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Looking around
(2/25/03 6:10 am)
Big U Big Screw up
Okay get this, I didn't know that dragons had blindsight. I always play with parties of low level because my players and I always get cool ideas for new things. So my highest level party was 5. So anyway big u...

There's a drow in the party, he casts darkness on an arrow and hits U. I looked in the appendix to see if he had some kind of dispel ability or blindfighting or something like that because I figured that such a low level cheap spell couldn't work against a dragon. I didn't see the blindsight ability in his stats...

It still wasn't an easy fight (especially since there's only two of them..) even so.. I'm really disappointed in the outcome of the party's first ever dragon fight. I had to boost the CR because there was only two of them, but then I lowered it again because of him not having blindsight. They did almost die though, and they really enjoyed the encounter. I suppose that's really all that matters... I'm going to have to be much better prepared next time..

Here for a while
(2/25/03 6:40 am)
Re: Big U Big Screw up
Well, it happens...

This fight can be a real killer so your group got lucky...this time. There are plenty of other dragons for you to unleash on them in time...

This fight's over, but a few (only slightly evil) suggestions for 'next time':

Drow have no ability to see in magical darkness either - so presuming the now-blind drow can even fire the arrow in the right direction and hit the right square (cos he can't cast a spell and fire the arrow in one round - only touch spells allow a 'free' touch attack), he'd have a 50% miss chance. If it took him two rounds to get his arrow off, chances are U would move squares between rounds anyway (to line up a lightning blast?) meaning a chance to target the wrong square (DM's discretion for exact chance - I give Listen checks to reduce it).

Even if the arrow hit, either a) the arrow is enbedded in the dragon, thereby covering and cancelling the darkness (if cast on the arrowhead, for instance) or b) Utreshimon can pluck the thing out and drop/throw it away, possibly leaving foes in the darkness and U not.

Shame about the Blindsight-oversight - U's best attack mode is his very deadly 'you're all blind - I'm not' Hover.


Here quite a while
(2/25/03 10:07 am)
Re: Big U Big Screw up
No gain. It actually is listed in Utreshimon's stat block: SQ Blindsight 90ft.

Don't worry about it too much, the adventure is a long road and both sides (DM's and players) will learn from it, no matter your experience level. :)

Here for a while
(2/25/03 10:35 am)
Fun with Darkness
IMC, the gnome illusionist went into the mill alone, invisible, to investigate. Too bad he cast invis right in front of the mill, where the stalwart eye could see him...:lol Anyway, he goes in, and he and Vacra/Dunrat (the only two that were home) play a little game of magical chicken, They know he's invisible, know that he cast detect invis (Vacra rolled excellently on a listen check and then a spellcraft), but don't have any way to see him... so Vacra (or was it Dunrat?) just casts alarm on the hatch leading to the cellar.

Our gnome then decides to revel in the new-found power of 3rd level spells and fireball the hatch.


Vacra's at -3 even with his fire resistance, and Dunrat's hurt.


The mill goes up, gnome takes fire damage, and leaves. re-invissing himself. Dunrat heals Vacra (I'm switching a few of EEE/Tharizdun clerics' memorized spells to cure). Dunrat runs out, gnome casts magic missile at him, brooch of shielding eats MM, Dunrat throws his bead of force at gnome (who fails) and runs. Vacra...

Vacra uses his wand to become into Renne, sets himself on fire (Fire Resistance 5), and runs out of the moathouse screaming. The dwarf cleric runs over to try to put him out; Vacra thinks the jig is up, the dwarf is trying to grapple him, and takes an AoO on him that misses.

So now the jig IS up. He has to run for it through the confused townspeople. The dwarf can't catch him ("Wow she's fast! Since when did little girls go 30ft?), but she encounters the elf Ftr2/Rog3 who came running from the inn once she heard the commotion.

Elf tries to stop "Renne" to question her and put her out (which would allow her a save vs. change self), so Vacra pops his Darkness...

...steps back...

...changes again into an ordinary member of the town watch...

...and goes to help put out the mill.:evil

Even funnier: the dwarf threw an area dispel into the darkness the round after that... getting the darkness, his summoned eagles... but not the Change Self. Go Vacra!


Looking around
(2/26/03 4:13 am)
Yeah I knew that the drow could'nt see in magical darkness. It was the drow that cast the spell on the dragon.

Yeah.. he wasn't specific about whether he cast it on the shaft or the arrowhead. Oh well..

Still here? Wow.
(2/26/03 6:51 am)
Re: yeah.
But... that doesn't matter whether the drow cast darkness on the tip or the shaft of his arrow: He'd be shooting blind any which way, wouldn't he?

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(2/28/03 4:08 am)
Re: yeah.
Yeah he would. I wasn't meaning to sound argumentative. Too bad tone of voice can't be taken into consideration on chat boards :p

Thanks for listening to me.

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