die. The fighter didn’t stand a chance at making the high DC to save and went down, feigning death. Fattyboy, Roka, Pyus and Kyoku all jumped on the prone Kellial and pinned him down, with one of them looking for a string of rope to bind the once so arrogant fighter and get some answers.

While that wombat was raging on outside the room, Yaotl lay at the mercy of the last remaining human warrior, at the receiving end of a duom. Bonkie was the only one in a position to save his ally, but was still trying to regain his balance after fumbling in the previous round. Things looked bleak for the Loremaster, and the human lifted the duom, showing a mocking grin as he went for the kill. Suddenly, a loud cry was heard behind him and before he even had a chance to turn around, Bonkie ran his bastard sword through him, al the way to the hilt. The warrior shuddered, looked down in disbelief at the size of the blade sticking out of his chest, and collapsed into a bleeding heap of flesh.

The badly bruised party withdrew into the room to tie up Kellial and look after their wounded when suddenly, the sound of more boos was heard from the adjacent corridor. Roka, who was still outside spotted several gnolls with duoms headed their way and warned the rest of the impeding danger. Yaotl walked up to the door and readied a web spell to be fired when he first gnolls entered the doors.

Moments later, the first batch of gnolls appeared at the doors, ready to rush in, when suddenly, large sticky threads appeared all around them, trapping four of them in the doorway. Pyus didn’t hesitate and cast a castigate spell, blinding and damaging all within the web. Most of the entangled gnolls simply didn’t survive the web. The other four, who were free behind the web, lost their nerve and withdrew.

With all threats gone, and Kellial bound, the party worked Kellial for information. A zone of truth and a detect thoughts were cast, and Fattyboy started questioning the savage fighter.

Suffice to say that for the entire duration of the zone of truth and the detect thoughts, Fattyboy and Kellial argued about who was the best warrior in melee. At a given moment, Fattyboy lost his temper and challenged Kellial to a duel. The arrogant fighter gladly accepted, as he was a little overconfident about his fighting skills and it would give him a chance to shut the dwarf up once and for all or die gloriously trying.

Then Pyus assumed control of the interrogation, but noticed both his spells had passed, and softly cursed. Two very valuable tools to discern the truth wasted on the egos of Fattyboy and Kellial. He then decided to take another approach. Instead of threatening Kellial for information, he bribed him by offering Kellial his freedom if he cooperated to answering a few questions. At first, the arrogant Kellial refused, stating he had a date with the dwarven paladin to slug it out the next morning. Nothing seemed to appeal more to him than bloodshed, at which he was quite good. After a few moments of contemplation, he saw the better of it and agreed to talk, in return for some guarantees about his liberation: no handing him over to the justicar after ‘releasing him’, no dirty tricks, no nothing, just pure freedom.

This change of heart proved mutually beneficial as the party learned that there was not one, but four temples in the mines, one dedicated to every element. There was also some activity on the central island in the volcano, but he hadn’t a clue who or what resided there. He could also give the names of Fachish, Graud and Chorant, the first being the ‘main man’ in the temple. The final piece of information was a crude layout of the mines, wih the location of the four temples and their strengths. He concluded by saying that the fire temple was having the upper hand at the moment, with water in close pursuit.

After all the information had been carefully noted by Pyus and Yaotl, the party was true to its word and released Kellial. The once so arrogant fighter was stripped of his equipment and told that if he was ever encountered again in the mines, his life would be forfeit. Kellial gladly accepted, since his only motivations for guarding the temple had been hard cash and luxury, both of which would end soon, since the party seemed to mean business here. If they did indeed manage to sack the temples then he would be out of a job anyway, so he chose to return to the life of mercenary.

The party decided to hole up in the reinforced room and bolted all the doors again. The night passed uneventful, healing was distributed and the party was ready to kick some ass again!

The first place to check out was the air temple itself. On their way to the temple, they passed several rooms, one of which being a store room, another a desk overlooking the Stalagos and the last one the room of someone important, holding a bed, closets and another desk. On the desk were several documents, concerning guard schedules, supplies and other uninteresting data. One scroll held a map of the surroundings, also mentioning a fabled dwarven diamond, called Tulian’s Eye, that was supposedly hidden somewhere in the surrounding mines. Another one held a note on a variety of topics, including giving the Elemental Sword of Air to the fighter named Kellial.

They followed the corridor, which would lead them to the temple, and both Fattyboy and Pyus decided to detect evil. Pyus maintained it for several rounds and was suddenly overwhelmed by an intense evil aura in the room. The party decided to spend one last round buffing up and entered the temple.

Inside, they noticed an altar atop a dias, and next to the altar was a fat, bald robed man holding two items and chanting some sort of incantation. The party lined up in battle formation, but before they could act, the cleric shouted some loud words, the two objects in his hand faintly glowing and suddenly, a large air elemental appeared in front of the party

Fattyboy and Bonkie immediately started to hack away at the elemental, while Kyoku sent an all-too-familiar stream of magic missiles crashing into the cleric. Pyus attempted another hold person on the cleric, but he made his save and was unaffected. Later in the combat he attempted another hold person, and when Fachish also shrugged that one off, Pyus realised there had to be another spell in effect, blocking his spells. In reality, there was a freedom of movement in effect, tied to the resident unhallow spell.

On the next round, the elemental used its most dreaded ability. It transformed into a huge whirlwind, sucking both Bonkie and Fattyboy into its cone of air (both failed their saves).
With the two melee fighters disabled, things looked bleak for the party.

Roka realised he didn’t stand a chance to hit the elemental and focused on the cleric, prepared to use one of his dreaded touch attacks to disarm him of the mace he had drawn. Pyus also focused on the cleric, while Yaotl was racking his brain trying to find a way to release his allies or boost his remaining allies in the best possible way.

Three rounds passed with Roka and Pyus exchanging blows with the cleric, and Bonkie and Fattyboy soaking damage from being in the vortex. At the end of the third round, reinforcements for the bad guys showed up in the form of Chorant (female cleric), Graud (half orc barbarian) and 6 gnolls. At that moment, things were going bad for Fachish, as Roka landed one of his pressure point attacks on his weapon arm, disabling the arm, and forcing the cleric to drop his weapon.

At the beginning of the fourth round, the Elemental had expended most of its powers and catapulted Bonkie and Fattyboy out of the vortex, crashing them into the wall and then 30 feet down for a nice amount of damage. Bonkie was unfortunate enough to land prone in front of Graud, who smiled wickedly and readied his axe to strike his downed opponent. Chorant noticed this and kissed him on the cheek while whispering “have fun honey!”

In the mean time, Fachish had about enough of Kyoku continuously peppering him with magic missiles and ordered the elemental to deal with the nuisance. It complied, flew across the room and slammed Kyoku in the face. He wisely disengaged and ran for safety, closer to the rest of the party.

Graud struck Bonkie for a nice amount of damage. Shaken by the vicious blow, Bonkie regained his feet, and was hasted by Yaotl. This allowed him to execute his full round attack on the barbarian, who didn’t last long once Bonkie also called his divine might and powered up a mighty blow.

The gnolls rushed in and even managed to hit Pyus and Yaotl for a change! But they also went down smoothly. Chorant tried to use her compulsion spells to the best of her abilities but every single party member made their saves and she met an unfortunate end.

Fachish had also dropped his shield and now he had a hand available to dish out some inflict wounds spells on Roka. Fattyboy had engaged the elemental and was exchanging blows with it for several rounds. Kyoku had regained his composure and had another barrage of magic missiles ready for the elemental.

Bonkie made short work of Chorant and the gnolls, assisted by Pyus. Roka landed the killing blow on Fachish and all that remained now was the elemental. With a combined effort, the party tried to deal with it as best as they could, but they kept on taking heavy damage from its slam attacks. At a given moment, the haste spell started to claim its toll on Bonkie and he just gave up, dropping his sword and awaiting the end of it all, on his knees… he was just spent.

Roka did decide to take a swing at the elemental, but found out he had been right, he wasn’t able to damage it sufficiently to break through its damage reduction. Ki strike would help in the future, but he’d have to wait a while longer for that.

Yaotl patched up Bonkie with a false life, who picked up his sword, drew an AoO and was beaten to within a fraction of his life again. With a last effort he struck the elemental again, allowing Fattyboy to finish it off with a final blow.

Silently saying a little prayer of thanks to their respective gods, the party sighed and was glad they were still alive. It had sure looked bleak at times!

Next up was goodie time! Stripping fallen enemies of their precious items and detecting magic on them to see what was worthwhile. Graud’s axe and armor, Chorant’s scrolls, Fachish’s armor, mace, censer and scrolls all lit up under the detect magic. Nothing too fancy, but worth dragging along. Two important items were also recovered. They were two white circles, about two inches in diameter, radiating weak magic. The party decided they had to be the Keys of Air, as described in the documents found in Fachish’s room.

After distributing nearly all of the party’s daily healing, a decision had to be made about the altar. A thorough search of the altar revealed nothing, but when Father Bonkie started pushing it in an attempt to topple it, it moved to one side, revealing a hidden compartment. Inside it lay a large sword, wrapped in black silk.

Bonkie’s heart missed a beat as he withdrew a mighty looking bastard sword. Yaotl used detect magic on it, revealing three powerful auras. Ha carefully wrapped it in the silk again and put it in his backpack, anxious to start training with it to attune himself to it.

He then took Fachish’s heavy mace and struck the altar. A small piece of marble chipped off, proof that the altar could be destroyed, albeit a slow and dull work, taking up most of the day. While Fattyboy and Bonkie each took turns to damage the altar, the rest of the party explored the remainder of the nearby corridors, finding nothing of interest. When they returned to the temple, the destruction of the altar was still in progress.

After a few hours of chipping away at it, the large altar suddenly cracked and fell apart, reduced to a pile of fine dust that swirled upwards just like a small vortex. A few moments later, a deep rumbling could be heard deep below the earth. The rumbling grew louder as the entire party rose to their feet, ready to make a fast escape. As they fled out of the temple, the ceiling cracked up and started coming down. They heard the sound of a cave-in behind them as they backtracked their steps to the reinforced room.

Once again, they locked all the doors and prepared camp to regain much needed health and spells, since the combat in the temple had drained them of most of their resources. Bonkie once again drew forth the Elemental Sword of Air, and asked Yaotl to identify it closer. Despite deep concentration and study, Yaotl couldn’t find magical aspects within the sword, it was just a masterwork bastard sword.

It didn’t take Father Bonkie to realise what had happened. Suffice to say, he was not amused!

The next morning they all awoke, rested and replenished. Ready for a brand new day in the crater ridge mines. Since Kellial had told them the easiest temple to raid now was the Earth Temple, they moved towards it.

Several empty caverns further, the party heard a hissing sound, combined with the sound of something large moving about. They spent a few moments contemplating their options and stepped around the corner into a very large room.

What they saw defied their worst expectations. A full-grown Hydra, and not even a normal one at that! Boasting ten heads, this colossus blocked their passage. Each of the heads was in fact the head of a chromatic dragon, red, blue, black, green and white, and this monster had two of each.

Instinctively, the entire party lowered their weapons, mumbling in disbelief that this couldn’t be happening. Just then, the hydra’s heads spoke.
Blue: WE…
Black: NEED…
The party was startled. They could actually bribe their way past this monster?
Some more discussion followed, but not too much, since they didn’t want to waste their one shot at this.
“What do you require?” asked Kyoku, in Draconic.
“You… may… surprise… ussss” hissed the Hydra.
“Gold or magic items?” asked Kyoku again
“Magic … issss … timelessss …”
The party went through their backpacks frantically, looking for items they couldn’t use anyway. They decided upon the magical breastplate and greataxe found on Graud’s corpse.
They presented this to the Hydra, who looked down at them with an amused look on its many faces.
“Will this do?” asked Kyoku.
“It … isss … enough” replied the Hydra.
A sigh of collective relief went through the party. They would actually live to see another dawn! It was a miracle.
Kyoku decided to press for information from the Hydra, confident that their bribe had improved its mood towards them. The Hydra agreed, but not for free.
“A sssstory for a sssstory” proclaimed the red dragon’s head, its eyes shining like burning coals in their sockets.
And so Kyoku used knowledge he had acquired about dragons in the area. Information he had gathered from the congregation of dragon disciples in Verbobonc.
The Hydra listened to the entire recounts, glad to speak with an educated being once again instead of orcs or strange clerics who never had time to speak with it.
In exchange for Kyoku’s stories, it told them it had been inside the mines since they first came into existence, crawling up from the vents leading to the underdark. Passages best forgotten and probably already collapsed. It had made its home here and had witnessed many strange beings, never meddling in the affairs of others. It had been on friendly terms with the dwarves who made the crater into a mine and was sad to find they were all slaughtered by demons and foul monsters, but it never intervened, coveting its own existence in utter solitude.

The party thanked it for its time (never a wise idea to get smart with one of these beasties) and moved on, once the Hydra had moved its colossal body out of their way.

So on they want, supposedly towards the Earth Temple. The next few hours were a dull walk, with one empty cave following another. But suddenly there was some movement up ahead and before anyone in the party could react, several large orcs started yelling “intruders, intruders” and some of them started a charge. The next round, they crashed into the party, hacking away at Father Bonkie and Sir Fattyboy with incredible ferocity.

Both combatants took the damage without any problems and returned blows with the orcs. In that same round, four of the orcs lay dead at their feet. One round later, all six assailants lay dead or dying. The party took a moment to assess the situation and saw a lot of movement in the caves ahead. Several dozen orcish figures were moving about in the caves ahead. Yaotl didn’t hesitate a second and cast his web spell into the cave, gluing about a dozen of the orcs against the wall.

Fattyboy felt the urge to at least try and ask the orcs for their surrender and walked into the cave, axe and shield at the ready in case of trouble and with Father Bonkie by his side. Inside the cave, he saw what it really held. About 30 female orcs and a dozen orcish children, several of them held in a web against the wall. He warned them to lay down whatever weapons they were holding and make way. They all did so without hesitation and the party passed through the cave.

Several caves further, the party was ambushed by four orcs hiding in the shadows. Fattyboy spotted them and asked for their unconditional surrender. From the corner of his eye, he saw a gaping pit on the other side of the cave. Father Bonkie stood next to Fattyboy, as well as Roka, who took up a defensive position in front of the mages. Two of the orcs charged Bonkie and another charged Roka. Opposed strength checks were rolled and both Roka and Bonkie were bull rushed into the pit. Kyoku cast dancing lights to illuminate the pit while Pyus got ready to charge the remaining orc.

It wasn’t very deep, about 30 feet, but that fall was enough to kill one of the orcs straight away. Bonkie and Roka had the wind slammed out of their lungs, but were ok. Both had some trouble adjusting their eyes to the darkness, until Kyoku sent his dancing lights into the pit. From the receding darkness, two pair of hungry eyes stared at them, and two famished Ankhegs attacked. One went for Bonkie and was promptly smacked on the head by Fattyboy, who hadn’t doubted for a moment, and had thrown himself into the pit, aiming for the Ankheg. He managed to land on its back, crashing it momentarily with his armoured bulk.
The Ankheg recovered quickly enough and combat ensued.

The two remaining orcs in the pit had crawled to a dark crevice and were doing the best they could hiding in the shadows. Yaotl prepared to use his daily spider climb stored in his cloak.

In the mean time, the second Ankheg had attacked Roka. The brave Halfling monk tried to resist the crushing jaws, but was grappled anyway and slowly crushed, while the Ankheg acidic saliva was burning away his skin. Roka knew he had to keep his head cool and suppress the pain, hoping to break free at the first chance he got.

Father Bonkie, assessing the situation saw his ally in distress and charged the Ankheg. But fate wasn’t with him that day, and he accidentally stuck Roka for about 15 precious hitpoints. On the next round, the Ankheg prepared to withdraw to his cavern but Bonkie attempted some more attacks on the foul beast holding his ally. Again, misfortune struck and he hit the poor Halfling again, for another 17 hitpoints. Roka decided it was time to attempt an escape an tried to wriggle out of the Ankheg’s acidic grasp. He narrowly failed, and since his life force was rapidly flowing away, he used his wholeness of body to get another chance. Bonkie decided one more attempt was in order, and for the third time, the unthinkable happened. He dealt another staggering blow to the monk, disabling him. The Ankheg crawled back to it’s cave, the limp monk hanging from its acid-dripping jaws. On the next round, the Ankheg dealt lethal damage to the monk, temporarily erasing his presence on this plane of existence.

Meanwhile, Yaotl had descended into the pit and had pulled out his magical shortbow, aiming an arrow on one of the orc’s heads. “If it moves, it’s gonna eat an arrow” he stated.

Fattyboy and Kyoku had defeated the second Ankheg, whipping it out with a barrage of magic missiles and slashes from a dwarven waraxe, fuelled by a divine hand.

Bonkie rushed into the cavern, only to find his former ally being eaten by the Ankheg. A mixture of guilt and anger came over Bonkie and he slew the beast in a single round, calling for divine might and powering up to do astounding amounts of damage. He emerged from the cave with Roka’s mangled corpse in his arms.

Yaotl, who had seen and heard the death of Roka couldn’t help himself un let go of the bowstring. A split second later, it pierced the skull of the cowering orc, pinning it to the wall. The orc’s corpse hung in midair, its arms and legs still sprawling. “Die!” muttered the mage as his eyes burned into the dead orcs bloodied face.

Sir Fattyboy first looked at Bonkie as he stepped back into the pit with the monk’s lifeless body and then to Yaotl. He walked up to the mage, who was still clenching his bow, and asked what happened. “He was standing up, ready to attack me” said Yaotl.
Although he doubted the orc would attempt such folly, Fattyboy let it slip, attending to Bonkie and the deceased Roka.

A bold rescue plan was formed, with Yaotl teleporting to Hommlet to read Roka’s will and await the party’s arrival by horse there while he had preparations made for a resurrection.

The rest of the party hurried back to the gates, passing the Hydra, who greeted them, and let them pass.

Three days later, the entire party was reunited in Hommlet and the resurrection of Roka took place in attendance of Bonkie and Fattyboy, who took part in the ritual. In the mean time, Yaotl had teleported to Verbobonc (after two failed attempts landing him in the nearby forests) to sell all the spare equipment to pay for the resurrection. Inquisitor Pyus then proclaimed he had seen the party in the field for long enough and bid them all farewell, lest they meet again some day soon.

Father Bonkie then withdrew for a week to spend some time in the chapel to contemplate on things in silence.

After all their business was finished, they headed back to the mines.

No reinforcements had taken up residence in the cleared out areas and once again, they passed the hydra. They once again entered orc territory.

A few caves further, more orcs were encountered, hidden behind a shield wall. Fattyboy and Bonkie asked for their surrender, but were fired upon with several heavy crossbows. Not the type of people to let such an insult slip, they charged the shield wall, pushing it over in their attempt and disarming the orcs behind it in the same swift action. The orcs saw the futility of their attempt and gave up. Inside that cavern, there were over 50 females and about 20 youngsters as well as some kobolds and goblins.

Fattyboy had had enough of this cat and mouse game and asked if any of the orcs held any authority. One of the orcs spoke up that the chief had to decide if there could be any sort of agreement. He led them through some abandoned caves to a nicely decorated one with furs along the walls and on the floor.

Inside the cave was a very large orc. He instinctively grabbed his huge axe, but quickly thought the better of it as Fattyboy and Bonkie and the rest of the party trailed into his cave.

“Whatcha want?”
Fattyboy held his composure and asked for a truce, being sickened by the pointless bloodshed (mostly the blood of the orcs)
The chieftain understood and had indeed suffered heavy losses at the hands of the party. He agreed to a truce and allowed them all free passage through the caves, lacking alternatives. He took them around the caves, notifying his patrols and guards that the party was not to be harmed.

The chieftain also pointed them to a dangerous zone, where he had lost multiple patrols and scouting parties. He couldn’t tell the party what was there, since not a single survivor had returned to report his findings.

The party thanked the large orc and set off for the Earth temple once again.

After a short trek, they approached a wooden door. Fattyboy opened it and stepped into the doorway. Inside were several gnoll warriors, armed with a duom and a large gong. Father Bonkie also stepped inside and used the gnoll’s surprise to cast a silence spell on the gong.
Fattyboy asked them for their surrender in the name of Pelor, but most of the gnolls just grabbed their duoms and readied for combat.

In the next round, the gnolls rushed to the gong and started banging it strongly. But not a sound was heard.

The front fighters used the momentary confusion to move into melee. Fattyboy engaged two gnolls while Bonkie moved inside to assess the situation. The gnoll guards were no idiots and once the initial surprise had passed, two of them ran into an adjoining corridor to get help. In the mean time, Kyoku had struck another gnoll with a volley of magic missiles. Yaotl and his mastiff familiar Tibane had also entered the room, to assist where necessary. He arrived just in time to see Bonkie rush away in pursuit of the fleeing gnolls, hoping to intercept them before they could reach help. About thirty feet ahead in the corridor, there was a smaller hallway to the right. The gnolls split up, one continuing ahead and one taking the right corridor. Bonkie decided to pursue the latter. Meanwhile the first had reached a door and started banging on it frantically, barking commands in broken common.

Yaotl followed Bonkie into the side corridor and witnessed a nightmare coming true. At the end of the corridor were two doors, one left and one right. The left one opened, revealing half a dozen armed gnolls pouring into the corridor. Half a second later, the right one swung open, and a hill giant strolled into the small hallway, flanked by an oversized wolverine.
The wolverine immediately attacked, clawing into Bonkie’s side. The gnolls took a few swings at him, missing most of the time. Father Bonkie returned the favor by hacking away at the wolverine. The next round, the wolverine entered a frenzied rage and attacked Bonkie again, slamming and tearing into him with unknown ferocity.

Then the giant simply lifted his massive club and said: “We talk deal, human?”
Father Bonkie wasn’t sure he had heard the giant correctly, and attempted to tumble away to heal himself. He failed miserably and the next moment, a huge club slammed into him and sent him sprawling, knocked halfway into the wall. Yaotl reacted immediately and spent a false life, healing the cleric back to acceptable hitpoints.

Meanwhile, back in the guardroom, Fattyboy, Roka and Yaotl had taken care of the remaining gnolls and were rushing into the hallway to assist Bonkie and Yaotl.

They met up with them just as a company of human warriors exited another room (the one the gnoll had been banging on earlier) to join the fray.

So it was a standoff between the party, with a badly mangled Bonkie and half a dozen gnolls, half a dozen humans, a fierce hill giant and his pet dire wolverine, who was still in her blood frenzy.

Bonkie decided not to take any more risks and muttered: “how much do you want giant?”
He then tried his best to be diplomatic, despite the bruised ribs and managed to convince the giant that 100 gold pieces per head was enough.

Everybody paid up, except for Fattyboy, who disagreed. While he agreed that everyone was entitled to do as he please with his money, he still made an issue out of it. But when it came to paying, four out of five party members paid, and so Fattyboy didn’t have a choice but to pay as well.

The giant accepted all the gold (probably more than he had ever seen in his life) and cleared the way for the party. “Out of my way you midgets” he shouted, as he brushed aside the gnolls and humans with his club. Once again, the party could continue on their quest, albeit 500 gold poorer.

Since the encounter hadn’t severely depleted the party’s resources, they decided to push on. They followed the long hallway up to an intersection. Straight ahead were some doors, on the left were two massive bronze doors, and to the right was an equally large corridor, leading to a bridge across the Stalagos, guarded by another hill giant. Next to the giant lay a pile of huge boulders, ready to use against anything that might approach him.

The party decided not to push their luck and continued straight ahead, towards the first door on their right. Bonkie and Fattyboy assumed positions on either side of the door and Fattyboy barged in, shouting: “in the name of Pelor, surrender your weapons!” before he even took a look around. Once he did take time to look around, he found it was a barracks with about six humans inside. Four of them playing cards at a table in the corner, one sharpening his duom and another one sound asleep on his bunk.

Confusion ensued, as the card players overthrew their table and went for their duoms, the sleeping guard awoke, yawning and rubbing his eyes and the last one standing up and getting ready to engage Fattyboy in melee.

Beyond the table, a narrow corridor was noticeable, leading to the bridge. Through it, the giant could be seen. Fattyboy and Bonkie readied their weapons, prepared to strike as soon as hostility was openly displayed. The guards took another round to organize and moved to attack Bonkie and Fattyboy. The monk decided to stand on guard outside the door, flanked by Yaotl and Kyoku, who was ready to shoot magic missiles at hostiles. During the combat in the barracks, Fattyboy miscalculated one of his blows and struck Bonkie for 51 damage, probably a new record. This smacked Bonkie into his single digits, forced him to make a fortitude save against massive damage and totally ruined his magical full plate, which was now totally shredded, reducing his armor class from 23 to a measly 14. Sir Fattyboy apologized and offered to heal his staggering companion.

While Bonkie and Fattyboy were clearing the barracks, Roka listened at a nearby door and heard preparations for combat taking place behind it. He signaled Kyoku and Yaotl, who used a stoneshape spell to seal the door. This bought the party valuable time, as the entire enemy horde had to go around towards the other doors. Roka scouted further down the hall and found another door. A quick listen check revealed the enemy was coming towards it. At the same time, there was a sound of metal upon stone, as the large bronze door at the intersection was opened.

Fattyboy decided to hole up in the guardroom and hold the door. Everyone retreated into the room, except for Roka, who was still in the corridor when the first enemies arrived. Two Deinochisauri came into view and charged the monk before he could withdraw. Both hit him with their rake attacks, making it obvious they meant business. Behind the dinosaurs, Roka spotted a robed figure, probably a mage of some sort.

Roka prepared to disengage, but was suddenly struck from behind by a large troll who had come from the other side. A few moments later, he had tumbled into the room, ready to back up the front fighters.

The troll turned towards the door and attacked Fattyboy, hitting with both claws and rending his flesh for a nice amount of damage. Fattyboy returned the favor, hacking into the troll, saying how he would pour oil over his rotting corpse and burn it to cinders. This had an immense psychological impact on the troll, who nevertheless fought on ferociously. The dinosaur was mangling up Bonkie at Fattyboy’s side, hitting with every strike, since AC 14 isn’t so hard to overcome. The damage was mediocre, but it was adding up nicely.

After a few minutes of mutual mauling, the troll figured he had suffered enough damage and disengaged, leaving the second dinosaur to keep Fattyboy busy. Meanwhile, in the room, Fattyboy, Bonkie and Roka were taking decent amounts of damage, while Kyoku remained in the back, unleashing magic missiles on alternate targets. Yaotl and Tibane were also in the back of the room, lending assistance with false life or boosting where necessary.

Suddenly, Yaotl heard a spell being cast at the end of the narrow corridor and correctly identified it as a fireball. He yelled to seek cover, but it was too late. A split second later, a huge blast of fire exploded in the middle of the party, scorching everyone in the room. By this time, the first dinosaur went down. When the smoke cleared, Yaotl could make out a mage standing at the end of the corridor.

Roka also determined the source of the spell and rushed into the corridor, determined to put a stop to the caster’s work and protect the party’s back. He saw the responsible mage and tried to charge it. Suddenly, thick green strands emerged in his path, as another mage, who suddenly became visible, cast a web into the corridor. Roka made an excellent reflex save and stopped before he got stuck in the web.

A moment later, the other mage unleashed another deadly spell into the party. A well-shaped lightning bolt tore through them, making Bonkie stagger again and dropping Yaotl. Tibane somehow dodged the blast altogether.

Then, the second dinosaur went down and the party sighed a breath of relief, as they would finally have time to patch each other up.

But before they could do so, a vile dark cloud descended upon them, choking the good-aligned creatures for a moment and sickening Kyoku.

When the blackness receded, a demon-looking creature stood in the hallway directly in front of the door.

“Well, well, well… Isn’t that just typical? If you want something done right, you really have to do it yourself these days…”

The party just stood in the doorway, breathing heavily and awaiting whatever would come of this new encounter. It was a creature, unlike any they had seen before. Large like a giant, horned and twisted face, large bat-like wings, and yet dressed in fine clothes and brandishing a very large sword. Around his neck was a symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye, with a red Lozenge underneath it, symbolizing the element Fire.

“Gentlemen… you’ve fought valiantly, but it ends right here and right now!” The demon prepared another spell.

“I respect whatever you are trying to accomplish here, but you won’t get away with it, not on my watch…”

“So here’s the deal: take whatever miserable life you’ve all got remaining and get the hell out of here, leave the mines and never come back. The alternative…” and he lifted his left claw, green flames licking from it.

The party didn’t need much more convincing. “But how do we get out of here?” asked Fattyboy. “The way you came, and tell the guards D’Gran sent you, they’ll let you pass… this once!”

All party members packed up their belongings, made a mental note to say a prayer of thanks to their gods later and rushed out of the room, back to the entrance of the mines. They spent another night in the reinforced room and decided to head the other way, away from the fire temple and towards the Earth Temple. A small discussion followed as to how they could have gone the wrong way… In the end, the blame fell on Pyus, as he must have drawn a wrong map or misunderstood the ravings of the captured Kellial.

Early the next morning, the party set off in search of the Earth Temple, but their first encounter was with a spectre in an old abandoned room. They managed to slay the foul undead, but Fattyboy was drained and was a level 1 paladin at the end of the encounter, while Bonkie was a level 4 fighter / level 1 cleric after the encounter. Later that day, Fattyboy managed to recuperate some level loss, but was still only a level 3 paladin, while Bonkie was only short one level.

A return trip to Hommlet was in order, to get much needed greater restorations cast on Fattyboy…

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(2/24/03 2:34 pm)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
19-02-03 “Pit fight”

The cast: somewhat altered!

Fattyboy, lvl 9 dwarven paladin of pelor
Bonkie, lvl 4 human fighter/lvl 5 cleric of pelor
Yaotl, lvl 7 elven wizard / lvl 2 loremaster
Roka, lvl 8 halfing monk
Kellial, lvl 8 human fighter (yep, kellial from the campaign, he's with the good guys from now on, read on!, for details as to how he survived, previous log entry, above...)

Kyoku, the dragon disciple retired his character and is now playing Kellial, the arrogant fighter last encountered in the air temple...

so, here we go:

The session started with a return trip to Hommlet since Sir Fattyboy and Father Bonkie were still suffering from severe level loss since the encounter with the spectre.

As soon as they rode into town, the two drained characters went to the Temple of Pelor to ask for assistance. Yether informed that she could heal Bonkie, but Fattyboy was beyond her help. So off they went, to see the canoness at the Church of St Cuthbert. Restoration was possible, but it would be a costly matter, and it would take a week of intensive care.

Yaotl and Kyoku asked to be excused and rode off to Verbobonc. The first because his heart longed to see Sertina, the female bard whom he had met before. The latter because he had unfinished business with the circle of Braath and the Dragon Disciples.

The rendezvous in Hommlet was set for two weeks later, New Year’s Eve.

Yaotl had a great time with Sertina. They exchanged stories, lore, and other things which will not be discussed here.

Kyoku also gained a lot of knowledge, but found that two weeks simply weren’t enough. To make things worse, he lost track of time, and failed to show up for the rendezvous with Yaotl to travel back to Hommlet.

Yaotl waited for a few hours, but no one showed up. Then he went to the address Kyoku had given him before, and discovered a massive door. It was guarded by a complex system, consisting of five granite dragons. Instead of trying his luck, he knocked politely. No answer came and he knocked again, more insistently. After a while it was obvious the door wouldn’t be opened and he left, disheartened.

He then went to the market place and offered a young beggar a gold piece to stake out the place and look for a man fitting Kyoku’s description. The kid took the gold piece and ran off, into the crowd.

Not willing to give up, he found another youngster and offered him a gold piece if he could hand a hooded man exiting the building a note detailing a new rendezvous. Then he returned to the stables and rode off for Hommlet to celebrate the year’s end with his friends.

In the mean time, Fattyboy and Bonkie had been restored and had spent some time doing chores for the church. New Year’s Eve was celebrated with Yaotl serving as cook for the night. (it was fondue-night he decided)

Yaotl also informed Fattyboy of Kyoku’s absence and the entire party rode out to Verbobonc two days later to find out what was going on. They found Kyoku at the rendezvous place. He explained them ha was going to spend some more time in the company of Braath and the Dragon Disciples to learn of his heritage and evolve in peace.

Fattyboy was angered that he had failed to inform the party about this, but wished him all the best and so it was goodbye to Kyoku…

After saying final farewells, the party rode straight back to Rastor. Another visit to Rerrid revealed nothing new. Fattyboy had hoped the old dwarf knew something more about the temple to Moradin’s location, but nothing new was learned.

That night, they once again stayed in the local inn. After a few beers and refreshments, a familiar-looking man walked to their table. Yaotl’s dog instinctively growled at the stranger, who turned out to be no one less than Kellial.

He briefly explained his current situation: re-equipped and ready to get on with his life, but broke and desperate for money. And what better way to earn a living than to join a worthy band of adventurers to get a share of the treasure they amassed?

Sir Fattyboy was more than reluctant to let him join the party, but in the end, they all agreed that Kellial would have to prove his worth, earning reward only if he ‘walked the walk’.

So, all said and done, the party was ready to re-enter the mines to seek and root out evil. The south entrance was still abandoned, so they went right again, past the spectre’s room.

A very long hallway lay ahead of them, so they cautiously continued. After a while, there was a door on their left and a double door on their right a bit further. A detect evil by Fattyboy revealed nothing, and Bonkie felt like knocking, so he did.

No answer came, so he knocked again. Still no answer, so they entered. It appeared to be an abandoned storage room. Bonkie smiled, since at least he got to knock on a door once.

Next up was the door on the right. Detect evil still revealed nothing, so the party went in, in battle formation, Bonkie and Fattyboy taking the point. Inside, they saw a pit, filled with bloodstained dirt and shattered armours and weapons. At the back of the room was another door. Closer investigation of the pit resulted in the discovery of claw marks on the pit’s walls and nasty looking metal pins, pointed downwards into the pit.

Suddenly, Bonkie and Fattyboy heard noise coming from behind the door, which had opened in the mean time. Bonkie drew his sword, while Fattyboy readied to demand the surrender of whatever came out of the door.

The next moment, three winged statues flew into the room and grappled Bonkie and Kellial, dumping them into the pit. Yaotl was still waiting outside the room, together with his loyal mastiff, guarding the hallway. Hearing all the commotion inside, he hurried to help his allies.

One round later, he overlooked the situation and decided to cast a web over the gargoyles hovering above the pit, who were now starting to harass Bonkie and Kellial in the pit. The gargoyles managed to avoid the web, but the two guys in the pit weren’t so fortunate, and were now glued in place, courtesy of Yaotl.

The gargoyles quickly responded to this new spell-casting threat, picked up Yaotl and threw him in the pit. Thanks to his cloak of the arachnid, he was immune to his own web, and stood on top of it.

In the meantime, Roka discovered that he couldn’t hit the gargoyles due to their apparent damage reduction.

Fattyboy took a moment to draw out his spare axe, shut the doors and jam his axe into the door handles, preventing fresh foes from outside. He then returned to the fray.

During his short absence from battle, the gargoyles had grabbed Tibane, Yaotl’s mastiff familiar, and thrown him into the web as well.

(Notice how the web is actually helping my minions instead of the party…)

Meanwhile, back in the pit, Kellial and Bonkie had broken free of the web, but were unable to escape from the pit due to their heavy armors. They each drew their mighty bows, and took pot shots at the circling gargoyles. Fattyboy managed to hack one to dust, causing the two remaining ones, including Claaringed, to withdraw momentarily from combat, back into the back room.

This gave the party a short breather and they started freeing the characters from the pit. Kellial started taking of his armor, while Yaotl spiderclimbed out of the pit. Fattyboy, Roka and Yaotl threw down ropes, to help the fighters in the pit climb out.

No one heard the gargoyles re-emerging from their room, partially recovered from the blows. The next moment, Roka was in the pit as well, suppressing a curse. Fattyboy and Bonkie stood next to the pit now, breast to breast, ready to take on the two remaining gargoyles.

Claaringed was pretty confident that he could take down at least one of them, with 75 hitpoints remaining. The smaller gargoyle flew towards the door, in order to unbar it and gather reinforcements.

But then, just when you’re on top of things, the impossible happens, and one of the characters pulls off an amazing dice roll. This time, it was Fattyboy who had luck shining down on him.

He declared that he was using his smite evil ability and invoked a divine might. And then, he rolled a natural 20 to hit the bloody gargoyle. He of course confirmed the threat and critted it.
Time to roll damage. Oh well, why not? 10 out of a possible 1d10… Maximum damage.

Since he was wielding a dwarven waraxe, which has the nifty X3 critical modifier, it added up to an astonishing 81 damage in one swing!!! (10 + 3 from strength + 1 from the magical modifier on the axe + 4 from divine might + 9 from smite evil) X 3 = 27 X 3 = 81.

I asked him to recalculate, hoping he had made an error in his maths somewhere, but the result was confirmed. The bloody bastard wiped out my 75 hitpoint-gargoyle in one blow!

The second gargoyle never made it to the door. Bonkie cast a simple spell on it, stunning it for one round, and moved in to dust it on the next round, using all his attacks to smack it to oblivion.

End of combat, period!

Kellial and Roka finally made it out of the pit, and started exploring the back rooms. Meanwhile, Fattyboy recovered his axe from the doors, and some healing ensued, although not much was needed.
The back room held a lot of trash, and buried halfway underneath it, a small chest. Roka called for Fattyboy to inspect what they found, not yet trusting Kellial with possible loot. Fattyboy took the chest and opened it, releasing a cloud of vile gas, which robbed most of those present in the room of a little dexterity.

When the smoke cleared, some money was recovered from the chest, and it was discarded. In the back of the gargoyle’s quarters, another door was visible. No evil lurked behind it, and Fattyboy discovered a chained-up dwarf and a badly mutilated, but living dog.

He first released the dwarf, who was unconscious. After putting the prisoner in the other room, he wanted to tend to the dog. A quick inspection revealed foam frothing from the dog’s jaws, a clear indication that it was in fact a rabid dog. Approaching it was near to impossible, so Bonkie cast sleep on it, so that Fattyboy could unleash it, pick it up and put it in the corner of the next room, where it could recuperate.

The dwarven prisoner was healed and introduced himself as Harchol, a miner from a nearby dwarven mining colony. He very much liked to be reunited with his family. The party first provided clothing for him, and then decided to accompany him to his homestead.

One daytrip later, they saw smoke cringing over a nearby peak, and Harchol started singing dwarven songs, as his mood improved. About an hour later, he was back among his relatives and invited the party to spend the night in their midst. The family elder took Fattyboy aside, thanked him and showed his gratitude in the typical dwarven way, by means of a heavy pouch. Without checking its contents, Fattyboy tucked the pouch in his backpack and thanked the old dwarf in return.

The party spent a luxurious night among the dwarves, and set out early the next morning.

When they returned to the mines, the entrance was still abandoned, so they pushed on to where they let of the last time. They went down the long hallway, and found themselves in a large room, with two tunnels exiting it on the other side.

Suddenly, they al heard a high pitched moaning and suffered the ill effects of the sonic attack. Fattyboy instinctively looked up, and saw one cloaker descending towards them and another one hanging near the ceiling. The next moment, Bonkie was engulfed by a blanket-like creature, totally covering the fighter. Fattyboy didn’t hesitate and hacked into the creature, hoping the damage didn’t carry through to his ally underneath it. Kellial also responded in a similar fashion, dealing more blows to the cloaker.

Yaotl took his time to scan the ceiling for the source of the horrible sound, and spotted not one, but three cloakers hanging near the ceiling. Two remained there, while the third descended. He instinctively cast a web on them and glued two cloakers on the ceiling, while the third was on a descent towards Fattyboy.

The next round, the party was horrified to see Fattyboy being engulfed by another cloaker. “This is the end, they thought”, with two of their more capable fighters out of the running.
Fattyboy wasn’t hindered by the cloaker and kept on hacking into the one wrapped around Bonkie. Apparently, the one engulfing him was an illusion of some kind, as it just hung there in midair.

Kellial and Fattyboy managed to slay the cloaker, and Bonkie dropped to the ground, the foul beast still wrapped around his motionless body…

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/4/03 7:58 am)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
not much to report on the general front, but I did have an interesting private session with the wizard / loremaster by means of ICQ :D

first off, he's insanely smart, and the fact that he's a loremaster grants him access to knowledges few mortals have access to.

So, we winded back a little in campaign time, and I gave him 14 days in Verbobonc to do as he pleases.

On his first day, he manages to get romantically involved with a female bard who lives there. Suffice to say, he's walking on air in the campaign from now on...

The next few days, he does some research in verbobonc, including in the coffeeshop/library.

His main inetersts seem to be the planes and demonology *cue eerie music here*

after a while, he gets bored with the 'general knowledge' about demons and asks his new girlfriend whether there are any organisations in verbobonc who might have some 'darker' lore to study.

She points him to a shady inn on the other side of town, where he gets in touch with Rancheffus, bartender / demonologist.

After some chitchat, Rancheffus believes the loremaster's intentions are true, and offers him the chance to prove his worth in a ritual. A pentagram is revealed and the loremaster travels to a much darker room.

There, he meets his first real demon ( Shannara, demonic lieutenant)

It's important to know the loremaster's true motives: he lost his sister at a young age and is looking for enough power to undo the past and get her back, at any price!

Shannara is willing to grant Yaotl (loremaster) some limited power and grant him a few minor requests, but at a price... a steep price... his soul...

the deluded Yaotl sees no problem with this deal, silently hoping to find a way to break this contract when he has risen in power...

So he is granted some limited power: darkvision, elemental resistance 5 (tanar'ri quality divided by 4), demonic aura, etc...

And as a final test, he must help Shannara with a delicate problem, another demonologist has gotten hold of Shannara's true name... and Yaotl must sabotage the other mage's ritual in order to free Shannara from eternal servitude...

A bold plan is set up and Yaotl executes it with brutal precision, even killing the demonologist when Shannara asks him to.

This off course shifts Yaotl's alligment to evil! But the evil aura lingers for a while and gradually decreases...

By the time Yaotl rejoins the party, his aura has dimished and he doesn't register as evil anymore... for now :evil
Just to be safe, he's bought a ring of mind shielding, and has masked it with a nybul's undetectable aura... making it appear as a normal ring, which he got from his new girlfriend in town...

From time to time, Yaotl will hear dark whispers, telling him secrets no mortal knows, and helping him where possible... but at the same time, that whisper will urge him to commit evil...

This should be good from now on!

Next session (with the entire group) this weekend.. two-day session!

Log will follow asap!

Cordo Crowfoot
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(3/4/03 5:32 pm)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
Wow! Two day session? How does that work?

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

The guy from Belgium
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(3/5/03 4:29 am)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
basically, we start friday around 8 pm and play on, without sleep until saturday 8 pm...

it's not the first time we've done this...

about a month a go, wa started on friday around 8pm and played until sunday 6 pm... three days of pure fun!

it's great fun... and you advance very fast, cause once the characters 'fall into character', you're set to go...

so around 10 pm on friday, we'll really start making progress and we'll probably get very far into the CRM's (or so i hope)

last time (during the three day session), they re-investigated the moathouse, checked out rastor, wacked the air temple permanently and tore into the fire bridge crew...

this time, they'll at least clear another temple... but we'll see how it goes :D

Here for a while
(3/5/03 5:34 am)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
I just love Yoatl's turn to the Dark Side. Get him the Demonstone and ur all set :evil

Cordo Crowfoot
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(3/5/03 6:28 am)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
Ah, you must all be students. ;) I have a hard enough time getting my players together for 7 hours once every two weeks.

You must have to be extremely familiar with the material though as they could go way off on any tangent in such a long time period...

"They were immediately and absolutely recognizable as adventurers. They were hardy and dangerous, lawless, stripped of allegiance or morality, living off their wits, stealing and killing, hiring themselves out to whoever and whatever came... They were scum who died violent deaths, hanging on to a certain cachet among the impressionable through their undeniable bravery and their occasionally impressive exploits" China Mieville, Perdido Street Station

The guy from Belgium
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(3/5/03 7:08 am)
Re: my campaign log, starting from the CRM's
well, i have the entire CRM prepped and ready to go... all montsers, all reactions, all roleplaying aspects and attitudes of my villains... so yeah, i can cover quite a bit actually

and yeah, we're all students, 5 out of the crew of 6 will graduate this year from college... and i want to finish this campaign before or right after graduation :D

The guy from Belgium
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(3/10/03 1:59 pm)
the earth temple falls
07/08 – 03 – 03: The Earth Temple falls.

So after delivering the final blow to the cloaker, it was time to administer aid to Bonkie, who had fallen while being engulfed by it. Fattyboy sheathed his axe and peeled the cloaker of Bonkie.

When most of the cloaker had been removed, it became obvious that Bonkie had been severely wounded by slashes from a dwarven waraxe as well as from a greatsword, courtesy of Fattyboy and Kellial.

Fattyboy immediately laid his hand on the fallen cleric and Bonkie’s life force was partially renewed… but it had been close, too close for comfort!

The other cloaker, which was trapped in the web near the ceiling succumbed to a barrage of missile fire. The illusion next to him ceased to be after a few minutes.

While the party discussed its further options, Yaotl set about the room, stumbling upon the flagstone. One stoneshape later, the party discovered the magic heavy mace and the other goodies.

Kellial asked the party what their intentions were and what the plan was. When Fattyboy explained their quest and the fact that they were going to take out the earth temple next, Kellial offered some valuable information. The earth temple was in the opposite direction, and their current path would lead them to the fire temple, the strongest of them all.

With this new input, Fattyboy and the party decided to backtrack and use the other mine entrance to gain faster access to the earth temple. On their way back to the door, Yaotl also had a hunch about the storage room they had passed earlier. He took his time inside and eventually discovered the secret entrance leading to the fabled Tulian’s Eye.

They cautiously entered the newly revealed room, accidentally tripping the trapdoor mechanism. Everyone slid down, except for Yaotl and Roka, who had the quick reaction to jump out of the room again. The rest slid down the ramp and crashed into the room containing the diamond of legend. Insanity mist filled the room, and Fattyboy was severely affected by it. His new wisdom score was three now. Kellial also inhaled deeply and found himself with only six wisdom remaining. Bonkie managed to hold his breath and was unaffected.

As soon as our three unfortunate party members crashed onto the floor of the pit, the hatch resealed itself, shutting Yaotl and Roka off from their allies. Fattyboy shouted that everything was alright and that they had found “Tharizdun’s eye” (effect of wisdom 3). Roka and Yaotl heard him through the trapdoor and didn’t understand what the dwarf was ranting about.

The dynamic duo decided to re-investigate the room and set off the trap again, so down they want, crashing into the room with their allies. Yaotl, who is low on hitpoints under optimal circumstances, found the fall to be nearly fatal. He was put back on his feet by a concerned Bonkie.

Kellial made some light (yes, even with a wisdom score of six, he managed to do it!) and everyone saw a pedestal with a beautiful and especially large diamond, shaped into the form of an eye, on top of it. Fattyboy was attracted by the beautiful ‘toy’ and moved towards it. Bonkie and Roka tried to stop him, but didn’t react fast enough to stop the demented dwarf from trying to grab the diamond.

Before he could reach it however, the pedestal sprang to life and Fattyboy was hit by a pseudopod, erupting from the pedestal. Besides taking some damage from it, he was glued to the ‘arm’ and was unable to move any further. Kellial responded by hacking into the ‘arm’ in order to sever it and liberate his ally.

To his horror, he found that his greatsword was stuck to the ‘arm’ and wasn’t able to wrench it off. The next round, another ‘arm’ wrapped itself around Kellial, putting another valuable character out of business. Bonkie quickly surveyed the situation, and found it to be quite desperate. Although he (and the party) really wanted the diamond, he saw no way to claim it and make it out of the room unscathed.

He noticed two eyes on the pedestal, hinting that the pedestal was in reality a mimic, disguising itself as a pedestal to guard Tulial’s Eye. He immediately cast blindness on the mimic, but was unsure as to the result: was the creature really blinded.

So, as a gamble, he spoke to the pedestal, after consulting with Yaotl on the nature of mimics. No sooner had he spoken a few words, than a large mouth appeared on the mimic. After a short conversation, the mimic agreed to release its two prisoners if the party left the room without taking its treasure with them. After he was released, Fattyboy only had eyes for the beautiful frescoes on the wall, and stared at them while drooling all over his breastplate.

A bold plan was devised and Yaotl took Bonkie and they both dimension-door-ed into the corridor outside the storage room. The mage then used his spider climb to glue himself to the trap door and lowered a rope into the room below, which was held by Bonkie and Tibane, Yaotl’s mastiff. It took a lot of convincing to coax Fattyboy to use the rope, because to him, the frescoes were all that mattered. Roka told him of more beautiful pictures in the other room, and urged him to climb the rope. After several failed attempts due to weight and armor, the trapped party members made it up, without the precious diamond.

Since a paladin with a wisdom of three is useless to everyone, except himself, Bonkie took a risk to use a scroll of restoration, which was above his level. He succeeded in casting it, restoring Sir Fattyboy to his former self. Kellial was also nursed and received two lesser restorations the next day.

So out the gates they went, following the trail back to the crossroads, and took the other path, leading to the main entrance. It took them nearly a day to advance through the snowy valley to the other doors. Just like the south gate, the main entrance was delved into the side of mount Stalagos, forming a cave. Arrow slits were visible at both sides of the entrance. Instinctively, Fattyboy and Bonkie blocked the slits with their shields, while the rest of the party made it to the door safely.

Once the doors were opened (which were unbarred), they noticed a very large corridor with four symbols on the floor, each one symbolizing an element. Yaotl figured it was a map of the mines and the respective temples and made some notes, hoping he now possessed an accurate layout of the complex.

Down the corridor were a pair of bronze doors, and two smaller corridors branched off, probably leading to the rooms with the arrow slits. The party first went left, and found a door. They listened at the door and heard several humans laughing and the sound of coins dropped on a table. They slipped inside and found four human guards rolling dice.

Fattyboy moved towards them and introduced himself and the party as reinforcements looking for information and for the man in charge. The guards bought it and happily explained the workings of the main gate area, speaking of a guy named Mereclar, who seemed to be in charge. Fattyboy then sat down with them, as did Kellial and played a few games of roll the highest dice. They even won a few copper pieces. A short while later, they excused themselves and left the guards to their game.

They had gathered a lot of useful information. Mereclar resided in the room behind the bronze doors, together with his pet. The animal was a large spiky thing that was chained to the wall.
So in they went, opening both doors. What they saw inside wasn’t quite what they expected…

Four wooden doors led into the large room, two straight in front of them, and one to either side. The door to the left was larger than all the other ones, but the party didn’t notice or didn’t think it was important. Across the room, directly in front of the doors were two large ballistae. In the right corner was a large beast, probably Merelcar’s pet, commonly referred to by the guards as the Howler.

Kellial didn’t like the sight of two ballistae aimed at him, so he closed one of the doors a little and hid behind it. “A bronze door stops a ballista bolt, don’t it?” Master Roka did the same with the other door. Yaotl and Tibane also remained in the background. Sir Fattyboy and Father Bonkie moved into the room. The howler noticed them, sniffed at the air and started howling. With their cover blown, Fattyboy and Bonkie raced towards the ballistae, hoping to use them against whatever came in answer to the howling. Kellial also ran into the room, and headed for the left door. When he was in position, he readied to deal a telling blow to whatever came out of the door. Bonkie made it to the left ballista and Fattyboy to the one on the right. From his position, Bonkie noticed that the howler was chained to the wall, but that he had some slack. He warned the rest of the party to stay away from the thing…
He then proceeded to swivel the ballista towards the howler, hoping to get a few shots off before help arrived.

Suddenly, both the left and the right door burst open. Out of the left door came a large ogre, brandishing a huge greatclub. Kellial used his momentum and his surprise to deal a telling blow to the foul thing. Out of the other door, a half elf appeared, wielding two swords.

Initiative was rolled, and Wormspike (the ogre) and Mereclar went first. The half elf released the howler from his restraints, and it promptly charged Father Bonkie. It leapt across the distance, trashing the right ballista in the process and dealing a serious blow to the startled cleric. The attack wasn’t only his terrible bite, but also the bristles on his neck, which snapped forward and dug deep into his flesh. The ogre returned the favour to Kellial and smacked his club down on the fighter’s shoulder, nearly dislocating it. Fattyboy was in doubt, did he move to the aid of Kellial, finishing of the ogre as fast as possible, or did he help Bonkie deal with the howler and Mereclar? He decided to dispose of the ogre first. Roka, who had snuck into the room behind Bonkie also engaged the fell beast.

While the paladin and the fighter were slaying the ogre, the howler made pretty short work of Father Bonkie. Two rounds later, as Wormspike went down, Bonkie was pretty mauled by the howler. Yaotl saw the mere power of the beast and cast a slow spell on it, making it slightly less powerful. Despite the spell that was hindering it somewhat, the howler continued to pound on Bonkie. During a given attack, he broke through the cleric’s defences, shredding armor and shield alike and leaving a broken man standing in its wake. Bonkie’s arms and ribs were fractured, making him virtually useless. Mereclar swiftly moved in, put his sword to Bonkie’s throat and demanded his surrender. Bonkie saw the hopelessness of his situation and lowered his shield and sword.

Yaotl saw it all happening and went invisible. He moved to Bonkie’s side, laid his hand on the cleric’s shoulder and muttered the words that were required for a dimension door. A split seconds later, Bonkie and Yaotl stood outside the room. In the mean time, Kellial had moved towards Mereclar, engaging him one on one. Fattyboy was still pondering on using the ballista usefully.

But then, a reply came to Mereclar’s shout, and the two remaining doors opened. More than a dozen duom-armed humans and gnolls poured into the room, swamping Kellial and Fattyboy.
Kellial wasn’t daunted by all those new threats. In fact, it would be his moment to shine. He moved to a central spot among the enemies, drawing several attacks from their duoms. When he was in position, he started spinning around, striking each of his foes with a cleave of his mighty greatsword. Five of them went down without even a taking any action. Mereclar was next. After a few telling blows, the half elven ranger was reduced to a bloody pulp.

On the other side of the room, Fattyboy had to deal with more than he bargained for. Not only was he surrounded by half a dozen human warriors, but he also had the howler to deal with.
Abusing the confusion and the fact that the brave paladin was swamped, two of the warriors prepared the ballista and fired in Bonkie, who was standing in the hallway. The nearly impaled the cleric, who was healing himself in the corridor. The bolt glanced his torn armor, preventing massive damage.

Once he was sufficiently healed, Bonkie once again drew his bastard sword and charged the howler. “Payback time bitch!”

On the next round, he crashed into the howler, driving his blade deep into the foul beast’s neck. It was a savage blow, which ended the Howler’s life. Fattyboy had managed to mop up the rest of the warriors and the party finally had time to catch their breath. It had been close at a given moment, but Yaotl’s timely intervention had prevented worse.

A quick inspection of the bodies and the rooms yielded a nice amount of useful items, which were put in several backpacks for the time being. An interesting note was found in the room that appeared to belong to Mereclar. It was from someone named Naquent of the fanes. Yaotl put it into his lorebook and hoped to discover more parts of the puzzle soon.

The time for resting and healing had come, and the doors were barred. The remaining ballista was readied and aimed at the door in case of trouble. Father Bonkie administered care to all in need, as did Fattyboy. Bonkie then created food and water and after a well-deserved meal, the party slept in the room. The night passed uneventful. The clerics wounds caused by the howler were a lot worse than first anticipated. As a result, his shattered ribs didn’t fully heal and his fractured arms didn’t mend correctly.

The next morning, there was some time for repairing armors and shields, especially Bonkie’s. Two make wholes later, he once again had an acceptable armor class. About an hour later, before the party had decided to move on, there was a knocking at the door.

Fattyboy made a gamble and asked for the password. A reptilian voice on the other side of the doors told him not to act stupid and to open the doors. Fattyboy signalled Roka and Yaotl to man the ballista and made up a quick plan. Bonkie and Kellial each moved to one side of the door. Then, he unbolted the door, pushed it open slightly and moved out of the way. Several hands grabbed the doors and pulled them open. Once they were fully opened, Fattyboy nodded to Roka and the ballista fired into the hallway.

The enemy pack consisted of eight zombies, four duom armed humans and eight gnoll archers. The ballista bolt took out two zombies, one warrior and two archers. It nearly impaled a black robed cleric as well. Initiative was rolled and the enemies got to act first. The archers repositioned themselves and let their arrows fly. Several struck home. Next the cleric cast a spell on Father Bonkie, but it just brushed him, with no effect. The remaining warriors took up a defensive stance in front of the cleric. Finally, the six remaining zombies moved into the room.

Roka and Yaotl dismounted the ballista, its ammunition spent. Roka moved towards the enemies, a determined look on his face. Fattyboy, Kellial and Bonkie moved towards zombies, eager to rid the world of undead, in the name of Pelor.

They each slew three of them, in only two rounds. Kellial also moved into the fray, greatsword ready for action. The archers kept on firing, regardless of the zombies in their arc of fire. The cleric kept on targeting Bonkie, and on the third attempt, he succeeded in breaking through his willpower. Bonkie found himself immobilized on the battlefield. Fattyboy was undaunted and moved to engage the archers. Kellial did the same, but was suddenly the victim of a similar spell. He too was immobilized. The evil cleric realised his part was over and quietly departed from the fray. No one was in a position to stop him, except Yaotl. Grabbing hold of Fattyboy, he appeared in the cleric’s path. The startled cleric drew his weapon and prepared for a bloody melee. Roka noticed Fattyboy facing the cleric and tumbled through past his opponents to close the distance.

No sooner had they appeared near the cleric, than an awful stench filled their nostrils. Fattyboy swallowed hard and endured it, as did Roka. Yaotl wasn’t so lucky and inhaled at the wrong time. His delicate elven frame wasn’t built to overcome such things and he started retching.

In the mean time, Yaotl’s loyal familiar, Tibane was chewing his way through the last two remaining warriors, trying to reach his master. In a few rounds, he managed to put them both down, the first blood the mastiff ever tasted.

Fattyboy and Roka exchanged blows with the lizard-like cleric. The stench betrayed his race: a troglodyte. After a minute of hacking into each other, the cleric hissed something in Fattyboy’s face. “Let me passs sssilly dwarf!” Fattyboy glanced at Roka, who shook his head. So combat continued. Roka and Fattyboy had a hard time hitting the cleric but managed to hit him few times. The cleric didn’t find it easy penetrating the paladin’s armor either, but also broke through his defence a few times.

At a given moment, Sir Fattyboy sheathed his axe and used his divine power to reinvigorate himself. The cleric did the same and cast a heavy healing spell on the defensive. There seemed to be no way out of the deadlock, and after a few more rounds, Fattyboy stepped out of the cleric’s way, granting him passage as not to endanger anyone in the party.

The troglodyte happily accepted the free passage and disappeared into the corridor to the right. Fattyboy took his time to look after everyone’s wellbeing. The party barred the doors once again and Sir Fattyboy and Father Bonkie organised a mass in the name of Pelor, thanking him for their lives and their purpose in life.

After everyone was back in shape, the party decided to explore the rest of the complex. They followed the way the cleric had taken and explored the rooms they found one by one. They eventually found the cleric’s room, which wasn’t hard to identify due to the smell. It had already been sacked by the fleeing cleric, but some clues were still gathered, including another parchment from someone in the outer fanes. The loremaster compared it to the other document, but saw little connection, except that both letters came from people living on the central island, known as the ‘fanes’.

The party pushed on and after a long corridor, the nice tiles and torches gave way to a roughly hewn cavern which wasn’t lit. The room ended in two tunnels leading out of it. In front of the tunnels were two troglodyte warriors. The cursed something in an unknown language and ran into the corridors, one in each. Yaotl understood the language. They seemed to have cursed and muttered something about “it’s them, quickly, let’s warn the rest”.

Fattyboy wasn’t comfortable with a chase down unlit corridors, and held back the party. A discussion erupted, with half the party wanting to give pursuit, but in the end, they didn’t. It just didn’t feel right. They backtracked and took the other corridor near the main junction. It led to another cave system. In one of the room, the party discovered an old ore crusher, formerly powered by a huge treadmill. In another room, they found two sets of rails leading in two different tunnels. Near the beginning of the tracks were two lorries, which could be powered by several handles. They left the “Indiana Jones toys” for the time being, and contemplated their options.

It was then decided that there simply wasn’t an easy way. So they once again backtracked and went back to the cave where they had seen the two trog warriors earlier. There was no sign of them of course. Yaotl offered to scout for the party. He went invisible, got himself darkvision and spiderclimbed along the walls, into the tunnel on the left. From his vantage point on the ceiling, he got the general layout of the tunnel and rooms and found most of them empty. He crawled back and explored the other tunnel. He found some more tunnels and rooms and rejoined the party.

Once a marching order had been established, they set out into the left corridor. Most tunnels and caves were indeed abandoned. After an uneventful walk through the first few caves, they stumbled upon a room with two trog warriors. No one noticed the strange bags they were holding. Kellial and Bonkie charged the trogs, but before they were able to reach them, the trogs threw something at them. The strange bags hit Kellial and Bonkie head on and burst, spraying a sticky fluid all over them. Kellial managed to avoid getting glued to the ground, but Bonkie wasn’t so fortunate and was glued in place. Kellial was hindered by the hardening past, but still struck the trog with his greatsword. Fattyboy and Roka also moved in and engaged the other trog. Suddenly, something became visible behind Kellial’s back and stabbed him from behind. He soaked a nice amount of damage as the blade dug deep into his exposed back. Yaotl saw the troglodyte rogue appearing and fired his magic shortbow at her, but missed. Before anyone else could act against her, the rogue quaffed a potion and went invisible again. Bonkie tried desperately to break free of the sticky goo, but failed.

The two remaining trogs were swiftly dealt with, and with the help of Sir Fattyboy, Father Bonkie was able to free himself. The stuff still hindered him, but at least, he could move again.

After a few more minutes of exploring the mines, the goo became brittle and crumbled. The party discovered several inhabited caves, which seemed to be abandoned. After entering a particular cave, the party was suddenly under fire by several volleys of small arrows. Apparently, they had tripped some kind of mechanism, which peppered the all with poisoned darts. Yaotl took the most serious beating and on top of that, he failed nearly all his fortitude saves, losing six points of dexterity in the process. A dark mood settled over the loremaster as he was consumed with hidden rage. At the end of the cave, a bedroom was found, abandoned by its occupant. Some treasure was recovered, but nothing really interesting.

The party pushed on and suddenly entered a large cavern. It was illuminated as if daylight permeated the surrounding rocks. In the back of the room, a large lion-like creature hovered in midair. It was very large, having the body of a massive tiger, sporting two leathery wings and topped off with a humanlike head. Yaotl correctly identified the creature as a manticore, fierce but loyal to whomever was its master.

Bonkie took point and went into the cave, as did Kellial, albeit a little behind Bonkie. The manticore greeted the cleric with a hail of spikes from its tail. Several pierced Bonkie’s armour as he pulled out his mighty longbow. Kellial followed his example and pulled out his longbow as well. Fattyboy and Roka also moved into the cave, the first pulling out his shortbow, the latter preparing to charge the hovering manticore.

A series of ranged attacks followed each other in fast succession, with the manticore firing his dreaded spikes at Kellial and Bonkie. No one noticed Yaotl’s growing anger, an anger that led to hate which would determine his next course of action. He went invisible and snuck up behind the manticore as it unleashed volley after volley of spikes on the party. Inside Yaotl’s mind, a dark fire was burning away his sanity. A fire which would soon materialise in the form of a mighty rain of fire as he opened up a rift to the plane of fire and buried the manticore under a shower of fire.

Blinded by his anger, Yaotl failed to notice his ally, Master Roka, who was standing close to the manticore, within the radius of the mighty fireball. Despite his lightning-fast reflexes, Roka took the fireball head on and was seriously scorched in the process.

When the smoke cleared, the manticore had landed, smoke trailing him as he did. Roka was also quite scorched, and Yaotl had become visible again. The manticore grabbed the loremaster and threw him down in front of him, a mighty paw ready to crush the loremaster’s skull.

With the tables turned to its advantage, it stated its demands. “Leave now or the elf is history!”
Fattyboy thought about his options, and despite his contained anger towards the elven mage, he agreed to leave, if he was allowed to take Yaotl with him. The manticore agreed and prepared to release the mage from his precarious position. This was what Yaotl had been waiting for. He uttered a few words, touched the manticore’s paw and suddenly, the mighty beast exploded in a sheet of flames. It fell to the ground with a loud crack, its fur still burning.

After the wounded were tended, the party withdrew to the safe room near the entrance to rest. Once everyone was inside, the doors were barred and most party members started putting out their bedrolls.

Fattyboy walked up to Yaotl and asked him for a reasonable explanation for his actions in the manticore’s cave. Yaotl simply stated he didn’t regret his actions and that it didn’t matter to him whether Roka happened to be in the blast radius or not. As to any deal between Fattyboy and the manticore he had broken, he gave a similar reply. A fierce debate erupted, which culminated in Fattyboy asking Yaotl to leave the party. Kellial intervened, as did Roka and after a few hours of debating (a few hours of real time), things were resolved peacefully, although Fattyboy warned Yaotl never to pull a stunt like that again (ingame again).

The night once again passed uneventful. The next morning, a new trek into the mines began and beyond the manticore cave was another cave, with three earth mephits in it. They promptly flew off, further into the mines. This time, the party decided to give pursuit and followed them down the mines.

After a short chase, the party saw the tunnel widening into a large room, and they heard chanting emanating from it. They stopped momentarily and used this brief pause (one round) to cast some boosting spells on themselves. Father Bonkie cast a circle of protection from evil on the party. Then they stepped into the room.

They saw a very large room with several tunnels leading into it from several sides. At the far end of the large cave was a pyramid-shaped altar. Around it were several troglodyte guardians. On top of the pyramid were two black robed troglodyte clerics. On the altar was a bloodied mess that was once humanlike. In the troglodyte’s hand was something that appeared to be a human heart. The other cleric was pounding on a drum while the one with the heart in his hand was chanting in draconic. Suddenly, the ground in front of the pyramid burst open and a strange creature emerged from the debris.

The party won initiative and readied an attack against whatever came within their reach. Father Bonkie cast a silence spell on the pyramid, silencing every spellcaster within its radius.
From behind the altar, two more troglodyte clerics appeared, one of them accompanied by a large earthen figure, probably an earth elemental.

The two clerics atop the pyramid realised there was a silence in effect and moved away, out of the area. The trog warriors charged the party and were greeted by cold steel from Kellial and Fattyboy, as well as by Roka’s fists.

Then one of the troglodyte priests repaid Bonkie for his present. He cast silence on Kellial, blocking all sounds around the fighter. Everyone in the party was within its effect. No one in the party realised who the silence had been cast upon, and even if they did, they were unable to dispel it due to the effect of the spell. Yaotl moved backwards a little and was once again able to cast spells. He decided against casting a dispel magic upon the entire area, as he would more than likely also dispel the helpful spells in effect on the party members, such as the protection from evil.

The normal troglodyte warriors did their best to hold the party back, while the clerics unloaded all their ranged spells upon them. But it availed little. The only real threat was a particularly nasty-looking trog wielding a large greatsword. In its pommel, the party recognised a brown triangle. This was probably the Sword of Earth. During the next round, Bonkie found out what its ability was the hard way. After striking him with the sword, the swordmaster unleashed the swords power, pumping vile acid into the wound. Bonkie managed to fend of part of the acid, but it still burned his flesh.

After seeing what the swordmaster could do, Fattyboy, Kellial and Bonkie concentrated their efforts on him, and he went down on the next round.

The trog warriors went down without much of a hassle, but the troglodyte clerics were overconfident and moved into melee. This prevented them from casting any spells, but they were more than a match for the party while the altar’s unholy energy flowed through them.

The four trog clerics present took on the four melee characters and a savage combat erupted, although it was eerie, since no sound was heard within the area of the silence spell. From behind one of the clerics, the earth elemental was slamming into Fattyboy. The Xorn wasn’t able to reach a valid target and burrowed again, sensing the position of its enemies. It started tunnelling its way towards the party.
Yaotl did what he could, casting supporting spells where possible.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of flapping wings behind him. The three mephits had returned, and were attacking the party in the back. Yaotl barely managed to avoid part of their vicious breath weapon, but any damage he took was too much. Nineteen hitpoints won’t last a long time…

On the next round, the Xorn broke through the rock behind Fattyboy and Bonkie. It immediately slashed Fattyboy in the back. The startled dwarf wheeled around and returned the favour, firmly planting his back against the wall, so an attack from behind was impossible. He started exchanging blows with the Xorn and tried to warn Bonkie of the danger, but the cleric was too busy with the trogs in front of him.

Yaotl also had his hands full, and dimension doored deeper into the corridor, further away from the party. He then attempted to trap the mephits with a web, but managed to ensnare only one of them. So the only thing he accomplished was isolating himself from the party, with two angry mephits on his side of the web. Luckily, he had some magic missiles he could use against them. The mephits succumbed to him and Tibane after a few rounds, but not before they had showered the loyal mastiff with a hail of razor-sharp rocks

Near the frontline, things were looking grim for Fattyboy, Bonkie, Kellial and Roka. They had all sustained very heavy damage, and barely managed to scratch their opponents due to their protective armours, spells and tough skins. Fattyboy kept on focussing all his efforts on the Xorn, eventually forcing it to flee, burrowing its way back to where it came from. Bonkie had his hands full with the trog clerics, and was fighting a losing battle.

Roka was also dishing out damage wherever possible and managed to it the clerics more often than his fighting companions. But he was also on the receiving end of damage, and at a given moment, he tumbled away. He spent a few rounds catching his breath and assessing the situation. After a few moments, a strange form of tranquillity settled over the Halfling monk and he saw things with perfect clarity. He chose a single trog cleric and focused all his energy on her…

Roka managed to disarm the trog cleric with one of his feared stun attacks. The cleric cursed, inaudible of course, and sent a mental command to the elemental to punish the puny Halfling for his arrogance. A few seconds later, Roka wished he hadn’t disarmed the cleric as 3000 pounds of living rock pummelled him into the single digits (read: one hitpoint left). He let himself fall, hoping the elemental would prefer standing opponents over a fallen one.

With the monk out of her way, the disarmed cleric picked up her weapon, confident the attack of opportunity from Bonkie couldn’t penetrate her armour. Her guess was correct and she was once again ready to bury her morningstar in someone’s skull.

Kellial also had trouble hitting his opponents, but did manage to land some telling blows. He then took his time to look around, and saw Roka lying in a puddle of blood. Without hesitation, he pulled the monk clear of the elemental’s reach towards safety.

He dragged the fallen monk towards Yaotl, who was still way in the back of the tunnel. He attacked the mephit that was stuck in the web, smashing him to bits. He then proceeded to break the web. On his first attempt, he only managed to get stuck in it. The next round, he finally broke through it and created passage for the party to withdraw.

Meanwhile, back at the front, Sir Fattyboy and Father Bonkie were dealing with more than they could handle. Two of the trog clerics had finally gone down, leaving two more and a vicious looking earth elemental. Kellial decided to stick with Yaotl, fearing for his own wellbeing. Despite the fact that his allies were taking a heavy beating, he couldn’t bring himself to jeopardise his own life to save theirs.

As if things weren’t bad enough, one of the clerics cast a spell on the elemental (the silence was gone since Kellial had moved to the back of the corridor, Yaotl now found it impossible to cast anything). The elemental’s eye sockets became totally blackened, and it started grinding its teeth in an odd fashion. The now enraged elemental prepared a mighty blow, and hit… the troglodyte cleric! It fumbled and critted on his own master. The trog cleric reeled from the blow, but managed to remain standing. The other trog cleric also cast a spell on himself and his eyes also went black. Yellow foam dripped from his mouth as he entered a barbarian-like rage.

Kellial, who had spent the past few rounds in the back of the tunnel finally gathered up all his courage and once again risked his own neck to rejoin the fray.

Sir Fattyboy, who was ready to give up, took courage from the fact that the cleric in front of him soaked 30+ damage from the elemental and fought on with renewed fury. Yaotl then sprang forward and prepared several spell ingredients. Bonkie and Fattyboy noticed the sharp smell of sulphur and knew what was going to happen. Yaotl estimated the distance where his fireball was to erupt and a small glowing bead sprang from his hand. The bead flew past everyone, and exploded in the middle of the room. The two remaining clerics and the elemental were inside the blast radius and took heavy damage again.

It was now down to one cleric and the elemental. Father Bonkie was suddenly backstabbed by a trog which appeared out of nothing. Apparently the rogue had come to join the party. Fattyboy and Bonkie hacked into her, severely weakening her. Yaotl also moved closer and cast a nasty spell on her: he touched her briefly and suddenly, the troglodyte rogue became a living torch. She went down, still smoking…

The last cleric standing went berserk and charged Yaotl. He took attacks of opportunity from nearly everyone in the party, but reached Yaotl and… missed! Incredible but true, he missed!

The rest of the party finished him of in a combined effort, but not without problems. Sir Fattyboy fumbled on his last roll, burying his mighty axe in his own leg again. He went down to one hitpoint. Bonkie also fumbled on his roll and dealt minimal damage to himself, nearly killing himself.

The battle ended, since the elemental remained in the temple, not exiting the cave. At the end of the battle, everyone except Bonkie was down to one single hitpoint. Bonkie had more hitpoints than all his allies combined, with only five remaining. It had been close, closer than ever before…

The party decided not to mess with the elemental for now and withdrew to the safe haven for the night. They spent two days locked inside the room, healing and resting.

When they returned to the temple, they found the elemental sitting on the altar. It rose and promptly attacked the party as they entered the temple. It didn’t stand a chance by itself and it was quickly overcome.

The party then gathered all treasures they found and prepared to deal with the altar. Kellial softly cursed, since he knew what would happen to the Sword of Earth once the altar was destroyed. The greatsword had his name written all over it, just like the sword of Air would have been nice in the hands of Father Bonkie.

Still, there was no way to save the sword, and the altar was demolished. As soon as it collapsed, a loud rumbling was heard under their feet, and as they left to explore more of the mines, the entire room collapsed…

Still here? Wow.
(3/11/03 2:15 pm)
Re: the earth temple falls
Great writeup! Thanks! I just have a few questions/comments.

I'm not sure I followed where you put Tulian's Eye. It seems like you placed it at the bottom of the pit rather than in the next room. Also, doesn't the pit seal itself for 3 full days 25ft down from the trap door? I'm just curious, did you change this for a reason?

You were overly nice IMO in not having Terrnygit and the other guards join the fight in the ballista room. A whole night's rest before encountering the reinforcements! Did no one hear the howler and the battle? I thought the doors were open?

When Kellial and Bonkie were held, did any bad guys attempt a coup de gras? That would have been a perfect opportunity for Terrenygit to at least mention it to the guards even if they were busy.

"It fumbled and critted on his own master. ... Sir Fattyboy fumbled on his last roll, burying his mighty axe in his own leg again. ... Bonkie also fumbled on his roll and dealt minimal damage to himself, nearly killing himself." You simply have got to eliminate critical fumbles! Ugg! :)

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/11/03 2:43 pm)
Re: the earth temple falls
wooow... thanks for the reply! at last an interested reader...
you made my day infiniti!

I'm not sure I followed where you put Tulian's Eye. It seems like you placed it at the bottom of the pit rather than in the next room. Also, doesn't the pit seal itself for 3 full days 25ft down from the trap door? I'm just curious, did you change this for a reason?

yeah, i changed it a little... it was kind of confusing to me where exactly everything was... so i misread a part of the room's description and put the pedestal (mimic) and the diamond in the pit. It all turned out nicely, as the chars were now trapped in a fairly small room with an angry mimic. The gas also sprayed the chars that dropped in the pit.

As for the three day theory, i kicked it... i know my players, and they would have found a way out regardless (stoneshape and the likes) so i made it a little easier, but played the encounter a little harder down in the pit

You were overly nice IMO in not having Terrnygit and the other guards join the fight in the ballista room. A whole night's rest before encountering the reinforcements! Did no one hear the howler and the battle? I thought the doors were open?

well, i tend to get soft sometimes, and this was one of those moments. The howler packed such a punch that adding supplemental enemies to the pack would have cost several of my players their lives. I have a principle: if they don't screw up big time, there's always a way out. In other words: I don't like killing players unless they act foolishly and deserve whatever is coming their way. In this situation, they got unlucky with their rolls (i have a very specific house rule system, quite realistic, but harsh) and they didn't deserve to get their *sses handed to them on a silver platter, so I had Terengy on patrol near his trog friends near the earth temple (convinient, since the party found a note from the fanes advising him against allying with his trog friends). So despite the open doors and the howler, they got away clean, until the next morning. But I was quite hard on them the next morning, playing all the mooks and terrengyt to the best of their abilities

When Kellial and Bonkie were held, did any bad guys attempt a coup de gras? That would have been a perfect opportunity for Terrenygit to at least mention it to the guards even if they were busy.

they were both held, but not before they wacked all the zombies and tore into terengyt's guards. So he ordered his guards to guard him while he unleashed his spells. By the time he could have ordered coup de graces, most of the guards were down and it was up to him to fend of Fattyboy (paladin) and roka (monk)

"It fumbled and critted on his own master. ... Sir Fattyboy fumbled on his last roll, burying his mighty axe in his own leg again. ... Bonkie also fumbled on his roll and dealt minimal damage to himself, nearly killing himself." You simply have got to eliminate critical fumbles! Ugg!

I play hard when it comes to fumbles: i (like many others probably) have a nice fumble table... reroll D20, apply effect of reroll...

All remaining attacks for this round are lost + Reroll D20:

1-2: Weapon hits hard surface, it is broken in the attack, magical weapon gets reflex save vs DC 20 (magical modifiers are included in the reflex save roll)
3: Total miscalculation, you manage to hit yourself with your blow, roll critical damage
4: You hit a friendly target in melee, automatic hit, roll critical damage
5: Serious miscalculation, you manage to hit yourself with your blow, roll normal damage
6: You hit a friendly target in melee, automatic hit, roll normal damage
----- if there is no friendly target within range, treat as 7-8 roll (weapon dropped)
7-8: weapon is dropped, picking it up provokes an attack of opportunity
9-10: Total loss of balance. Next round, you suffer a -2 to attack and damage rolls since you strike from a near impossible angle.
11-12: Critical loss of balance. It will take you a full round to refocus yourself for combat (lose all attacks of next round)
13-14: Serious loss of balance, -4 to AC until after opponent's next attack(s).
15-16: Moderate loss of balance, your initiative position shifts to last next round.
17-18: Slight loss of balance: -4 initiative next round
19- 20: no harmful results

thanks again for the courtesy of reading through the log!

if you want more details, i have a nifty site with sh*tloads of information regarding everything (the world, maps, characters, rules, log, miscellaneous, pics, ...)

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/18/03 4:06 pm)
Re: the earth temple falls

just a brief *bump* and some intel...

lots of things have changed in my campaign.

main things:

wizard/loremaster got killed

paladin fell out of grace with Pelor, he's been stripped of all his divine powers, he's withdrawing from the campaign

sad day for me as DM... the vows i put on my paladin have proven to be harsh at times... but now he's transgressed them once too often... so Pelor intervened and took away the divine powers until he undertakes a quest and atones... since i don't have time to run that in this module (with big T on the verge of being freed), we'll retire the paladin.

enter a new character: wood elf barbarian... thouroughly constructed and with a decent roleplay intention, not so much the munchkinism... this guy will bring some more entertainment to my table!

oamarthis' bridge was cleared... chimera is pretty tough!

a more thourough update will follow shortly


human fighter 4 / cleric 5 of pelor, Bonkie
human fighter 9, kellial (former guardian of air temple)
elf wizard 7 / loremaster 2, Yaotl
halfling monk 9, Roka
wood elf barbarian 9, name unknown so far

expect a full log any time now... probably tomorrow or the day after!

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