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Boden Blagden
Here for a while
(3/2/03 10:04 am)
Fire Bridge Complex taken but D'Gran escapes.
After easily making there way through the umber hulks and a decent fight with the two trolls my group opened the door and met Krall. They talked to Krall and convinced Krall that they were from the Earth Temple and were there to meet with D'Gran. (I rolled terrible sense motive and inteligence checks for Krall.) Krall goes to tell D'Gran that there are people from the earth Temple there to meet him and the two elves of the party go invisible. The Elf rogue follows Krall and sees a couple of guards the Hill giant and D'Gran, but he doesn't go back to tell the party. He keeps following Krall. Krall goes back and tell them that D'Gran will meet with them in the room where Slaazh is. So they all get in there (with two invisible elves) and They don't seem to be convincing D'Gran that they are from the Earth Temple and the group does not try to flatter D'Gran at all. So, the party wizard starts casting and we roll initiative. D'Gran wins init and Cone of Cold everyone in the party except the rogue who is behind him (invisible.) The Rogue spends his forst few rounds trying to revive and unchain the Halfling on the wall. The wizard flees and the party barbarian charges D'Gran doing some massive damage to him. Then the cleric hit D'Gran. The other invisible elf runs around a corner and heals himself. Slaazh run into the hall and warns the guard they are under attack and in flow the Hill giants are informed and the two wizards are informed. The half orc sepnds some time unleashing the two dinos (who don't last long in combat.) The two trolls last the longest because of there regen. D'Gran after the first ound goes invisible after the first round because he took massive damage. He comes back later and knocks the party wizard down to -8 and almost kills one of the elves too. He then goes invisible again and goes Gaseous to get away. The party let the Gnolls live because they surrendered when the mage put a long wall of fire down the hallway and cooked a couple of them. The mage has a pseudo dragon so he has it looking out for D'Gran constantly now. It was a pretty long battle.
They left the gnolls there to guard the doors into the orc caves.

Now the party has gone back to the ledge around the area of the dragon cave and set up a camp. The wizard used Leomond's Secure Shelter. I figure in the next day an assasin will sent out to investigate the party. What else do you think might be set into motion? The assasin was coming anyway because the party has sacked the air and earth temples. What do you think D'Gran will do now?

Also I will be bringing in a few new players next time we play and dropping two of the characters. The clerics cohort died in the battle so I am going to send the cleric (a character of a person that is not playing with us at the moment) and the barbarian (my character) back to the big city so the two can bury the cohort or get him raised. I am trying to think of bringing the new characters without having to waist to many days. I am thinking the cleric and barbarian could meet them in Rastor and ask them to go find their friands to help them or something along those lines. What do you guys think.

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