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Serbitar Ring
Looking around
(2/24/03 7:12 pm)
A question about RttoEE
I've got 6 people playing in the group I'm running

Half-Orc 4 Fighter (20 Str)
Wild Elf Monte Cook 4 Ranger (20 Dex)
Human Rouge3/Ranger1
Sun Elf Cleric 4
Moon Elf Bard 4
Human Sorceror 4

I tried something a little different cause some people seem to always roll high stats while others don't. Made them all roll once and threw it into a pool. Stats were I believe. I'm wondering how I should handle having 6 party members when the adventure is mainly for four. And should I boost up anything more because of the fairly high stats they have? I already plan on maxing all the Dragons HP out to make them even more feared. I'd really appreciate any help that could be offered.
This next Sunday will be only my second time at DMing ever so I know I still have a lot to learn. Though they told me I did pretty good so far. Might see about writing up a log of what all happens too if I can get my procrastinating self to type it up and all.

Still here? Wow.
(2/25/03 2:26 am)
Re: A question about RttoEE
General consensus is Don't Boost. They'll be a little too strong at first, which will help them against Utreshimon and make the Hommlet cultists a little bit of a walk-over, but by the time they reach Rastor they'll be a bit below the suggested entry level (5th) which won't hurt.

If you boost, you'll be giving them more xp which will mean that they will always be ahead of the adventure. As someone who has boosted the entire adventure, let me tell you that it is a lot of work. Hard work.

Tell your players that leveling up will be a little slow at first, but that it will even out in the end.

Oh, and welcome. I hope we can help you when the adventure seems sticky. Have you checked out the Errata, the FAQ, and the Best of the Boards threads?

Finally, if you want to boost, here's what I did. Note that you have to be a Yahoo member to get the files. I hope you'll find them worth your while.

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Edited by: Siobharek  at: 2/25/03 6:18:43 am
Here for a while
(2/25/03 5:48 am)
Don't Boost
I agree. Boosting will just shift everything out of balance. As it stands right now, the adventure is pretty much self-correcting if you give it enough time.

Also, challange can be very easily added to the module by using vicious tactics. If your players are like mine, they'll appreciate the fact that you aren't going easy on them and enjoy each encounter. If you want any advice on how to be downright evil, this is the right place to be. :)

Here for a while
(2/25/03 6:10 am)
Ways to boost
You can boost without effecting the CRs if you really want to; And if you were willing to make the effort to boost in the more traditional fashion this way isn't time consuming.

First, I would only boost due to the PCs high stats, not their numbers. The effect from their numbers will balance out in lower levels.

My suggestion is to simply raise the stats of the various baddies. Mainly CON, and perhaps secondarily DEX & STR. I would avoid INT except maybe a few of the Wizards, simply because I wouldn't want to spend the effort reworking skills. I would avoid WIS for the clerics, simply because their spell DCs are already obnoxiously high enough.

I prefer increasing CON instead of 'max hit points' as it makes more sense to me.

"It takes an uncommon mind to think of these things, Hobbes." - Calvin

Here quite a while
(2/25/03 10:16 am)
Re: A question about RttoEE
I agree that you shouldn't boost. My group is on the way to Rastor right now, but we have seven players and the challenge level has been fine. You can read my log to see how the players have been doing (but I warn you it is long-winded and this is a shameless plug). :)

"... by the time they reach Rastor they'll be a bit below the suggested entry level (5th) which won't hurt."
In theory, yes, but IMC, no. They all started at 4th (though mid-way) and are all about 500xp from 7th right now. Perhaps it is just because my group is thorough...they did not skip over anything in Hommlet, the moathouse, the temple, or Nulb.

Siobharek, Kenmis, and Taxman66 all give good advice on alternatives to boosting.

Serbitar Ring
Looking around
(2/27/03 4:48 pm)
Re: A question about RttoEE
Alright, thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate it :)

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