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Looking around
(3/4/03 2:00 am)
Midus's new Campaign Log
Two of my group have left since we ran a modifed banewarrens a while back. The remaining pair wanted another shot at a Monte Cook adventure and didn't care that there were only two of them. So here we go.

The stars of our show:

Jammol Mesire: Male Human Rog4; hp 22; AL TN; Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Chr 18; "You, you CUT me! Oh no I'm Bleeding!" A lover, not a fighter. While entertaining, Jammol is almost as much of a prima dona as he pretends to be. Our group speculates about his sexuality.

Marley Kobs: Male Human Clr4 (trickery, greed); hp 40; AL CN; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 18, Chr 10; "Go away and stop dripping blood on me." Marley makes it very clear to any party he is part of that he doesn't heal. He's just not that kind of cleric. Just think of him as an armored wizard. Marley then lets himself be persuaded otherwise, just this once, for lots and lots of cash.

32 point buy.

Jammol and Marley are two oprotunistic bull @#%$ artists who are heading out to Hommlet because the hicks are far away from their previous identities. Besides, who knows? Maybe they have a secret gold mine or something.

The two arrive in Hommlet as part of a small wool, grain, and cotton caravan and immediatly head toward the Welcome Wench. Marley plays dice with Questin Himmble(Barb2/Rog2). Jammol listens as Redithidoor (Brd1) excitedly tells Nierethi (Ill4) and Chatrilon(Rog5/Asn1) about his daring escape from some undead in the Moathouse.

Nierethi won't be disuaded from investigating the Moathouse by Chat. Nierethi convinces Jammol that there could be some valuable relics from Lareth's day, and that it might be profitable to accompany him. Marley, having won what small amount of money Questin had with his cheat spell (I've removed the evil descriptor), offers to give it back if he accompanies them. Redithidoor chatters like a chipmunck about how he'd like to come but gets ignored. Chat does a 180 and offers to come along but weasle recognizes weasle and Nierethi, Jammol, and Marley all turn him down. Marley informs everyone that he doesn't heal.

They bump into ol' Del and hear about the dragon but don't decide what to make of it. Marley pretends to be a diciple of Mystra and learns that Nierethi is an illusionist and isn't very devout. Jammol learns that Questin is looking for his parents. "I'm looking for my parents too! Maybe we can help each other." (Makes his bluff check).

At the Moathouse gates they notice the fresh boards and bloodstain and Marley suggests that somebody (else) should scout ahead. "Seeing how there is a dragon here and all." Jammol eventually volunteers but insists on an invisibility from the gnome. Big U heard them bickering and couldn't stifle a laugh, but everyone missed their listen checks.

Jammol is about ten feet from the doors to area 6 when Big U sticks his head out and breaths lightning. Jammol evades and takes off running. The roar and lightning send Marley running, Questin and Nierethi follow. In the center of the courtyard Big U collapses in a fit of giggles.

Questin (who acts like Joe Pesci) can't stand being laughed at and throws a fit, calling Marley and Jammol cowards. Jammol gets all indignant and declares he is going to go talk to Big U. Jammol gets some nice rolls on his diplomacy check so I follow the board's lead and have Big U tell him about the clerics and demands that the party drives them out of hiding.

Ok, there is plenty more to tell that is a lot more crunchy but I'm getting tired. Update tomorrow.

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Here for a while
(3/4/03 4:37 am)
Sounds like great fun. I wonder how you´ll be able to keep this light-hearted atmosphere throughout this very dark module. Good luck and keep posting!

Aside: With only two players, I would have allowed them to start at higher levels. Hell, I allowed my five players to start at lvl 5 and they died repeatedly!

Here for a while
(3/4/03 4:54 am)
Re: *
With Jammol´s talkative nature they might not have to fight at all ... as long as intelligent opponents appear, that is, hehe !

Anyway ... I am with Blackthorne .. it sounds good :) !


Looking around
(3/5/03 1:40 am)
Re: Midus's new Campaign Log
Jammol Mesire: Male Human Rog4; hp 22; AL TN; Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Chr 18; AC 17; Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +1. Skill and Feats: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +16, Disable Device +9, Disguise +11, Forgery +9, Hide +10, Move Silently +10, Open Lock +10, Intimidate +14, Sense Motive +7, Use Magic Device +11; Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Weapon Focus (Rapier), Run. Possesions: +2 Leather, +1 rapier, 2 clw potions.

Marley Kobs: Male Human Clr4 (trickery, greed); hp 40; AL CN; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 18, Chr 10; AC 16; Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +8. Skills and Feats: Bluff +7, Concentration +10, Hide +7, Disguise +7, Knowledge (Religion)+9; Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Run. Possessions: +2 Leather, +1 Small Shield, Masterwork heavy mace.

Party Funds: 233 gp

Jammol returns to Marley, Nierethi, and Questin and explains that "It's safe, I've subdued the dragon." The four head into the entry hall (area 6) where Big U is waiting. "Welcome to my home little morsels." Nierethi is nervous, Questin is scared but trying to hide it, and Marley is looking for Big U's hoard. "Is this where you sleep? It looks uncomfortable." (bluff 23 vs sm 18) "I just moved in." Big U is miffed. He motions to the bodies. "I'm quite pleased with what these cultist's have provided me, it is quite valuable you know."

Nierethi asks what Big U knows about Lareth but only gets a "Who? Did he build this place? It is mine now." Big U waves them down the secret door in the black chamber to scare up some cultists.

Jammol and Questin sneak down the stairs while Marley and Nierethi wait at the top. Jammol hears Gren and the gnolls fretting about Big U. Marley casts silence on a rock and moves down to join them (Nierethi won't come with the silence). Jammol drops Gren with his sap before I can call in the skeletons. One gnoll is subdued easily but the second escapes from Marley and runs. He heads through the secret door but Marley calls him back with an Entice Gift spell (BoVD).

After quickly thrashing the skeletons in 25, the party retreats to the stairwell. The three prisoners are tied, gagged, and told "Whoever talks first doesn't get fed to the dragon." (Intimidate 18) . Gren won't break and gives the gnolls in 28 and 18 some listen checks but they have enough penalties to miss. The two captive gnolls on the other hand are happy to spill the beans on Garrik, the undead, and the priests. Marley makes his knowledge (religeon) check to identify the Elder Elemental Eye symbol. Gren, minus her robe and EEE symbol, is delivered to Big U.

To the sound of Gren getting munched on, Jammol explains to the gnolls how "Our friend Utereshimon" hates the Elder Elemental Eye and is going to see the priests dead. "But Utereshimon doesn't care about you gnolls." (bluff 17 vs sm 14, 13). "So why don't you go fetch this Garrik so we can talk about maybe getting you boys out of here alive."

Questin, Jammol, and an invisible Nierethi hide in area 25 while Marley waits at the top of the stairs. Garrik, acompanied by eight of his kinsmen enters the relicary and calls up the stairs. Seeing how Garrik both hates humans and has brass balls, all Marley could get out of him was a lot of insults (Diplomacy 9). As Garrik turns to leave, Nierethi casts color spray from room 25, knocking out four gnolls.

Questin and Jammol start to mix it up with the gnolls left standing as Garrik moves up and attacks Marley. Marley hits Garrik with a command to "follow" and retreats to Big U's Lair. Garrik gets fried by Big U's lightning, runs, and dies from an AO. Nierethi gets taken down to zero when the gnolls from area 18 jump him, and everyone else gets cut up but the gnolls fall. The unconcious gnolls are delivered to Big U.

Nierethi needs some healing, and of course Marley doesn't do that. "I can't heal you." "Your a cleric, of course you can heal." "I took a vow." (Bluff 24 vs. sm 19) "Do you want a 'Donation'?" "I can only heal those dedicated to the church of Mystra." (Bluff 16 vs sm 7) "I'm a wizard. Mystra is my godess." "You were far less devout this morning." " Mystra knows my heart." "Mystra knows you for a sinner!" (Bluff 19 vs sm 12) Marley gets Nierethi to "sacrifice" his most valued magic (wand of magic missles) and to swear to take a pilgimage to Waterdeep. Nierethi is an evil little gnome though, and was lying through his teeth. I'm working on his revenge.

The party retreats to surface to rest and recoup.

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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/5/03 4:45 am)
Re: Midus's new Campaign Log
mmm, very very nice log!

like it very much!!!!

but your party... is quite evil (if i have to give them an allignment)... sending cultists to their death, not by killing them theirselves, but by coaxing them into the dragon's lair where they'll get fried...

still, great reading, hope it stays this funny!

Looking around
(3/5/03 7:23 pm)
Re: Midus's new Campaign Log
Not to start a debate, but I let it fly. In a world where constant semi warfare exists between humans and gnolls, goblins, orcs, ect. kill em now so they don't kill us later is a fair attitude. You bump into a bunch of orcs during the night and your not exactly going to be surprised if they try to kill you. As for Gren, her deity had been identified as one of evil, fire, and insanity so that isn't bothering me.

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Looking around
(3/5/03 11:18 pm)
Re: Midus's new Campaign Log
Questin, Nierethi, Jammol, and Marley head into the Moathouse tower (area 4). Questin (being low on hit points), and Nierethi (being out of spells), insist on resting. Jammol and Marley (despite being nearly tapped out of spells) want to finish off the cultists while they still have surprise on their side. They leave the artifacts with Nierethi to see what he can make of them.

The ghast and ghouls in the prison don't put up much of a fight between the gnoll's forewarning and Marley's rebuke. Jammol convinces Big U (Diplomacy 30) to let Spugnoir leave. Marley puts on Gren's robe and symbol, and then casts alter self to complete his female impersonation. Marley (openly) and Jammol (sneaking) head to the well where they expect to find more priests.

Marley holds up a finger, ignoring Ysslansh's questions, and walks to the end of the hallway (bluff 25 vs sm 18, 6). Marley picks up the four sided statue, distracting the clerics, letting Jammol sneak up and brain Geynor Ton for 15 subdual. Ysslansh backs up and hits Jammol with a random action who stands motionless. Marley yells "catch" and tosses the statue to Ysslansh. Ysslansh makes his reflex save (dc 15) to catch the statue but misses his wisdom check (dc 10) to remember he is standing next to the well shaft. Splat. Geynor drops the next round.

"I think the dragon is full." "I bet he has room for one more. What do you think priest?" (Intimidate 29) Geynor doesn't yield much, only that he is from an "Air Temple", and that letting him go could garner a reward from "Fachish" (bluff 14 vs sm 20). "We are heading down that well, and you are coming with us - anything we should know?" Geynor decides to take his chances with the Grell "No."

The grell goes down unfortunately easy due to some lucky hits, but at the end of the fight, Geynor takes Marley over the edge of the platform with him. Marley (17 hp) makes it to the second elevator and watches as the obex consumes the unconscious Geynor. My players both were both creeped out.

Seeing two robed priests he doesn't recognize brings Festrath out of hiding "Who are you? Did Master Dunrat send you? Tell him I KNOW. My god is Dead. My god never Was. Tell him. I think he already knows. But tell him. I won't come out. Who are you?" Festrath blathers at Jammol and Marley for a while, mentioning the Water Temple and Oomkaan. Jammol distracts Festrath "Omg Look!" (bluff 28 sm 18) and beats him over the head with his sap. Festrath gulps his fly potion and gets out of melee reach.

I summon up a psuedonatural crocodile which quickly brings Marley into the single digits. Marley jumps on the elevator and hauls himself into the air. I cut the rope, Marley falls and next round drops. Jammol succumbs to a command and walks onto the black sun. Festrath didn't have many hit points to start with though, and drops to three volleys of magic missiles from Jammol's (Nierethi's) wand.

Marley is stabilized and the party explores the rest of the Moathouse without incident; fruit isn't eaten, alter isn't touched, and the cockatrices are avoided.

Jammol Mesire: Male Human Rog5; hp 28; AL TN; Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Chr 18; AC 17; Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +1. Skill and Feats: Bluff +13, Diplomacy +17, Disable Device +10, Disguise +12, Forgery +10, Hide +11, Move Silently +11, Open Lock +11, Intimidate +15, Sense Motive +8, Use Magic Device +12; Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Weapon Focus (Rapier), Run. Possesions: +2 Leather, +1 rapier, 1 clw 1cmw 1 sneak potion, clw scroll.

Marley Kobs: Male Human Clr5 (trickery, greed); hp 48; AL CN; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 19, Chr 10; AC 16; Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +9. Skills and Feats: Bluff +8, Concentration +11, Hide +8, Disguise +8, Knowledge (Religion)+10; Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Run. Possessions: +2 Leather, +1 Small Shield, +1 short sword, full plate, cloak of resistance +1.

More when I get around to it.

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Looking around
(3/7/03 12:03 am)
Enter Chatrilion
As my players finish off the cultists below ground, Nierethi absconds with the Moathouse artifacts (which he mistakenly believes to be Lareth's). Unfortunatly for him, Chatrilion(Rog5/Asn1) and Chenashi (Clr2) meet him on the road and kill him. Chenashi brings the artifacts to Dunrat while Chat continues to the Moathouse.

I send (invis) Chat into the tower first where Questin blows his fort save and dies to a death attack. Big U just happens to move into the courtyard at this point, trapping Chat inside.

Jammol and Marley exit the Moathouse and inform Big U that the cultists are all dead. Big U was going to eat them now, but Marley made an interesting offer: "You seem to have become quite wealthy lord Uterishimon, but I imagine you would rather have a mountain of gold and silver than a some suits of human armor. Perhaps I could locate an individual interested in making the exchange?" Even though they are both probobly lying, I let Big U give his consent.

In the tower, Jammol and Marley find Questin dead and Nierethi and the artifacts missing. Luckily for Chat, they don't search the place, but head directly to Hommlet. The party hits the sack in the Welcome Wench. Four hours later Chat informs Dunrat of the situation, who decides to kill the heretics before heading back to the Temple of All Consumption.

I modified Dunrat's spell list for this encounter. That night, Dunrat casts hold portal on the Inn's front door, on window shutters of the pc's room, silence on a copper which is slid under the pc's door, silence in the bar, and finally deeper darkness on the inn. Maridosen uses Chenashi's protection from fire scroll, empties the wine and beer kegs, and torches the place. Vacra (wiz3) casts invisibility on herself and Dunrat who stand by to cast 'no light' (BoVD) inorder to hamper fire fighters.

The pc's miss their (sleeping) listen checks to hear the preperation. I give the Inn ten rounds before it is completely ablaze and twenty before it starts to colapse. Deaf and blind, I give the pc's a dc 25 wisdom check to wake up from the heat each round for ten rounds, at which point they start to take damage and awake. The dc drops one each round.

Ten rounds pass until Jammol and Marley awake blind deaf and burning. They fail a reflex save to avoid tripping each other when they both head toward the window, fail the window's break dc, and fail a second break dc. Marley heads to the door, but fails an intuit direction check. Jammol busts open the window and escapes the inn (4hp). Marley follows the wall to the door but finds it aflame, and dies the next round.

Y'day agrees to raise Marley on the condition that the pair swear a holy oath to drive off the Hobs from the Old Temple. They welch. After scrounging what they could from the wreckage, they head to the Mill. They watch Dunrat, Varca, Chat, Maridosen, and the wagon escort load the artifacts into the wagon. Jammol and Marley decide to follow it, steal two horses in Hommlet, and head toward Rastor.

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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/7/03 4:47 am)
Re: Enter Chatrilion
again, very nice... and very diabolical...

i stand corrected... your party isn't evil... YOU are :evil

nice way to teach the party a lesson... silenced, darknessed fire... my god... just when i thought i'd heard everything... you come along!



Here quite a while
(3/7/03 6:19 am)
Re: Enter Chatrilion
Very good, Midus! This is an inspiration to evil DM's everywhere. The well-planned fire is a good alternative to taking on the PC's directly.

Looking around
(3/8/03 8:35 pm)
Re: Rastor
Another Saturday spent doing some quality gaming.

My pcs arrive in Rastor on the heels Dunrat. After disguising themselves and reconnoitering the town, they decide to ambush Dunrat and company a mile outside of town. They trade their stolen horses to Tymerian (Wiz4) for scrolls of Web, Sleep, and her information on the lightning towers.

When Marley(clr5) and Jammol(rog5) hear the wagon coming and hide. Their opponents are Dunrat(Clr5/Sor1), Varca(Wiz3), Moridosen(Ftr3), Chenashi (Clr2) and six War1s. Chat was left in Rastor.

Imc, worshipers of Tharzidurn have access to corrupt spells.

"Damn, there's a lot of em." "Yah, but we got bigger balls." Jammol's web and sleep with Marleys two sound bursts puts a serious crimp in the home team's style, dropping the war1s and Varca. Maridosen draws a little blood before eating a hold person. Chenashi does some damage with inflict light wounds before dropping to Jammol. Dunrat traps Jammol in his bead of force and twice tries to blow out Marley's eyes with Seething Eyebane (I can't wait till somebody fails that save) before dropping to an inflict serious wounds. It's s'k, I'll get them later.

Jammol and Marley spend the night interrogating Dunrat, Chenashi, and Maridosen and the morning double checking the answers using speak with dead. Between that and Naquent's letter they learn a good deal about the cult and crm. They decide to go see what that scene is all about.

Back in Rastor they embellish their rough map of the crm with the help of Tymerian. The pair get wasted in the Grey lodge trying to out drink Verg and Unaret (orc war2) but learn about the orc tribe. Chat spots Jammol and avoids him as Chat is currently unemplyed. They accompany Tunraug Urkart (Exp3) up to Kreugna's tribe where they learn that "Some kin were 'slaved by the priests." Marukui (Apt5) sells them a few potions.

Imc, Tal Chammish is a Wiz5/Demonologist1 and has a large summoning circle in the basement of his house. Instead of Tanbrosh, he sells Luhix, which he refines from plants brought to him by his quaist familiar from the abyss. (500 gp a dose) He also sells Devilweed (2 gp), and has a good chunk of the town hooked on it. He spies for the cult only because it is better to be a good neighbor than a dead enemy (and they pay him).

More later.

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Looking around
(3/8/03 10:26 pm)
High times in the CRM
Tal Chammish: Male human Wiz5/Demonologist1; CR 6 Medium-size humanoid (human); HD 5d4+20 plus 1d4+4; hp 40; Init +0; Spd 30ft.; AC 10 (touch 10, flat-footed 10); Atk +2 melee (1d4 dagger); SA charm demon; AL CE; SV Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +8; Str 10, Dex 10, Con 18, Int, 14, Wis 15, Cha 14.
Skills and Feats: Concentration +13, Spellcraft +11, Alchemy +13, Knowledge (arcana) +11, Knowledge (the planes) +11; Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Evil Brand, Sacrificial Mastery, Malign Spell Focus.

"So what does it do?" "What doesn't it do? Sharpens the mind, strengthens the arms, hardens the soul... but its too expensive for you. I wouldn't sell it to an uneducated palette anyway." -wink- "Now, don't smoke more of that devilweed than you can handle." Jammol takes up drugs.

After Verg introduced Jammol to "the greatest guy" Tal Chammish, the pair disguised themselves with Dunrat's kit. Marley as Dunrat (Disguise 24) and Jammol as Chenashi "My butt is soo fat." (Disguise 27).

The module gives Chenashi's deity as the EEE but she has Force as a domain (Tharizdun only) and she lacks a holy symbol. I made her a Tharizdun worshiper and gave her an obex.

Edited by: Midus at: 3/8/03 10:31:42 pm
Looking around
(3/9/03 7:11 pm)
High times in the CRM
Anyone else notice that only creature in the crm, outer fane, or inner fane with any points in sense motive is Thrommel?

My pcs travel to the main gate posing as Dunrat and Chenashi with the intent of contacting Master Terrenygit(Trog Clr5).

Terrenygit, being the only representative of the fanes in the crm, is Dunrat's contact. Terrenygit is described as having little use for humans, so he has only a passing familiarity with Dunrat (+3 spot, "The pinkies all look the same.") He also recieves Tal Chammish's spy reports delivered via Tal's quaist. Terrenygit has received word from Tal that Dunrat has arrived in Rastor and plans to take credit for the Moathouse artifacts by delivering them to the doomdreamers himself.

Mereclar is inquisitive but respectful to anyone in priest's robes, and has been told to expect Dunrat, whom he has never met.

Marley (Dunrat, wearing Dunrat's ring of mind sheilding) and Jammol (Chenashi, under a nondetection) easily bluff their way past Mereclar and are escorted to Master Terrenygit.

They survive Terrenygit's inspection (24, 27 vs 18, 19) and convince him that the rest of Dunrat's henchmen "Were ambushed and killed by the orcs" (Bluff 30 vs sm 21). Terrenygit informs Marley that he will deliver the artifacts to the "Doomdreamers," who will be "very pleased with your success." (The pcs make their sm, but don't act on it) Marley is told to "Stay here and answer Chammish's reports until I return." Terrenygit will return in two days with orders for Dunrat to find Lareth.

Marley (Dunrat) kicks back in the trog's bed and reads Hedrack's letter to Terrengyt while Jammol (Chenashi) minces over to Mereclar and asks him about the Howler. After hearing about the Howlers "brilliant sheen," "amazing reflexes," and "wicked teeth" Jammol pops the question "So, do you party?" "What?" "Do you party?" " You are pretty butch priestess..." -lights up a roll of devilweed- "Try some... I can get you more cheap, only four crowns (gold)."

Over dinner, Wormspike tells his "Dragon Story" about seeing a "'Nourmous, 'ideous, 'usting, 'awed, 'oothed, 'reen 'estie etin 'ish ina 'ake." Mereclar doesn't believe him but mentions that some gnolls have disapered (to the basilisk), and that the path to the Air temple isn't safe. Marley bullies Mereclar into giving him five war1s to see what the problem is.

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The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(3/9/03 7:52 pm)
Re: High times in the CRM
very nice...

cool way to beat the module.. love it

keep em coming!

Looking around
(3/9/03 9:13 pm)
High times in the CRM
Imc the spell drug resistance (BoVD) gives a +5 fort bonus versus addiction.

Jammol tokes up and fails his addiction save vs Devilweed.

Jammol, Marley, and five war1s locate the petrified gnolls eventually Marley summons up three small earth elementals. After the elementals beat the Basilisk unconscious, the pcs wrap it up in a sheet, tie it up, and dump it in Terrenygit's room "to be sacrificed later. We are truly blessed, glory to the Elder Elemental Eye."

At this point Tal's Quaist shows up and informs "Dunrat" that a pair of mercenaries have entered Hommlet (Jammol and Marley). The Quaist also smells Jammol's Devilweed in the air, which will make Tal very suspicious. Jammol gets a bright idea: if Tal can make drugs, maybe he can make poison. Um, ok, sure. Marley casts stupor (BoVD) on the Basilisk and they take it down to Rastor with a sheet over its head.

"Have you been smoking Devilweed Master Dunrat?" (disguise 24 vs spot 28) "Oh my, your mustache seems to be falling off, how distressing!" "'s a weave. Mind your own f...... buisness." HAHAHA.

Tal comes to an agreement with Jammol and Marley. Tal will keep their secret and make their poison (Basilisk Breath, DC 26 to create, Tal has a +9 to make poison) but in return the pcs will do "errands" for him. The first of which will be to continue selling devilweed to the guards "Now why didn't I think of that? Of course for you, Jammol, it is on the house." Tal casts arcane mark on both pcs "So my quaist can find you. We have a nice little arrangement here, don't you think?"

Any suggestions on what Tal should extort next are welcome.

More soon.

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Still here? Wow.
(3/10/03 7:36 am)
Re: High times in the CRM
Tal probably knows about the arena. Maybe he'll get the PC's to bring a couple of new 'contestants' and a lot of new 'goods' to the next games. The PC's are to sell the 'contestants' to Claaginred and sell as much of the 'goods' (drugs and whatever you want) to the crowd. After a few weeks or a month or two, Tal might move into 'entertainment', women/men/other, for the guards and others in the CRM.

" be sacrificed later. We are truly blessed, glory to the Elder Elemental Eye." :lol

Looking around
(3/10/03 11:05 pm)
Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)
Good idea, the arena needs to see some use. I'll see if I can't fit that in.

Vranthis isn't home right now, he's gone fishing. Terrengyit has returned with orders for Dunrat to find Lareth. He has recieved a demonic leg as a reward for "his" success with the moathouse artifacts.

In the crm, Marley, Jammol, and 5 war1s are doing Tharizdun's work, making the mines safe for cultists everywhere. The thoqquas and green slime don't put up a fight, and Marlgran is paid off two rolls of devilweed "Try it, you'll like it." The pcs find Vranthis's lair empty, notice the nest, the girallon pyramid, green scales, and decide "dragon". Marley drops Dunrat's stalwart eye in Vranthis's nest and the party leaves to get reinforcements.

I wanted to give them a chance to gank Vranthis's treasure and have an enraged dragon hunting them down. But no go.

Back at the main gate Terrengyit gives Marley a letter from Hedrack, with orders to head to Nulb. Terrengyit is happy to assualt the dragon as with "Dunrat" leaving, he can take credit for that too. Marley, Jammol, Terrengyit, Wormspike, Mereclar on the Howler, ten humans, and eight gnolls (from areas nine and ten) head into the crm. Marley and Terrengyit pass out endure acids, blesses, aids, remove fears, and endurances.

Marley sees Vranthis examining the stalwart eye and the cultists charge into his cavern. Jammol misses with his bow. Mereclar charges on the howler, Wormspike lands a blow, and Terrengyit drains Big V's dex with Lahm's Finger Darts. Vranthis spits acid taking out seven war1s, and takes to the air. Marley casts stone shape, sealing the dragon and cultists inside Big V's lair. "That was beautiful Marley." "Thanks Jammol. I think I need a smoke." That one caught me by surprise. Extra exp fo sho.

After reinforcing the barrier with a second and third stone shape, the pcs kick back in a side cave for some R & R. I run the battle back in Big V's lair: things look bad for Vranthis until he gets three breath weapons in six rounds. That along with freeing the girallon let him survive with 13hp.

Tal's quaist shows up. "Heehee. When you" -snort- "come to pick up your poison in two days time, please bring a peice heehee, a peice, heeheehee, peice of, heeee, of the demon D'gran. Heeheee" - snort - "heehee. And don't let him know. He runs the firebridge pinkies, and he bites. Heeeeeeeeeeee."

Jammol Mesire: Male Human Rog6; hp 33; AL TN; Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Chr 18; AC 17; Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +2. Skill and Feats: Bluff +13, Diplomacy +17, Disable Device +10, Disguise +12, Forgery +10, Hide +11, Move Silently +11, Open Lock +11, Intimidate +15, Sense Motive +8, Tumble +10, Use Magic Device +13; Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Weapon Focus (Rapier), Run, Dodge. Possesions: +2 Leather, +1 rapier, wand of magic missles (25), wand of change self (28) , lens of detection.

Marley Kobs: Male Human Clr6 (trickery, greed); hp 54; AL CN; Str 12, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 19, Chr 10; AC 16; Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +10. Skills and Feats: Bluff +9, Concentration +12, Hide +9, Disguise +9, Knowledge (Religion)+11; Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Run, silent spell. Possessions: +2 Leather, +1 Small Shield, +1 short sword, cloak of resistance +1, ring of mind sheilding, brooch of sheilding (89).

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Here for a while
(3/11/03 10:05 pm)
The Fire Bridge
I do some damage with the young hulk before it drops, the old hulk never leaves area 34.

Marley and Jammol (disguised as priests w. obex but no longer as Dunrat and Chenashi because "My panties keep riding up") get on the good side of the troll watchmen by bragging about slaying the hulk. They learn Krall's name.

Krall (troll ftr2) gets handed a letter from Hedrack, forged by Jammol (Forgery 23), instructing his two agents, Marley and Jammol, to insure the safety of the mines between the Main and South entrances. He fetches D'gran.

D'gran likes to stand way too close, talk way too loud, and to throw his arm over your shoulders. He aint happy unless your uncomfortable. D'gran puts his arms around both my pcs and steers them into his throne room. "I really get off on this apocalypse thing, you know? How's it comin long anyway? Uh huh. Yeah, it really boils my egg. Can't wait for the barbecue. You do? Aww, that's really cute."

"Her? My little toy, aint you baby? Catch, doll face! Aww, don't she squeal pretty? Naw, you can't have her as a sacrifice, she's awwwll mine. Ouch, what are you pullin out my hair for? Uh huh. Uh huh. See, that's not what I heard. Oh. Really. Boys... you're in a world of @#%$."

Sucks when you blow a bluff check.

With D'gran I open with a CoC leaving Marley at half hp (27). Slaazh (troll ftr2) nearly cuts Jammol in half (4hp) with a crit. Jammol runs north. Marley eats an ao, slips through the double doors to the east and becomes invisible.

Jammol bursts into the wizard's chambers, evades a lightning bolt, heads out the north door, and uses his wand of change self to appear as a war1 grunt (gave the disguise a DC 10). He joins the guards from 45 in the hallway.

Marley, seeing D'gran run past him and the war1s from 45 and 47 filling the hallways, heads back into D'gran's throne room and casts obscuring mist near D'gran. Marley then casts obscuring mist on the throne room, sanctuary on Descritad, and stone shape, releasing Descritad's manacles from the wall.

D'gran makes his wisdom check to notice the extra guard (dc 10) and his spot check to see Jammol (dc 10). Jammol succumbs to D'gran's charm person. D'gran convinces him "that there has been a mistake" and how they need to "talk about this 'lil buddy." D'gran takes Jammol to his room and tells him to "wait here till I get this mess straitened out." Gotcha.

Marley and Descritad blunder, shove, and push their way into area 52 under the cover of the obscuring mist and a darkness spell.

D'gran is enraged about losing Descritad. After learning about most of Jammol's activities in the crm, D'gran tosses him into the deinonychuse cage, naked.

Edited by: Midus at: 3/11/03 11:38:28 pm
Here for a while
(3/12/03 1:58 am)
Orc Love and War
Jammol being irretrievably dead (imc true resurrections aren't for the common folk), I give his player the choice of rolling up a new pc or taking over Descritad (Rog3/Bbn3). He chose to take over Descritad.

The pc's parlay with Murat(Bbn) who is in a tough situation and knows it. Murat has two concerns: getting enough food for his tribe and the dwarven "deity" (stone golem) haunting the temple. He plans to raid area 48 (food storage) of the fire bridge soon and will grant the pc's succor in return for their aid.

The dwarven temple is looted and the secret doors found. The pc's give 3000 gp of the dwarven treasure to Murat and tell him about the hidden exit. Murat learns of the orc tribe near Rastor and is intrigued. Marley agrees to lead him there.

Tal is given a few strands of D'gran's hair that Marley yanked out before everything went to hell. Marley receives five doses of basilisk breath. Tal keeps one, and the basilisk (the pcs think it is dead), for himself.

In order to further their "special arrangement," Tal insists Marley buys three doses of Luhix (500gp each) and suggests he resells them himself. "It is expensive stuff, but I get the ingredients whole sale. In certain circles, Luhix out prices souls." -wink- Secretly, Tal hopes Marley tries some himself (addiction dc 36, satiation 1 day), basically putting Marley at Tal's mercy. Some shopping is done.

Tal's quaist - the contact between Marley and Tal - is going to start amusing himself by fabricating blackmail requests. I'll be glad for anyone's suggestions. Make em outrageous.

Chat, who has grown bored with drinking his pay away, is seen talking with a woman (Undra Rog2/Clr2, the air temple spy returning from the old temple).

Fisturn (Ftr3) and Baugh (Ftr3), have followed Undra back from the old temple. In the module they were spies of Izu, imc, they were sent by a cult of Asmodeous, which is also responsible for the cornugon in the outer fane.

Murat purchases arms and hires ten orc mercenaries from the Rastor tribe. He also begins courting Kreugna (Bbn6), their leader. Kreugna sends Marukiu (Apt5) back with Murat to get the low down on him and his tribe. This makes Murat eager to show off.

Back in the crm, the orcs have occupied and rededicated the dwarven temple to Gruumsh. Murat decides that the best proof of his powers is to kill one of the fire bridge's hill giants.

Here for a while
(3/21/03 8:03 pm)
Some spice for the stew. With all the artwork in this module, I decided to make an artist.

The Abysmal Artist

Charlette, Female Corrupted Human, Exp10/Soul Eater2; CR 14; Medium Aberation; HD 10d6+60 plus 2d8+12; hp 130; Init +3; Spd 60ft; AC 16, touch 12, flat footed 14; Atk +19/+14 melee (1d8+9 plus 6 vile plus energy drain, unarmed claw); SA Energy Drain 1, Soul Strength; SQ Acid Immunity, Darkvision 60ft., DR 10/+3, Fast Healing 6; AL CE; Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +8; Str 29*, Dex 14, Con 22, Int 16, Wis 6, Chr 6.
Skills: Balance +18, Craft (Calligraphy, Mosaic, Painting, Sculpture) +17, Knowledge (Arcana, the Planes) +16, Jump +36, Tumble +18. Feats: Alertness, Deformity (Clawed Hands, Eyes), Run, Weapon Focus (claws), Willing Deformity.
Possessions: 3 potions of Haste, Ring of Sustinance, Sandals of Striding and Springing.
*Str 29 assumes energy drain has been used in last 24 hours, otherwise Str 25.

Charlette is infected with possession sickness, but (usually) under the effect of Suspend Disease.

Description: Charlette is the slave of the Vrock in the inner fane, and in fact accompanied him to the prime material plane from the abyss. Charlette's long slavery there wrecked her body and mind, leaving her something other than human. She wears a poor wool dress and sandals.

Charlette is intelligent and articulate but utterly detached and indifferent toward her surroundings, conditions, or even her health. She does not defend herself if harmed, though she might attack if prevented from carrying out her orders. Charlette will carry out any instructions given to her, but she knows the chain of command and prioritizes accordingly.

Nearly all of the crm's and fane's artwork is Charlette's, and a close look will reveal her signature on each peice. Thanks to her ring of sustinance, Charlette works nearly 24/7, often in haste induced frenzies. In combat, Charlette relies on hit and run tactics, attempting to end each turn behind cover.

Charlette can be encountered anywhere in the crm applying her talents.

Imc she is carving a fifty foot high rendition of the four sided statue seen elsewhere in the module in area 34 of the Outer Fane. The mass of scaffolding should make an interesting encounter should things turn to combat. I'm giving the encounter an EL 12.

(6/28/03 7:38 pm)
Re: Midus's new Campaign Log
I was reading the past posts when i came upon this, and BRAVO! I was very impressed with the players who managed to go so far with so few. The various quotes you posted were a riot.:lol
I do think that things are/were going to be way to hard in the later parts since it would be next to impossible to trick enough of the NPCs in the later parts of the adventure to prevent the whole ritual from taking place. I suggest that that be taken care-of off screen by powerful NPCs if the PCs manage to wreck enough havok.

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