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Here for a while
(3/4/03 1:28 pm)
Outer Fane area 22
When a character correctly answers a question proposed by the demon statue, does anything happen? Does the character know somehow that he can walk through the wall to get to the next statue? How is the PC supposed to know that they answered correctly?


Here quite a while
(3/4/03 7:34 pm)
Re: Outer Fane area 22
Nothing happens and the PC is not granted any knowledge. The PC must either experiment (try before and then after) or gain the knowledge from someone in the Fanes. Of course, the fact that the PC did not get teleported to the Greater Temple might be a clue, but only if they answer a question incorrectly and know what happens upon failure. I'd wager that without additional information from Varachan or a captured opponent from the Outer Fane, most groups will blast through the walls, one by one, or just teleport to the door.

As a side question, teleport is personal or touch (object), and therefore does not grant a saving throw (because it is personal). Is the PC in this case treated like an object, and therefore gets a save and SR, or as if the PC casted (personal), and just gets teleported?

Here for a while
(3/17/03 4:36 am)
Re: Outer Fane area 22
Well, I'm still catching up on old posts from being absent for a month. This one piqued my interest.

I would have to agree with Infiniti. Anyone who has encountered Varachan by this point will probably know what happens when you get a question wrong, so anything that doesn't teleport you to the Greater Temple is good. Also, when the system was built it was probably thought that anyone who normally uses this way of exit would know what the answers to the questions are so no acknowledgement of a correct answer was built in.

On the question of the teleportation for a wrong answer, I am of two minds about this. On the one hand, the Greater Temple is not _that_ damgerous so teleporting here isn't that bad. Plus, it kind of defeats the purpose of the question to give a saving throw. On the other hand, players may quickly tire of answering the questions and disintegrate the walls or teleport through them, denying themselves this small RP opportunity. Also, the penalties for failing a save in the Greater Temple are pretty severe.

I think that I would not give a saving throw. This is _supposed_ to be a dangerous area and answering a question wrong is _supposed_ to carry a penalty.

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